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Our Ready-to-Wear Service

As a professional and experienced hair replacement manufacturer, New Times Hair not only provides high-quality wholesale hair products to customers all over the world but also offer ready-to-wear service for you and your customers. If it is not convenient for you to style hair systems then we can do that for you based on your customer's requirements before shipping them to you. Or we can send them directly to your customers. (Don’t worry – there would be no New Times Hair labeling if we did this.)

We can do the following:

●    Cut the Base to Size

Our stock hair systems can be cut to different base sizes according to your clients' individual requirements. You will need to provide us with the precise measurements of your clients for us to do this.

●    Cut Off Excess Lace or Skin

We can also cut the excess lace or skin off a hair system to make it ready to wear for your customers.

●    Cut and Style the Hair to Create the Hairstyles Your Clients Want

You can get the perfect hairstyle for your client from our experienced hairstylists.To do this you need to provideus with a detailed description of the preferred hairstyle that your client wants. It would be best if you sent a photo of the hairstyle so our hairstylists can cut and style it accordingly.



»   We also have a variety of wig tape in stock: Lace Front, Easy Green, Extenda-Bond Plus, No-Shine, Ultra-Hold, etc. If you want hair systems to be directly shipped to your clients, you could order some tape to be delivered with them. This way your clients will be able to wear their hairpieces as soon as they receive them in the post.