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As one of the leading men’s hair pieces manufacturers in China, with more than 15 years of experience in wholesale hair systems for men, New Times Hair has built strong and lasting connections with thousands of local hair system distributors and hair salons in more than 100 countries!

These businesses benefit from our top-of-the-line, highly affordable wholesale hair systems for men that are carefully handcrafted with 100% real human hair.

Hair loss is more than a superficial problem to most of your clientele.  It erodes their self-esteem and confidence and causes an unwanted change in their image. The number of people who seek hair loss solutions to restore their appearances is on the rise and the market is accelerating at a fast pace.

Our wholesale hair systems for men are a safe, non-invasive, affordable non-surgical hair loss solution that can bring instant change to your client’s appearance. Unlike painful and expensive surgical procedures, which require hours of costly appointments, our wholesale hair system is an immediate and affordable solution. That’s why they have grown in popularity over the past decade in many countries worldwide.

Our wholesale hair systems for men have been endorsed by our partners’ clients. They often tell us their clients are thrilled with how natural they look, how comfortable their hair system is, and that they appreciate its durability and quality.

Aside from offering a wide range of stock hair systems wholesale in different hair colors and base sizes, we have an option for producing custom-made hair systems according to your customers’ specific needs. By choosing to feature wholesale hair systems for men from New Times Hair, you’ll continue on a profitable journey of consistent growth and unmatched prosperity!


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What is a non-surgical hair replacement system for men?

A non-surgical hair replacement system for men, also known as a men’s hair system, men’s hairpiece, men’s wig, or men’s toupee, is a modern hair loss solution that works by offering complete or partial coverage of the hair loss area on your head. Non-surgical hair replacement systems for men can help you achieve a full hair look; thus, they are becoming increasingly popular in many countries for a number of reasons:

Unlike hair transplant surgeries, which come with associated risks such as scarring, infection, and pain, our wholesale hair systems for men have practically zero side effects since they are completely non-surgical and medication-free. Thus, there is no reason for you not to feel reassured when wearing a men’s hair replacement system made by reliable men’s hair pieces manufacturers!

Our wholesale hair systems for men are the least costly way to hide hair loss, especially in comparison to hair transplants. Nearly everyone can purchase them, even on a long-term basis. Generally speaking, the average person could expect to spend less than USD $1000 on their hair pieces each year.

Instant Change
Non-surgical men’s hair replacement wholesale, including men’s hair systems, fulfill their value as soon as they are put into use by instantly transforming the wearer’s appearance. In addition, by providing timely feedback, you help us improve our products and services so that any problem that might arise is solved immediately.

Aside from the three main points mentioned above, there are a few other features of wholesale hair systems for men that can help to explain their popularity, such as being very user-friendly and customizable. There are even many globally recognized celebrities who use the best men’s hair pieces to maintain their ageless appearance and keep their fans and followers engaged. Check out this article to see who these celebrities are (you’re probably familiar with many of them)!

How much does a men’s hair replacement system cost?

The cost of wholesale men’s hair systems varies considerably depending on a wide range of factors. Generally speaking, most wholesale hair systems for men nowadays cost anywhere from USD $100 to $400. The most significant factors that are associated with the cost of wholesale hair systems are as follows:

Hair Type
There are different types of hair with different characteristics used in the production of wholesale hair systems. The most common types of human hair are Indian hair, Indian Remy hair, European hair, and Chinese hair. In contrast, synthetic hair is the most popular artificial hair. Typically, hair types of finer grade and higher scarcity, such as Indian Remy hair and European hair, are pricier. Synthetic hair is usually the least valuable since it can be easily and infinitely produced. Another reason is the fact that synthetic hair does not appear as natural and realistic as real human hair.

Hair Length
When hair system manufacturers source human hair material for production, it is always the case that the longer the hair, the more it costs. This is because the hair is originally collected from donors’ heads and longer hair takes more time to grow out. As for artificial hair, the production of longer hair always entails more chemical material than shorter hair; thus, longer hair is always more expensive, whether it is real or synthetic.

Hair Density
Hair density is a measurement of the hair volume of a hair system. The higher the density, the more hair there is in the hair system. Hair density is usually classified into different levels to cater to the needs of different groups of people whose own natural hair density and age vary. As with length, it makes perfect sense that higher hair density systems are more expensive because toupee manufacturers need more hair material to produce them.

Supply and Demand
Just like most other products, the price of wholesale hair systems is also subject to local supply-demand relationships. Many hair toupee suppliers increase the prices of their top sellers for a higher profit margin without compromising much on revenue, while items that do not sell very well are often put on sale to liquidate their inventory. On the other hand, more economically developed areas with stronger purchasing power often see the same models of hair wig selling at higher prices than in less developed areas.

Wholesale & Retail
Obviously, it costs less to purchase wholesale hair systems in bulk from men’s hair pieces manufacturers in the wholesale hair systems business than to go to a local store and buy just a few. That rule applies to most markets, and the wholesale hair systems market is no exception. Hair wigs, especially wholesale hair systems for men, cost quite a lot less when purchased directly from hair system manufacturers because their operation costs are much smaller than those of hair wig distributors, whose target audience is end-users.

How long does your men’s hair replacement system last?

How long a hair replacement system lasts depends on a wide variety of factors, such as base material, base structure, hair type, and wholesale hair systems factory, as well as how well they are taken care of. Out of all of those factors, base material plays the most predominant role in the lifespan of wholesale hair systems, as certain kinds of base material are more resistant to damage and wear than others.

Typically, mono hair systems have the longest lifespan of up to 6-7 months, followed by lace and skin hair systems. Full French lace hair systems can usually last around 3 months, as opposed to 2 months for full Swiss lace ones. As for skin hair systems, those with a thicker base generally have a longer lifespan. For example, thin skin hair systems with a 0.03mm base can only be worn for a month or so, while 0.1mm skin hair systems can last for 4 months in most cases.

In addition, the quality and lifespan of wholesale men’s hair systems can vary considerably depending on whether they are produced by the right hair system manufacturers. Your wholesale hair systems are very likely to outlast their expected lifespan if they are produced in alignment with very strict quality control procedures and high-quality materials. Thus, it is very critical for hair system sellers and salons to partner with the right wholesale hair system factory and a toupee manufacturer that can offer you high-quality hair pieces. That’s the only way to build a great reputation so that your business can thrive in the long run!

Why should I purchase wholesale men’s hair systems from New Times Hair?

As a highly recognized men’s hair pieces manufacturer around the world, New Times Hair offers top-of-the-class wholesale stock and custom men’s hair pieces from China at the lowest factory-direct prices. In the last 15 years, we have partnered with a great number of hair system retailers and distributors from over 100 countries, and their businesses have benefited greatly from our sincere and lasting partnerships. We have a very large range of wholesale hair systems for men available in different colors and sizes, so you will have no problem finding the right ones for your customers.

Carefully handcrafted by over 100 craftsmen with an average of 10 years of experience in this industry, all wholesale hair systems for men have to undergo two rounds of standard quality inspections, adhering to six strict standard procedures, before they are ready to be stocked. Aside from free worldwide shipping that can have your order delivered within 3-5 working days. We offer a 30-day free return guarantee for our wholesale hair systems, which means you could return your order for a replacement or a refund within 30 days of purchase!

If you just started your hair system business or you are just about to start, we will be more than glad to help you achieve a successful beginning by offering you the most practical and hands-on experience, as well as professional industry knowledge and guidance. By choosing to partner with New Times Hair, you will surely set yourself on the path for rapid and consistent business growth!

How can I choose the right men’s hair systems for sale to start my hair replacement business?

When you are starting out in the hair replacement business, it is very important to select the most suitable wholesale hair systems from the right men’s toupee manufacturers so that you can gradually build up your customer base.

The first thing that most customers care about is whether the wholesale hair systems are natural-looking enough to be fully undetectable on public occasions.

Next, they are concerned with how user-friendly the wholesale hair systems are, which is basically about how easy and handy it is to attach the hairpiece and what kind of maintenance is required of the users in their daily lives. This is especially crucial for new businesses, as many of your customers will also be wholesale hair system beginners who are not that familiar with such things.

Lastly, it is recommended to start your business with low-cost options to better cope with competition in the beginning since you need to mainly focus on drawing the attention of first-time customers. Based on everything mentioned above, we suggest that you select some thin skin hair systems to start your business, as they are the best options to set you up for a successful beginning.

At New Times Hair, we have prepared a very good value-for-your-money wholesale hair system package for new businesses that gives you access to these kinds of wholesale hair systems, as well as other things you need to kickstart your business! Click here to get it!

Why do your clients need at least two men’s hair systems?

For hair system wearers, it is very important to have a backup hair system at all times. Generally, a hair system is something that is worn on a daily basis, or wearers would likely give away the fact that they have hair loss problems and they have been using hair systems to hide their bald areas. Thus, in the case one hair system is damaged or lost, they always need to have another one handy to avoid awkward situations.

What are the different types of wholesale hair systems for men?

Wholesale hair systems for men seem to be the most successful solution for hair loss. Understanding wholesale hair systems types will help you choose the most suitable products and help your customers better to solve their hair loss problems. According to different base types of wholesale hair systems, we are divided into the following types:

Lace Hair Systems for Men

Lace hair systems for men usually come with a base made of woven French lace material in the very most cases, followed by Swiss lace and German lace. They are the perfect fit for hot weather and people living a sporty lifestyle with that extraordinary level of breathability. People are often amazed at the way such lace hair systems make them feel as if there was nothing on the head however they sweat.
Speaking of the realism aspect, it rarely lets people down either. The super-thin threads making up the base become super undetectable beneath the hair, especially when the knots get bleached.
The lace base is more commonly seen in men’s hair systems wholesale from countries where there are summer months and it even manages to dominate the hair wig market in tropical countries such as India and Mexico.

Skin Hair Systems for Men
Skin hair systems for men have a base design made of polyurethane materials that imitate the appearance of human skin. Given the polyurethane material is fully impermeable unlike lace material with thousands of small holes, skin hair system are not able to match up to lace hair systems in breathability, as well as the ability to cope with sweating.
In spite of that, skin hair systems wholesale never lose their popularity either as they have their own advantages. They are very user-friendly in the sense that it is very easy to wash and clean the glue on the base, especially when more and more hair system wearers prefer to use glue for attachment purposes.
On the other hand, there is a wider range of skin hair systems categorized by skin thickness available to meet people’s needs in more considerate ways. In general, the thinner the skin base, the more natural-looking the wholesale hair systems appear and the more comfortable it feels. 
Nevertheless, wholesale hair systems with a thin skin base are not as durable and long-lasting as those with a thicker base. So there is a subtle trade-off for the wearers to weigh up.

Monofilament Hair Systems for Men
Monofilament, mono in short, is a stronger material used for the production of wholesale hair systems with longer lifespans. Mono material has got a limited level of breathability in the fact that it is somewhat permeable, but it is not as breathable as lace material.
Mono is usually adopted in combination with lace and skin to make for a multi-purpose hybrid base design. For example, it is quite common to see hair system base made up of a mono top, thin skin perimeter, and lace front.
Thin skin perimeter around the mono base is widely used to facilitate easy attachment and removal due to skin material is very compatible with both glue and tape. To step up the realism level of the toupees for men, a layer of French lace with all the knots bleached is likely to be employed at the very front area, thus managing to present a very undetectable front hairline. 

Silk Top Hair Systems for Men
As a recent innovation in the market, the silk top hair systems wholesale is designed particularly for those hair system wearers who have a very high expectation on how realistic and undetectable their hair should appear.
Unlike other types of wholesale hair systems for men, the silk top hair systems wholesale comes with a base consisting of two layers of highly durable and realistic silk mono that imitate people’s scalp complexion.
What makes it exceptionally natural-looking actually comes down to its unique way of hair ventilating. Every single strand of hair is tightly knotted onto the underlayer before passing through the top layer of the base to hide the knots.
So it is not surprising to see the appearance of every single hair growing right from the scalp thanks to the way the top layer covers all the knots.

Front Partial Hair Systems
As opposed to hair integration systems, the front partial hair systems wholesale is exclusively made for men who are dealing with a receding hairline.
Being one of the latest types of wholesale hair systems launched for partial hair loss, the front partial hair systems wholesale is regarded as a very efficient and smart way of making up for the lost hair at the front.
It is significantly smaller than a typical wholesale hair system with a common size of 6’’x1’’, which is why it costs a lot less.
Just like most other different types of wholesale hair systems, the base is usually made from lace of skin material of high realism, complemented with 100% real human hair. Glue or lace is often used for attachment.

If you want to know o about our wholesale hair systems for men, please feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between human hair systems and synthetic hair systems for men?

The difference between synthetic hair and human hair systems for men is often why clients end up preferring one type over the other for their toupee. Neither is a bad option, and both have their benefits. We’re rounding up some of the differences between synthetic hair vs. human hair so that you decide which one works best for you or your client.
1.  The price difference between synthetic and human hair systems for men
The most obvious difference between synthetic and human hair systems for men is the price difference. Synthetic hair systems for men are at a more attainable price point than their human hair counterparts. The cost of human hair continues to rise as it becomes harder to find untreated human hair. As this is a problem that synthetic hair doesn’t face, it has a more consistent and attainable price point.
If you want a luxury hair system with the most natural finish, a human hair system for men is the right choice for you. Although synthetic hair sits at a more budget-friendly price point, a human hair system for men can be a better choice for your specific needs. 
2. The touch and feel of synthetic and human hair systems for men
If you’re the person wearing the hair system for men, you’ll notice the difference between syntenic and human hair in the touch and feel of the hair system. Synthetic hair doesn’t have the same softness and smoothness as human hair, and it’s mainly noticeable when brushing. This difference is noticeable even with high-quality synthetic hair.
When you look closely at synthetic hair and human hair, you’ll notice the difference in the fibers. The plastic fibers of synthetic hair systems for menh are pulled and stretched through a narrower hole, leaving behind more twists in the hair. By comparison, human hair has a protein structure that is smoother and doesn’t go through as much strain as synthetic hair. 
Overall, human hair systems for men are more comfortable to wear. If you’re intending to wear your toupee every day, you’ll usually want to invest in human hair toupees for men.
3. What you can do with your human or synthetic hair system for men
In practical terms, your hair type will determine what you can do with a men’s hair system or toupee. With human hair, you have the flexibility to dye or treat a hair system for men. You won’t get this flexibility with a synthetic hair system for men as it can’t be re-dyed after it is originally dyed to meet the client’s preferences. With a human hair system for men, you can dye your human hair replacement systems another color.
Over time, human hair will start to fade as it loses its natural shine and luster. On the other hand, synthetic fiber won’t fade as it is chemically treated to maintain the same appearance as when you first got it.
However, it’s also harder to style human hair than synthetic hair. With synthetic hair, it’s chemically treated to make it easier to work with when styling. If you’re looking to regularly curl or style your toupee hair system, synthetic hair might be the perfect choice for you. Wearing a synthetic hair wig can help protect your natural hair and reduce damage if you regularly use heat products to style your hair.

Is the hair system for men permanent?

The wholesale hair systems will not stay on forever because they are not a permanent solution. Once in place, a hair system will typically last for a month or more. The base material, hair type, hair ventilation method, and other factors play a big role in how long your hair system will last.

Although your hair system should be touched up every week and completely removed and reattached every month, each hairpiece will last longer than one application.

The base material of a male hair toupee plays the biggest role in its longevity. Some bases are more resistant to damage. If you want a hair system that lasts a long time, hairpieces with mono bases often last six to twelve months with regular wear. Mono bases are the ideal choice because of their quality and durability.

How do men’s toupees stay on the scalp?

The wholesale hair systems for men can be applied by a hairstylist in a salon or applied by the wearer at home. Wearers can remove and reattach their hair system as often or as little as they like, depending on the style of wholesale hair systems and adhesive strength.

Wig Tape, Hair Glue, or Both?
Double-sided wig tape and hair glue can both be used to attach a men’s hair system. If you plan to take off your system every day, you should use wig tape only, since this will damage your hairpiece less. However, hair glue should be used if you plan to wear your male hair pieces for a long time before removing and reattaching.

How do you install a men’s hair system?

Whether you’re a budding hairstylist or you just want to learn the best practices for hair pieces for men installation, it’s vital to learn how to install wholesale hair systems for men properly. Following the proven steps of how to put on a hair system for men can save you from pitfalls during the application process.

Necessary Tools for Men’s Hair Piece Installation
Comb, Balder, 99% alcohol wipes/spray, Scalp protector, Scissors, White eyeliner pencil, Glue/tape, Measuring tape, Spatulas

Step 1. Prepare the Scalp for The Men’s Hair System Installation
The first thing to do is to prepare the scalp of your client for a men’s hair system installation. Divide the hair where you will attach the new hair system for men. There is a template available that you can use to mark the areas. Check out our instructions on how to make a toupee template. You can use a razor for the areas around the head for sectioning.

If your client is a man, he may have bald spots on top of his head. So, the second thing to do to prepare the scalp is to shave off the existing hair in the balding area. Make sure to clean-shave the entire section using a balder so that the toupee will stick well to the skin.

The next step is to choose where you want the place the men’s toupee and mark the correct part on the forehead. Most hairstylists usually use four fingers to mark the area of the hairline. Locate the hairline by placing your four fingers between the eyebrows. Stack your fingers up towards the hairline. The space next to your fourth finger will be the hairline. Mark the areas of the hairline using white eyeliner.   

Step 2. Cutting the Base of the Hair System to Size
After you prepare the scalp and shave the bald area, it’s time to cut the base of the hair pieces for men to the size of the client. People have different size heads and you’ll need to account for that. You need to make sure that the size of the hair system fits perfectly to the unique for needs of the client. 

Cutting the base of the men’s hair system may seem hard in the beginning. But with proper tools like a sharp pair of scissors and a measuring tape, you can cut the base without damaging the men’s hair system. Using a hair system template will allow you to measure the exact size that you need for the hair system installation.

Step 3. Remove Any Possible Oils or Residues
Cleaning is the next essential thing to do before the new hair system application. The scalp of the client may have unseen signs of oil and dirt. That is why it is important to make sure you clean and dry the head before you put on the toupee. Clean the scalp by spraying a 99% alcohol solution on the scalp. Use a wipe to gently remove any dirt and oils.

You can repeat this step several times to ensure that no oil and residue remain on the scalp. Also, wipe or gently massage the head with the alcohol. The alcohol will ensure that your hands will remain clean as well. Any germs or oils on your hands will be removed. Afterward, leave the scalp to dry. If you want to dry the scalp faster, you can use a blow dryer as well.

Remember that the drier the scalp, the better the men’s hair system will secure to the scalp. But, you need to ensure that the hair system and its base is clean and dry as well. You can spray or wipe alcohol on the base of the best hair toupee. Clean until both the hair system and the scalp are dried before hair system installation. This will ensure that the hair system sticks well.

Step 4. Apply Scalp Protector on The Scalp
This step is optional. But if you or your client have sensitive skin, you should consider using a scalp protector. A scalp protector prevents the scalp from dermal irritations. This solution serves as a shield against possible adverse reactions from the toupee adhesives.

The hair pieces for men may also easily loosen when the wearer lives in a high humidity area. Likewise, if the wearer loves to swim, the bond of the realistic men’s hair pieces to the scalp can come to lose. A scalp protector not only shields the scalp, but it also secures the toupee wig for a longer time. Thus, improving the firmness of the hair replacement system.

Take the time to talk with your client further. Ask the right questions to understand their skin, lifestyle, and climate conditions so you can decide whether to apply a scalp protector. Understanding your client will help you best serve their needs.

Step 5. Put the Hair System on the Head
This is the most anticipated part of the non-surgical hair replacement system. But the hair replacement toupee application requires accuracy and patience. You need to put enough pressure to help the adhesive stick well with the base of the hair system and the scalp. You should also be gentle as to not damage the hair system itself.

Before you attach the hair pieces for men to the head, apply a few layers of glue to the scalp. The first layer of the glue should be put all over the scalp without touching any hair outside the shaved area. Using a clean spatula, spread the glue without missing a spot. The first layer of adhesives should be left to dry prior to applying the second application. And the second layer should be left to dry before application of the third layer.

While waiting for the glue to dry on the scalp, you can start applying the same glue to the base of the hair system. Apply the glue on the base of the toupee once. After that, you can carefully begin to attach the hair system to the head of the client. Start from one end of the base while following the division and the marks that you made earlier using the eyeliner.

Press the human hair toupee for men firmly to the scalp to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles. Be sure to flatten the hair system without leaving damages.

Step 6. Haircutting and Styling
The last step for the men’s hair system installation is haircutting and styling. During your initial consultation with your client, discuss the flow of the process. You can ask his or her style preference so you will know how to style the hair after attaching it.

Style the hair as your customer has requested. Be sure to mix the hair of the non-surgical men’s hair replacement with the customer’s natural hair to achieve a more natural-looking look. You can also use styling powders to finish the look. Keep in mind that the bond will take a while to cure. Don’t pull the hair too tight while cutting or styling it. Be sure not to use harsh chemicals or styling products on the hair system while it is still curing.

If you prefer to skip this step, you can also order a haircutting service from New Times Hair. Our professional hairstylists will be happy to assist you when you place your order. Contact our team to learn more about your styling options. 

How do you maintain wholesale hair systems for men?

How to maintain wholesale hair systems for men is also an important factor that influences how long men’s hair systems can last.
With good maintenance of the wholesale hair systems for men, you can keep your hair system in the best state that lasts long.
In subsequent pieces, we’ll focus more on the tips to maintain men’s hair systems wholesale.

Have at least more than one men’s toupee wholesale——It is important to remind your clients to have more than one men’s hairpiece just like you should have more than one pair of shoes you wear daily. If your clients only have one to use daily, they will wash it often and dry it frequently to avoid the foul smell, and these things kill the follicle. To prolong a male hair system’s lifespan, we suggest the users have more than one as an alternative, so it can be easy to rotate as much as possible to avoid heavy wear.

Don’t overuse the hairdryer on the men’s hair system——Hairdryers are hair spoilers; they make hair thin and scanty, so it is crucial to avoid using hairdryers as much as you can. Instead, the sun is better off because it’s all-natural. The best way to dry your men’s hair replacement units is to purchase a hairpiece stand; with this, you can drop the stand outside with the hair on it overnight, and the hair will have a good hair flow.

Use products designed specifically for wholesale hair systems for men: shampoo, gel, brush. Etc.——Your hair system is just like your natural hair. It is as delicate as it is, so just as you have a specific shampoo, gel, and brush for your natural hair, that’s the same way you need the specific shampoo and brush for it because the wrong shampoo can kill the follicle. Know the contents of the shampoo you intend to use, the brush it is a detangler, or it’s just a brush with a scattered mouth. What gel do you use on the, what’s the content of the gel. Cause some contents to have the capacity of killing the hair system.

Do not wash the men’s hair systems wholesale too frequently——This is the reason you are asked to have more than one men’s hair system in order to avoid heavy wear because where there is no heavy wear, there will be no frequent washing. Washing the hair frequently makes the hair dry and hard because there are constituents used to make this men’s hair system and washing it frequently is washing off the things that make up the hair.  Typically speaking, we will suggest users wash the hair system for men every one or two weeks or even less. We suggest that users don’t overdo it, as the more you wash it, the more it fades.

How do you wash a hair system for men?

Most modern wholesale hair systems for men are strong enough to be washed while in place. However, the best way to wash your wholesale hair systems for men is when the hairpiece is off your head. This allows you to thoroughly remove dirt, oil, and adhesive from your men’s hair system.

To properly wash a men’s hair system, follow the steps below to ensure the safe removal of dirt, debris, oil, and adhesives.

Step 1: Remove hairpiece tape from your hairpiece.
Gently remove the hairpiece tape from your hairpiece. It’s important to do this as carefully as possible so you don’t damage the base of the men’s hair system. Special male hair replacement systems solvent can be used to help you remove hair tape and glue residue.

Step 2: Brush your hairpiece.
You should brush your best men’s hair replacement systems while it’s dry. Using a hairpiece stand may help, since this allows you to brush it without snagging the base material. Be very gentle when you brush the men’s hairpiece and pay special attention to the nape of the base. This area tends to get more tangled than the rest of your hair system.

Step 3: Soak the men’s hair system.
Soak your system for men in warm or cold water. Never use hot water, since hot water can cause your men’s real hair toupee to become brittle and break. Let the water run from the top of the hairpiece to the bottom. Be sure the water evenly covers the entire hair system.

Step 4: Remove excess water and apply shampoo.
Gently squeeze out excess water from your hairpiece. Your hair system should be wet, but not dripping. Use a shampoo that is safe for men’s toupee human hair and apply a small amount to your hands. Rub the shampoo between your hands to create a thick foam and apply the foam to your hair system.

Gently turn the system inside out and carefully wash the inside of the hairpiece to remove oils from the base. Oils from your skin often get on the base, so it’s important to wash this part carefully, even though it is largely unseen.

Step 5: Remove residue from the base of the men’s hair system.
There are lots of residue removal products to help you get adhesive off your hair system’s base. Allowing the solvent to soak into the base will make it easier to remove residue. Gently use a lint-free or microfiber cloth to clean off residue embedded in the base of your hairpiece.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to remove any adhesive from your scalp with shampoo or gentle soap. All old adhesives must be removed before you reattach your hair system.

Step 6: Rinse the men’s hairpiece.
Rinse your hairpiece from top to bottom. Make sure you don’t scrub or crunch the hair, since this can damage the men’s hair system. Make sure all shampoo residue is rinsed out of the hairpiece.

Step 7: Apply conditioner to your hair system.
Use a conditioner designed for hair systems to condition your hairpiece. Start at the tips and work your way up toward the base. Make sure you avoid putting conditioner directly on the base of your hair system. Let the conditioner sit for two minutes or longer so it will be fully absorbed.

Step 8: Rinse out the conditioner.
Carefully rinse all conditioner and residue from your hair system. Make sure you aren’t pulling or tugging the hair as you rinse. There should be no residue of any kind left on your hair system.

Step 9: Allow your hair system for men to air dry.
Leave your hair system out to dry long enough that all moisture has evaporated. Although you can use a hairdryer on your hair system, using hot air will reduce the longevity of your hair system.

What are the best wholesale hair systems for men?

As one of the best wholesale hair replacement companies, New Times Hair manufactures and supplies human wholesale hair toupees for men to the highest quality. We stock a lot of different wholesale hair systems for men because men have different requirements. It is best if you familiarize yourself with our wholesale toupees so you can learn what you can offer to your customers. 

In the list below are the top three best-sellings wholesale hair systems for men at New Times Hair. Visit our blog for Top 10 Men’s Toupees to get the full list of our best men’s hair pieces wholesale!

1. Best Wholesale Hair Systems for Men-HS25-V Ultra Thin Skin Men’s Toupee Human Hair Wig
This is a very popular wholesale hair system for men because it is so high on realism thanks to its ultra-thin skin base which has a thickness of just 0.03mm. Your customers will not notice the skin material on their scalp and the knotless V-looped hair together with the thinness of the skin will create the illusion of hair growing directly out of the scalp. This is also an easy toupee to look after and clean so it’s a good option for people new to hair systems. That said, this hair system only has a lifespan of around one month. This toupee comes in our standard base size of 8″ x 10″. We use smooth, shiny Indian human hair on most of our stock men’s toupees and the HS25-V is no exception. It is available in 25 hair colors including gray hair percentages (synthetic gray hair).

2. Best Wholesale Hair Systems for Men-HS1-V Super Thin Skin Human Hair Toupee for Men
Next, allow us to introduce the HS1-V. Like the HS25-V, this is a thin skin hair toupee for men with V-looped hair all over. It still has that undetectable look to it but its advantage over the HS25-V is that this men’s toupee will last longer – around two to three months – because the thin skin is slightly thicker. Given that it also has a full thin base, this stock toupee for men is easy to clean and take care of. It comes in the standard base size of 8” x 10” which can be cut down to any size in order to meet your clients’ needs. The hair is 5 inches long you have 11 colors to choose from.

3. Best Wholesale Hair Systems for Men-HS1 Super Thin Skin Men’s Human Hair Toupee Wig
Continuing with our thin skin toupees, we would also like to share the HS1. Again, this toupee for men has an all-over skin base but because of its thicker base (0.08mm), it is considerably more durable than say the HS25-V. As such it can last for three to six months. We still ventilate the hair with V-loops but only across the front 1/2” of the hairline. However, this is the area that wearers are most concerned about. The rest of the base has single split knots which are a more durable way of ventilating the hair. The HS1, therefore, offers a good balance between realism and durability. All our stock hair colors are available for this men’s toupee including (synthetic) gray percentages. As is the case with all our stock toupees, the base size is a standard 8″ by 10″, the hair density is medium-light, and curl and wave of the hair is 3.0cm.

Between a stock men’s hair system and a custom men’s hair system, which one should I choose?

This is a very subjective question, and there is not a single right answer since people’s situations vary considerably. When choosing between stock hair systems and custom hair systems for men, you need to ask yourself if you really need a custom men’s hair system. As opposed to stock men’s hair systems wholesale that can be shipped out to you immediately, men’s custom hair systems wholesale have to be produced from the ground up in accordance with very specific instructions, so the production period can be as long as 1-4 months. If you are in a hurry to get a hair piece to wear, then stock hair systems wholesale are what you need! Comparatively speaking, if you are planning to order a custom men’s hairpiece, it is necessary to plan a few months ahead to accommodate the long wait time.

Cost is another factor you should take into account when making this decision. Obviously, custom men’s hair systems cost a lot more than stock ones since they are exclusively handcrafted for you according to your requests. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider whether or not it is worth the money to customize your men’s hair system wholesale, especially when some stock men’s hair systems may already meet your needs and expectations. By buying a custom men’s hair piece, you could end up spending money on something you don’t actually need.

The variety of designs, as well as product specifications such as color, length, and density, for stock men’s hair systems has continued to grow in recent years. Thus, there are now men’s stock systems to suit most people’s demands and preferences. In spite of that, some hair units for men wearers crave more individualized wholesale hair systems that will set them apart from others. For these wearers, men’s hair system customization turns out to be what best suits their needs. Generally, if you do not have a lot of experience wearing wholesale hair systems products, it is advised to go with stock options for a while to get deep and accurate insights into your true preferences. Otherwise, you may end up getting a custom men’s hair system that you wish you had not ordered.

Why should you choose a men’s hair system over hair transplant surgery?

While hair transplant surgery may be an option for some men, wholesale hair systems are typically a better choice. Since they offer a non-surgical solution to hair loss, there is significantly less risk and less pain involved. Below are seven reasons why wholesale hair systems are a better solution than hair transplant surgery.

There is no pain or bleeding involved.
Wholesale hair systems use tapes and glues to attach the hair system, which means there won’t be any pain with a hair system. Many wholesale hair systems allow you to wear them for twenty to thirty days at a time. Even with these hair systems, there isn’t any pain.

On the other hand, hair transplant surgery can be a painful process. Your scalp will look bloody and scarred for six months or more while you wait for the surgery to heal. Although numbing is used during the surgery, the healing process can be lengthy and painful.

There are no uncomfortable side effects or scars.
Hair transplant surgery poses a major infection risk. Even when the surgeon does everything correctly, patients can face infection as the scalp heals. Once healed, surgical hair replacement can leave scars. While these scars are typically hidden by new hair growth, they can be visible.

Wholesale hair systems are attached safely with adhesives. Since no incisions are made, there is significantly less risk of infection. That makes wholesale hair systems a safer option for men who want hair replacement.

Wholesale hair systems offer more control over the final look.
While hair replacement surgery allows you to naturally grow your own hair from your own scalp, the final look is largely uncontrollable. Even skilled surgeons are unable to control how your scalp heals. If healthy blood flow cannot be restored to the area, your hair transplant surgery will not give you the natural hair you want.

Men who get hair transplant surgery are also limited to the natural density of their hair. Transplanted follicles are only as good as the best areas of hair growth on a man’s head. This means that men who get transplant surgery may not have the thick hair they desire, even after undergoing painful surgery.
When you purchase a hair system, you have complete control over the final look. You can choose the hair color, texture, length, and style. If you’re trying to blend your hair system with your natural hair, the myriad options available allow you to find the perfect fit.

Many men aren’t candidates for hair transplant surgery.
Hair transplant surgery only works if you have healthy follicles to transplant to balding areas. Men who have significant hair loss or total baldness are not candidates for hair transplant surgery.

Additionally, men with burns or scalds cannot undergo hair transplant surgery because the burnt skin won’t have good blood supply needed to grow new hair.

Wholesale hair systems offer immediate results.
Hair replacement surgery will take six months or longer to heal and show positive results. On the other hand, wholesale hair systems offer immediate results. The full hair system will be glued or taped to your scalp, leaving you with luscious locks overnight.

Wholesale hair systems are significantly less expensive.
Hair transplant surgery is very costly, making it a bad option for men without the financial means. Although hair systems need to be replaced two or three times a year, it costs less money to get started with a hair system.

Even with ongoing maintenance and replacement, hair systems are a more affordable option. Plus, replacing your hair system regularly gives you the opportunity to try different looks!

Wholesale hair systems are reversible.
No matter how much you anticipate loving your hair system, there are cases where you might want to go back to your natural look. Hair replacement surgery is a permanent solution, but that also means you’re stuck with the permanent consequences of your choice.

Wholesale hair systems for men are reversible. If you don’t like how they look, you can remove them without any pain. In some cases, men like their hair systems but want to choose a different option. Their flexibility allows men to easily make changes to their appearance.


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