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●   Introduction

Niki is a local girl and is one of the most experienced members of our team having joined New Time Hair back in 2014. Her roles have changed over the years as the company has expanded. Initially, she was a sales rep but as the company grew her role started to incorporate a marketing position and she now manages all departments of the company. Aside from her management duties, a lot of Niki’s work revolves around working with our larger clients. Not many will know more than Niki! This includes base design as during her time at New Times Hair, Niki reckons she’s worked on over 100 unique base designs for clients!

Whilst most of Niki’s time seems to be taken up with her young sons she loves to go swimming and do yoga when she can. She hopes that in the future she’ll find more time to kick-start her yoga. She also knows all the mountain trails around the city.

●   If you were an animal which animal would you like to be?

A dolphin because I like swimming and I like the sea.

●   Do you have any phobias?


●   Which hair system do you think you have sold

HS1. Most salon owners find that apart from its realism, their customers like the full skin base of the HS1 because it is much easier to take care of than other base designs. The HS1 also lasts long enough to satisfy their clients’ demands. People don’t seem to have a lot of complaints about this model.

●   What wig would you wear if you wore one and why?

If I was going to wear my hair up, then it would have to be a wig with a full French lace base because of the invisible nature of French lace. If I was going to wear my hair down then I’d go for a full skin base because skin is much easier to care for and maintain.