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Newtimeshair is also professional manufacturer for hair extensions. We can make hair weft, clips hair extension, tape hair extension, I-tip hair extension, U-tip hair extension and micro-ring hair extension.  The hair types are Indian hair, Chinese hair, Mongolian hair, Brazilian hair and European hair. All the effect for hair type is very natural.

1. Weft hair extension—

The weight for each weft is 100g per set. The customer can only inform the hair type, hair length, wave, color. We can make accordingly. The customer can fix it on the hair themselves.

2. Clips hair extension

The customer can require how many clips should be added on the extensions.  We have stock on sale. The construction of one set is 5 pieces of 1.5″ weft with 1 clip each; 2 pieces of 6″ weft with 3 clips each; 1 piece  of 7″ weft with 3 clips each; 1 piece 9″ weft with 3 clips each. The hair extension can be fixed with clips.

3. Tape hair extension

The tape size is about 1cm*4cm. Usually, there are 40 pieces a set.  We need to know hair type, hair length, wave, color and gram for each piece.

4. I-tip, U-tip and Micro-loop hair extension

The three kinds of hair extension are almost the same. It’s easy to wear and  you can just pull the hair with the I-tip, U-tip and micro-loop.

If any requirement, please feel free to contact sales1@newtimeshair.com .

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hair extension

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