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Discover top-tier men’s hair systems at unbeatable wholesale prices tailored for hair businesses. Our premium-quality products are perfect for wholesale, resale, and dropshipping. Explore an extensive range of hair systems featuring diverse base types, hair colors, and textures ready for immediate shipment. Incorporate our products into your inventory, and expect to witness your clients’ satisfaction soar and your revenue boosted!


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Men’s Hair System 101

What are hair systems for men?

Hair systems for men are glue-on hair pieces or toupees worn to cover the bald spot on the scalp. It is a quick fix, non-surgical, and easy-to-apply method of hair loss solutions.

Is men’s hair system permanent?

Hair systems for men are semi-permanent glue-on hair pieces. Unlike traditional wigs and toupees which can be taken on and off anytime. Modern toupee hair systems will not move place once attached. You can wear it just like your natural hair. Men’s hair systems usually need to be removed, cleaned and reattached every three to four weeks. Most hair systems for men are reusable. They can last from a month to a year mainly based on different base materials.

Hair transplant vs. hair systems, which one is better?

Both hair transplants and hair systems have pros and cons. There is no such thing called the better. Only what suits the person’s needs is the best. Hair transplants are meant to be a permanent hair loss solution but are expensive and risk-taking, and even if you can afford it, your hair may not be fit for it. If your hair is unsuitable for a hair transplant and you don’t want to take the risk, a hair system will be your ultimate solution.


Hair System

Hair Transplant

Cover the Baldness

No Side Effects or Scars

No Pain or Bleeding Involved

Immediate Results

You Can Control the Final Look

Permenant Solution

Work for Everyone

One Time Procedure

How do hair pieces for men stay on the scalp?

You can use hair system tapes, glue, or both to adhere the hair system to the scalp. You can also choose them with different longevity based on how long you want the hair system stays. Generally, most tapes or adhesives can last from a week to a month.

Are these hair systems natural-looking?

Yes, our men’s hair systems are crafted with 100% human hair and meticulous attention to detail to ensure a natural appearance. They blend seamlessly with existing hair and create a convincing, realistic look. When properly applied, they look absolutely undetectable on the head.

Are these hair systems comfortable to wear?

Yes, sure. Modern hair system is super lightweight and breathable to wear compared to traditional wigs. You will feel no itchiness or other uncomfortable feeling when wear it.

Can I swim and shower with my hair system on?

Yes, you absolutely can. Men’s hair system will stay secure even when you shower or swim while wearing it. However, we recommend you only do this 24 hours after the installation.

Can I participate in sports and activities with a hair system?

Yes, you can engage in sports and activities with confidence while wearing a hair system. Glue-on hair systems are designed to stay secure during physical activities.

Wholesale Men’s Hair Systems

What is your minimum order quantity?

There is no MOQ to buy hair systems on our site at retail price.

However, to enjoy our low wholesale price for hair systems, the MOQ is three pcs.

Fill out our wholesale hair systems application form to apply.

Is New Times Hair an original hair system manufacturer or a wholesale men’s hair systems supplier?

New Time Hair is an original men’s hair pieces manufacturer.

Besides, we also wholesale and distribute hair systems and take care of everything from production to shipping.

We’ve been in the wholesale business for over ten years. During these years, we have partnered with hair businesses worldwide to help them increase revenue and gain endless loyal customers. You can trust us as your reliable wholesale toupee supplier.

At New Times Hair, we’re eliminating the middleman and empowering hair business owners and resellers, including hair system distributors, hair system wholesalers, hair system retailers, hair salons, hairstylists, and clinics, to buy wholesale men’s hair systems online directly from the manufacturer.

At New Times Hair, we offer a special discount to wholesale customers who buy hair systems in bulk. This keeps your business costs low, so you can stay competitive.

Click to learn more about New Times Hair.

Who can benefit from wholesale hair systems?

Salons, barbershops, hair replacement centers, and businesses in the beauty industry can benefit from purchasing wholesale men’s hair systems. Our hair systems provide an opportunity to enhance your service offerings and attract a broader clientele.

Are there any special discounts or benefits for wholesale buyers?

Yes, we offer volume discounts, special sample pricing, and promotional offers for our wholesale buyers. This ensures that you can provide top-quality hair systems to your clients while optimizing your business’s profitability.

How do I place a wholesale order?

Placing a wholesale order is easy at New Times Hair. Simply fill in our wholesale application form, and our team will approve your application and send you a registered wholesale account. And then you can select the desired hair systems, add them to your cart, and checkout with our wholesale prices,

Can I request customizations for wholesale hair systems?

Sure, customization options are available for wholesale orders, including hair color, length, and base materials. Contact our customer support to discuss your specific customization needs.

What are the advantages of offering hair systems to my customers?

By offering men’s hair systems to your clients, you can expand your business’s range of services, attract a wider customer base, and provide affordable solutions that enhance your clients’ confidence and style.

How quickly can I expect delivery of my order?

Delivery times vary based on location and order size. Generally speaking, for stock hair systems orders, you will receive them within 7 business days. Customized orders will take longer, from several weeks to months. Check our shipping policy for details.

New Times Hair strives to process and ship wholesale orders promptly, ensuring you receive your products within a reasonable timeframe.

How to find men’s hair pieces for sale

To find men’s hair pieces for sale, click on our clearance page or check with our customer service for our latest sale.

What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. However, suppose you are not satisfied with it, we offer 30-day easy returns for all our stock items only if the unit is unused and unaltered in any way. Check our return&exchange policy for details.


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