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The quality of NewtimesHair is very high. It is because our workers are very careful during making toupees. Please find the procedure below:

1. Making Base:  We make mold according to the templates and sizes provided by customers. Then put the base material on the mold to achieve the contour and make the exact size of base.

2. Hair Treatment:  At the same time of making bases, we have to prepair the hair. According to the hair sample or the color code the customers require, we can dye hair or blend several colors hair together to create the right color hair. If needed, we will put the hair into acid to take away the cuticle. It can avoid tangling. If remy hair and European hair are needed, the acid-treatment doesn’t need to do then.

3. Perm:  Perm the hair to the wave requested.

4.Knotting: After the base and hair are ready, we need to take them to our knotting workers. They will knot the hair to the base with appropriate knots according to the different base materials and the requirements of the customers.

5. First Check: After our knotting workers finish knotting, our QC will check whether the base size, knots are right. If not, our workers need to repair it or remake it accordingly. If yes, the orders can be into next procedure.

6. Wiping Poly:  If full lace base without any poly, this procedure can be taken away. If skin base, like the clear PU, PU coat, the base needs to wipe poly after knotting hair.

7. Washing: Wash the finished toupees with special water to make sure the order is clean. Then we need to use special shampoo to make good hair texture.

8. Final Inspection: After all the procedure, our QC have final check for the finish orders.

9. Package: Pack the clear, styled toupees. Then the toupees will be sent to the customers.

The leading time for making toupees is about 6-7 weeks and rush for about 4 weeks. The procedure for wigs is the same as toupees. But the leading time is about one week longer than toupee because the base size is bigger.

Any finished toupees and wigs orders please check our website

make toupees

make toupees

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