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Now Newtimes Hair has some new stock hair replacement systems for both men and women in stock available for immediate shipment.[email protected]
With our men’s stock hair systems: Q6, Australia, OCT, P1-3-5, D7-3, and D7-5, we now have a wider variety of base sizes: 6”x8”, 6”x9”,7”x9”, and 7”x10”. These smaller bases are also priced lower than 8”x10”.
With our  women’s stock hair replacement systems, we have silk top closures in 10” and 14” hair lengths, and integration hair systems in 8” and 12” hair lengths.

All our our products are high quality with low prices but and they are also limited in quantity, so please order as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out on these great deals.
For more detailed information, you welcome to contact me: [email protected]

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