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Hi, I’m Eva and I’m new here at Newtimes Hair and I’ve been learning all about the different knotting methods so I understand that it can be confusing, especially if you are first time wearer of hair systems. Here I am going to share what I have learned.

Knots and their effect

1) Single Knots: lie flat on the base and are suitable for skin base material but not for lace base material because they may loosen easily.

2) Double knots: lie flat on the base and are suitable for both lace and mono base materials. They are generally used on at the front and on the sides.

3) Split reverse knots: are small and used at the hairline of all bases. They are usually used with hair densities up to 100 because higher densities may cause the knots to loosen. They are also not used if the synthetic hair percentage is higher than 50% percent in order to avoid breakage.

4) V-loops: are used on skin base materials and are great because they are knotless as the hair is inserted at one point and pulled through a point nearby, creating a V shape. Check out our RD-V and BIO models to see the effects.

5) Double split reverse knots: are though and can be used on all lace and mono base materials except Swiss Lace and they are strong.

6) Injection: leaves the hair lying flat. Just bear in mind that you cannot style your hair freely.

7) Lift Injection: means the hair is lifted hair and can teased at random.

8) Silk top & injected lace: is divided into Single silk top & inject lace and double silk top & injected lace.

Single silk top & injected lace combination: is more sophisticated than double silk top & injected lace. This labor-intensive process is normally used for Jewish wigs, the hair lies perfectly and can be styled freely.

Double silk top & injected lace combination: is generally is used at the top and only part of the base. The hair lies well and can be styles freely.

These are many of the knots that we use at newtimeshair. In my next blog, I will share more of them with you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email: sales6@newtimeshair.com




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