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Every woman gets emotionally drained when alopecia hits. Female hair loss or thinning hair can easily sabotage a woman’s self-image, causing emotional depression. However, hairpieces and wigs for women with thinning hair can quickly turn their bad hair days around. Having worked in the hairpiece industry for over a decade, Newtimes Hair presents you with practically the best hair loss treatment for women. 

Why Are Women’s Hair Pieces the Best Treatment for Hair Loss?

As most drugs or medical treatments take months to show positive effects, and some don’t work at all, hairpieces and female toupees have become an excellent thinning hair solution and the best treatment for hair loss, be hair toppers, hair integration systems, hair patches, full cap hair systems, medical wigs. We have them all in stock.

What’s So Good About Our  Hairpieces and Wigs for Women’s Thinning Hair?

All our hairpieces and wigs for women’s thinning hair are made of human hair.

With the help of our products, your clients can recover the perfect full head of hair in an instant. Whether they have androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, or another type of hair loss, all hairstyles are possible for your clients with the help of our hairpieces.

Over 40,000 ladies and salons worldwide have used our wigs and hairpieces for thinning crowns.

Medical wigs, other human hair wigs, and hair systems have helped them fix more than just their hair loss issues but also their damaged self-images and confidence. 

Newtimes Hair has worked with numerous local salons for years to provide quality hairpieces for women with alopecia or who are going through chemotherapy.

All women who have worn our hair pieces love and appreciate them as the best solution for thinning hair and the best treatment for hair loss. 


What are the causes of hair loss and hair thinning for women?

Hair loss is very common among both men and women worldwide and it can be really hard to identify the true causes given there is a great number of things accounting for hair loss conditions of many kinds. Generally speaking, the most common causes of hair loss among women are as the following: 

Hereditary hair loss:
This may be the most common cause of hair loss for both men and women. Women suffering from hereditary hair loss have inherited genes that cause the hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing hair. The common noticeable signs of hereditary hair loss for women are usually overall thinning and a widening part.

People’s hair follicles tend to gradually grow at a slower pace as they get older and more and more follicles will eventually stop growing hair at some point in life which causes hair on our scalp to shed and thin.

Alopecia areata:
Alopecia areata is a disease that develops when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles, causing hair loss. People with this disease can lose hair anywhere on their bodies.

Cancer treatment:
If you receive chemotherapy or have radiation treatment for your head or neck, you may lose most of your hair within a few weeks of starting treatment. Hair usually starts to regrow within months of finishing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Hair wig vs. hair topper: which one is better for female pattern hair loss or hair thinning?

As very popular hair loss solutions for women nowadays, both hair wigs and hair toppers are meant to be worn on the head to cover the hair loss area and present a full hair look.

The major difference between a hair wig and a hair topper lies in how much area they cover on the scalp. As hair wigs are the only option to achieve coverage for hair loss or balding associated with alopecia, chemo, or other causes, while hair toppers are supposed to provide partial coverage for the targeted area on the head of people experiencing different hair loss patterns or thinning hair.

Toppers are made of less hair, so in most cases, they are more economical than full head wigs.

Given toppers are not an option for complete hair loss associated with alopecia, chemo, or other medical conditions, for a topper to look natural, it needs to exactly match the color and texture of your hair. Wearing a topper generally requires the use of attachment tools such as clips, tapes to have it secured to the existing hair on the head.

While a customized wig can just be placed on the head to immediately achieve that tremendous appearance transformation. With that said, you would not need to style your hair at all when wearing a wig since it is completely covered by the hair of the wig.

In contrast, to appear natural and realistic in a topper, you would need to carefully style both the hair on the topper and your own in a way that makes the topper undetectable.

How to properly measure the head for a topper?

Getting the right measurements for the head for a wig can be somewhat challenging and demanding, particularly for novices given there is a great number of steps you have to follow strictly and precisely.

The first thing to do is to mark where the front hairline is at the very middle, so you will get the length of the area using a measuring tape by measuring the distance from that point to the back where the hair meets the bald area at the back.

Next, we will use the measuring tape to get the width in a similar way, which is the vertical distance between the hairline at the left side of the head and the one at the right side over the top of the scalp.

How to put on a hair topper for hair loss and thinning hair?

As opposed to men who typically need to shave off their existing hair before applying adhesives to have their hair toupees attached, most women instead prefer to put on hair toppers using clips since they do not need to shave off their hair. It makes things a bit easier and faster to use clips for custom made hairpieces as the following steps indicate:

Step 1: Open all the clips on the underside of the hair topper and lightly tease your own hair in the areas where the topper clips will be attached to get a more secure hold.

Step 2: Align the hair topper over your hair loss area by pulling it up to the front hairline and securing the clips.

Step 3: Apply light pressure to the top of the hair topper to hold all of the clips and blend your natural hair with the hair piece until it is virtually undetectable.

Why order wholesale hairpieces and wigs for women’s thinning hair from Newtimes Hair?

Being a widely recognized wholesale wig vendor with more than a decade of experience in wig manufacturing, Newtimes Hair has a great number of things that strongly indicate why you should choose us as your hairpiece supplier to boost your business:

Premium base material quality
All base materials used in the production of our stock and custom-made hair pieces are carefully sourced from the most reliable and reputed suppliers from Europe. This guarantees that all the hair pieces you are getting from us are the classiest on the market.

Top-grade 100% real human hair
We only use top-of-the-line 100% real human hair to produce all our stock and custom hair pieces. That is why the hair you are getting from us not only looks natural and lustrous but feels silky and smooth as well. Such top-grade human hair material also guarantees a very desirable lifespan for your customers.

Large variety of your customers’ choices
At Newtimes Hair, there are a variety of female wigs for alopecia in different designs available for immediate shipment. Whether it is stock or custom items, all the needs of your customers who are seeking such hair loss solutions for themselves will be specifically fulfilled.

Extremely competitive wholesale price
Newtimes Hair is widely recognized as the leading wig company in the wholesale markets that offers the most value-for-money hair pieces. That is highly true as it is tough to find another wig supplier that can offer such top-notch women’s hair wigs for prices more favorable than ours. With more reasonable offers we want our products to reach more and more women struggling with hair loss and hair thinning to help them live better lives!

30-day free return policy for hairpieces wholesale
We always put our reputation and client satisfaction ahead of everything. Newtimes Hair offers a 30-day free return policy for all stock hairpieces, which means you can return your order for a replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with your merchandise, provided the hair systems have not been cut, colored, altered, or used in any way! So, you are free of any concern regarding purchasing from wig china. 

With our 30-day free return policy, the only cost to you is the shipping fee to try our women’s wigs and toppers.

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