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●   Introduction

Raúl is our resident Spanish colleague with near-perfect Mandarin which everyone in the office has come to almost take for granted. You can't help but be impressed when you hear him speak Mandarin! Raúl is in charge of everything related to our Spanish-speaking clients in Spain and Latin America. He has been with us long enough to see how the company has grown. In particular, he has noticed how our online presence has expanded greatly through social media.He lives in Qingdao with his Spanish wife and young son. Originally from Alicante, he moved to Qingdao in 2014 and is loving life here. He is very grateful for the experience in international sales he has gained as well as all the support he and his family have received whilst being part of the team.Raúl is a big football fan and supports Real Madrid (so that’s two Madrid fans in the office!). He also likes to watch movies in his free time and enjoys watching programs about Chinese history.

●   Do you have any nicknames?

No, but my name in Mandarin is劳尔 (Lao’er) and that’s what everyone in the office calls me.

●   Do you have any pet peeves/hates?

People who talk a lot and don’t listen.

●   Which hair system do you think you have sold the most?

The HS1 model and the HS7 model as they are the most popular and many of my clients like to be safe

●   What kind of wig would you wear if you wore one?

One with a PU skin base because it is very easy to use and I consider myself a very practical person