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New Times Hair Best-Selling Stock Hair Replacement Systems of 2019

Based on last year’s sales, here is the list of the 5 most popular stock hairpieces from 2019:



0.08mm transparent skin means both a durable and natural-looking hair system. Compared with lace, skin is more convenient to attach and remove tape or glue and is easier to clean. These all made HS1 win our  "Top-Rated Stock Toupee of the Year".


0.03mm ultra-thin skin with V-looped all over to create a super-light and realistic hair unit. Wearers don’t even feel it!


Lace is considered a base material that combines breathability and realism best. It is also a very soft and comfortable material. HS7 full French lace toupee is therefore, an ideal choice for sensitive scalps.


Fine mono plus PU makes HS27+ one of the most durable stock toupees. With changeable front lace, it can last around 4-6 months.


Lace plus PU is a common base model in the market. Lace gives softness and breathability. PU offers convenience to apply glue and tape. Double layer of lace is an effective way to enhance durability for the front.

Hot-Selling New Stock Products:

-HOLLYWOOD- Men’s Toupee

∙ Once launched, it became a hit.

∙ Unlike our other lace plus PU stock toupees, the Hollywood has PU on the top section for convenience of attaching tape or glue there to hold the piece better.

-MD01- Medical Wig

∙ Best-quality hair type

∙ The most realistic ventilation method

∙ Easy to wear without the need of tape or glue

∙ Can fit different head sizes and shapes