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●   Introduction

Hair systems initially started off as a business idea for Jeff but they soon became a passion for him. He realized the positive impact hair systems could have on people’s lives and wanted to create a product that added value to society. Exponential growth and strong demand for hair systems has led New Times Hair to become a worldwide brand. Jeff has created a positive work environment and leads by example with his motivating and meticulous character. His day-to-day responsibilities lie in managing the operations of the company as well as dealing with the company’s strategic direction and growth. The sky is the limit for New Times Hair as far as Jeff is concerned.
Jeff spent significant time working in Shenzhen before founding New Times Hair but he couldn’t be happier back in his home province. He enjoys playing football and is right-back for his team.

●   What is your favorite book?

Secret is one of my favorite books and it is certainly one of the most powerful books I’ve read. It’s a self-help book and I’ve shared it with all of the team.

●   What three items would you want if you were stuck on a desert island?

A magnifying glass, a pot to cook in and ideally a genie lamp!

●   What kind of hair system would you wear if you wore one?

The Q6 because it would give me a natural front hairline and I could wear many different hairstyles. Plus, it’s easy to attach.