The way that make your toupee more natural—choosing the base color
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Which is the important thing you pay attention to, when you choose a toupee.  Is it base model? Is it hair color? Is it hair length? And I think most of people would put hair color in the first place. But do you ever think about the base color of toupee? As we known, people have different skin color. We can offer you 4 base colors, which will make the toupee match the skin color naturally and also make the toupee invisible. Now we will show you the real picture of toupee with different base colors.

The below pictures is black color base.


The below pictures is brown color base.


The below pictures is light brown color base.


The last one is flesh color base .




When you order a new toupee, you can tell us or select the form what base color your customer would like. We will appreciate that you send us the skin color sample. It will make us match the color accurately. Feel free to contact us, more clarification you give, more useful advices we can offer.


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