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●   Introduction

Wendy is one of two founding members of New Times Hair. She has accumulated over 17 years of experience in the hair system industry and brings an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the field to the company. She has become adept at emphasizing with others and putting herself in the shoes of others. New Times Hair has become like a family to her and the well-being of everyone is very important to Wendy. With the vast array of duties and responsibilities she has had over the years, this is certainly easier to do.

Wendy’s responsibilities are now focused primarily on product research and development, production management and process management. She has been the key figure in the product development of hair systems at New Times Hair. Wendy works closely with the management team and our larger clients to raise the profile of the company.

A lot of Wendy’s hobbies and interests revolve around sport and exercise but as with everyone finding the time is key. She enjoys dancing and backs her ability to learn new dance moves quickly. She is also skilled at racket sports like badminton and table tennis.

●   Do you have any pet peeves/hates?


●   Do you have any nicknames?

My friends gave me one at university on account of my round, baby face and they named me after a children’s bear!

●   What kind of wig would you wear if you wore one?

A silk topper because it’s natural, light and comfortable.