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It seems very easy to make a wig. Actually, we must get all the needed information to make a wig to make the customer satisfied.

What information do we need?

As can be seen from our order from, it mainly includes the following aspects:

Hair length, hair color, hair wave, density, base design, base size and hairstyle.  Of course, there are other small details, which can be added as appropriate depending on the type of base design.

Before we introduce the main information, we have an important piece of information to say, that is, the various parts. A full head, divided into 8 parts, namely front, top, crown, temples, side and back. These 8 parts are very important for the production of our wigs; hair length, hair wave, density and hair color are all connected with them.

Let's introduce main information one by one.


Hair length-Hair length is the length of the wig hair after completion.

Our measurement method is to pick up any hair, and the length from the hair root to the hair tip is the length of the whole wig. Each part is the same length.  In other words, the length of the eight parts is the same length. But when done, the length of a wig from the top of the head to the tip of the hair will be much longer than the length of the hair root to the tip of the hair, because the layering will make the wig look more natural.

Of course, we can also make different lengths according to the requirements of customers. We can make the hair tips in same length; also can make small layers of hair tips. In one word we can do any kind of hair length client needed. As long as you can think of it, we can do it.


Hair curl-Let’s talk about hair curl. Hair curl is the natural state of hair after the wig is finished.

For example, some customers like straight hair, some customers like body wave, and some customers like Yaki. Different customer requirements are different, but we have a standard to measure the curl, that is the diameter of the curl. When we are producing, we wrap the hair around a metal tube. The diameter of the metal tube is the diameter of the hair curl.  

Generally we have the following types of curl for customers to choose: 40mm, 36mm, 32mm, 25mm, 19mm, 15mm, 13mm, 10mm, 6mm, 4mm, and 2mm.


Hair density-Next, let’s say about hair density. Hair density means the amount of hair a customer wants. Young people want more hair, and older people want a little less hair and look more natural with the right amount of white hair.  

We also have density standards; from less to more are extra light, light, medium light, medium, medium heavy, heavy, and extra heavy.

For the lace base, the front hairline is generally thin, which makes people feel more natural. There are also some customers whose density is different for all parts of the head. For example, top and crown are denser and others are less. In this case, the amount of hair on the top of the head after the trimming is still a lot, the angles on the sides and the amount of hair on the back will be less, and it will look younger and handsome.

There are also some customers who need very dense hair in the front hairline, the purpose is to comb all the hair back, the front hair looks very much, giving a healthy feeling. Again, as long as you need, we can do as required


Hair color-Below we have to talk about a more complicated order details, it is the hair color. The color number is divided into the base color, the spot color, and the mixed color.

Some customers only need one color, such as 1B color, so the order is easy to do. However, some customers need 2 colors; one is dark as the background color, and at the same time want to use a small amount of light color to embellish. Then this light color is highlight. Highlight is divided into mixed color and spot color. The mixed color is more evenly distributed, and the spotted color is like a stripe, just like the keys of a piano, so we also call the dot color the piano color. Whether it is a mixed color or a point color, a certain proportion is required, so the customer must tell us the proportion of highlight. We can make a satisfactory hair color.

There is also a very special detail, dark hair roots. There are some women, they want to give other people a realistic feeling of their wig, and they want to make the wig's hair roots dark. Such dark color is difficult to get, takes more time.


Base design-Next we talk about the base design. Base design is like the inside of clothes.

No matter how beautiful the outside looks, the inside is not related to the outside. Base design is just a feeling of comfort for the customer. At the same time, the solidity of the base design determines the life of a wig. Base design is made up of different mesh materials. In general, what base design is needed, the customer will give clear requirements. It is easier for us to follow the customer's requirements.

Base size is same, customer will give clear measurement, we just do it as customer's requirements.


Hair style-The last one talks about hairstyles. The hairstyle is the last appearance of the wig.

A wig is worn on the client's head and combed into a different hairstyle by the client, such as left crown, right crown, left parting or flat back. For women's wig, freestyle can get different hairstyles. For men's toupee, it's better to make an accurate hairstyle. Because men need to cut their hair, all parts are very exposed. Freestyle to comb into a variety of hair styles will be a bit embarrassing.

How to place an order to make a satisfactory wig do you have other questions? If you have, please send me an email by

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