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●   Introduction

Cherry is one of the more positive members of our team and her friendly smile is always appreciated. She is very easy-going and is a much-valued member of New Time Hair. Cherry is a member of the sales team who looks after existing clients and will be their point of contact for their orders and all hair system-related inquiries. She is very considerate when it comes to dealing with her clients and she is very popular with them. She will ensure you make the best decisions for your customers.Cherry enjoys traveling when she can and she has visited several cities across China including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. She also enjoys watching comedy movies or any kind of feel-good movie.

●   What three non-essential items would you want if you were stuck on a desert island?

A bike and a basketball because I like riding my bike and playing basketball so I can exercise to pass the time. And some kind of history book.

●   Which superpower would you like to have?


●   Which hair system do you think you have sold the most?

The HS25. It’s the most natural-looking for most.

●   What kind of wig would you wear if you wore one?

One of the medical wigs like the MD01. It’s practical but the Brazilian hair is also really good.