The Most Widely Used Five Ventilation Methods in Hair Replacement Systems Industry(2)
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Usually, there are much confusion about which ventilation method should be chosed.  We will introduce the most widely used five ventilation methods in five separate articles. They are Single Reverse Split Knot, Double Reverse Split Knot, Injected hair, V-looped hair, Injected Lace. In this article, we will introduce double Reverse Split Knot.

Double Reverse Split Knot

This ventilation method could be applied on most of the lace and mono materials, such as French lace, fine welded mono etc.
The adventage of this knotting method is that the knots is with strong holding, the hair is not easy to shed, however, double reverse split knot
is bigger. It is easier to be detected.  So, if you need the system more durable and pay little attention to the appearance, then doulbe reverse split knot would be your better choice.
But, more times, we recommed that if the base materail is lace, you can use single reverse split knot in hair line area and double reverse split knot in other areas. Then the system will has both
nice appearance and more long life span.

double reverse split knots原图

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