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Nowadays, the natural look is becoming more and more important as an increasing number of young people start to use hair pieces, who look for fashion and beauty rather over lifespan. These clients often prefer lace bases or thin skin bases, which are more natural and less visible.

While this is the case, some clients still prefer hair pieces with longer lifespans as it reduces overall cost. In these instances, fine mono is a great option.

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Fine mono is a traditional base material for hair replacement systems. However, given the properties of this base material it is not used at the edges of hair systems, rather it is combined with a poly perimeter. For client’s looking for durability, fine mono with poly perimeter hair replacement systems are the perfect choice.

Bearing in mind the lifespan and durability of these hair replacement systems, we have nonetheless received feedback from some clients who experience premature hair loss from their fine mono hair pieces. These clients often insist that our products are of inferior quality or that the knotting is inadequate. However, when we check these hair replacements systems, this is what we find:

1.      Hair is lost from the fine mono part of the base, but no hair is lost on the poly perimeter. We use all the same hair for a hair replacement system so in this case it is not a quality issue; 

2.      If knots are unstable, hair replacement systems lose hair, which means the whole strand of hair falls out. However, we notice with hair systems we inspect that the hair has been broken at the root which means there is no issue with the knotting process because the knots are still there.

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If the issue is neither one of quality or knotting, then how do we identify the issue and resolve the issue for our clients?

Clients who wear fine mono base hair replacement systems need to be fully aware of the base material properties and how to maintain it. Fine mono has micro holes which means glue, oil and conditioner can easily accumulate in the weave of the material. Extra care and time must be taken to remove all of the remaining products because day after day they build up, corrouding and damaging the hair root. This is why the hair breaks near the root and falls out. We also understand that if you are an individual client, you may not be completely sure how to clean your hair system in the best possible way. We recommend that you go to your local salon to consult a stylist who will be able to demonstrate to you the correct way in which to clean your hair replacement system. Then you will be able clean your system at home without any further issues.

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Here are some general tips, to get you started as well. Daily hair system wearers should remove adhesives and replace every day and shampoo once a week. Semi-permanent wearers wearing 1-2 weeks should do a 'full clean up' after the removal. Permanent wearers, who often wear fine mono bases should go NO longer than 4 weeks. Again everyone is different, every scalp is different, so individuals should take note of their scalp oils and also how tight the bond feels over a period of weeks. It’s great if your hair looks fantastic however, property maintenance and care is vital.

Another good tip is that if you struggle with the correct method of cleaning your fine mono base, you can use adhesives (tape or glue) on the poly perimeter instead of the fine mono. This will usually give you sufficient hold for comfortable and long lasting wear and it means that cleaning will not be such an issue. You also need to be aware of the solvents available to clean residue from your fine mono hair system. Firstly, there are Alcohol based adhesive removers which are some of the most popular and effective when it comes to removing adhesive and its residue from both the hairpiece and a person’s head without damaging either. You can also use citrus based cleaners which are gentle solvents and these cleaners not only ease the process of removing a hairpiece and adhesive, but they also do so without causing damage to the hairpiece.

Hair conditioner is great to help maintain your hair, help avoid tangling and of course keep your hair soft. While we can use it to clean our hair replacement systems, it is actually very difficult to completely remove the residue of the hair conditioner. If you are not a hair care professional, we actually recommend that you use spray in conditioner, which is sprayed directly on the hair. In this way it nourishes your hair, without coming into contact with the fine mono base, or any other base you might have. Moreover, it makes hair maintenance easier and a lot quicker which is important as we know everyone leads such busy lives these days.

With the correct care and maintenance fine mono can have a long lifespan given its durability. However, as we have discussed above cleaning and maintenance can be more labour intensive with this particular kind of base material. If clients are not comfortable with the requisite level of care required, then we also recommend a change in base material, including to lace or skin. Lace has larger holes in the weave which means residue from adhesives, conditioners and other products are more easily removed from you hair replacement system which helps maintain hair strength and durability. Besides this quality, lace is also softer, more breathable and less visible. With regards, to skin base material, it is the easiest of all materials to clean and comes in a range of thicknesses and looks super realistic. However, clients need to bear in mind that both lace and skin materials are less durable that fine mono base material.

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