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●   Introduction

Elena works in sales and she will ensure you find the most suitable hair systems and wigs for you or your clients. She takes great joy in helping you and your clients get their confidence back!
Elena has done a lot of traveling within China and can recommend the canal city of Suzhou for its beauty and slow, relaxing pace of life. Shanghai and Hong Kong are on her bucket list as she wants to visit Disneylandand watch the fireworks at night above those famousDisney castles.
Elena enjoys cooking and whilst she admits she’s no expert she’s always happy to learn new recipes. She could make you Kung Pao Chicken as she knows that is a very popular dish with her foreign friends.

●   Tell us something you would love to do in the future

I would love to ride in a hot-air balloon and just feel that sense of freedom as the wind takes you somewhere preferable over mountains and plains.

●   Which superpower would you like to have?

I’d like to be able to predict the future. I know it’s not always good to know everything but I would know what decisions to make now and I would be able to avoid making mistakes.

●   Which hair system do you think you have sold the most?

It must be the HS7R. It’s breathable, natural, and everyone just seems to love it.

●   What kind of wig would you wear if you wore one?

The MD01 because it is very natural and I really like the quality of the Brazilian hair.