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Custom-made hair systems is a solution to meet your customer’s diverse and demanding needs. As opposed to women’s hair systems in stock, custom hair systems are a great option if your clients have their own needs and expectations that stock items can’t fulfill.

As a respected wholesale hair system manufacturer and supplier, New Times Hair takes pride in supplying top-notch custom-made women’s hair systems to tens of thousands of hair business owners to grow and expand. 

Dedicated in manufacturing women’s custom-made hair systems for more than tens of years, New Times Hair always puts its reputation and customer satisfaction first. All of our customized hair replacement are carefully handcrafted by the most experienced workers with the finest materials. This allows us to help our partners gain the trust and recognition from their customers using our superior products. 

To customize the suitable women’s hair systems, it’s essential to know their needs concerning different aspects of their hair units. We can help with that by providing a list of questions to ask for custom orders. 

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Is New Times Hair an original women’s hair system manufacturer or wholesale hair system supplier?

New Time Hair is an original women’s hair system manufacturer, an original wholesale women’s hair system supplier, and an original female hairpiece factory with complete procedures from production to shipping.

With a wig factory covering an area of 4000 km² and more than 100 skilled craftspeople, we have a large capacity for large orders with a short production circle, and in excellent quality meaning while.

As the supplier to several largest wig wholesalers and distributors, well-known women’s hair system brands, most popular hair salons, you can trust us as the supplier and partner of your hair business!

What is a women’s hair system?

A women’s hair system, also known as a women’s hair replacement systems, hairpiece, or toupee, is a modern hair loss solution that works by providing females with complete or partial coverage of the hair thinning area on the head to achieve a full hair look.

What are the differences between women’s hair systems and wigs?

With more and more women choosing non-surgical hair loss solutions to deal with hair loss, the hair market has seen a significant increase in the types of women’s hair systems in many countries that are designed to cater to people’s needs more precisely and specifically. Therefore, many terms in the hair world often got mistaken for one another. And the most common pair of terms must be none other than “hair system” and “wig.”

As many of us are aware, both women’s hair system and wig products are supposed to be worn on people’s heads mostly to hide hair loss, but there are quite a few points in which they differ from one another. A women’s hair system usually refers to a small hairpiece made of real human hair or synthetic hair that is worn at the top of the wearer’s scalp to cover the baldness area, whereas a wig is meant to offer complete coverage of the whole head.

Due to the differences in hair loss patterns between men and women, hair systems are widely used by male hair loss groups to cover the top area of the head that is more prone to baldness. In contrast, wigs are more popular among women who experience hair thinning problems. And that is basically why hair systems are a lot smaller than wigs in most cases.

Generally speaking, it takes a lot more hair material and hair knotting work to produce a wig than it takes for a hair system due to the size differences. So, wigs are undoubtedly more expensive. However, wigs are commonly seen as a more user-friendly option in the sense that you would not need to shave your head to put it on, aside from the fact that tape and glue are not necessarily needed to have it secured to your head.

One thing to note is that there are more and more people, including those without hair loss problems, who choose to wear wigs for fashion purposes since they are looking for a more fashionable appearance that can set them apart from most others out there!

Whether you should buy a wig or hair system largely depends on your hair loss pattern. Hair systems are more of an ideal option for most types of partial loss and wigs are typically recommended to those with general hair thinning problems or complete baldness.

How long does a women’s hair system last?

How long a women’s hair system lasts depends on a wide variety of factors, such as base material, base structure, hair type, hair ventilation method, as well as how well they are taken care of.

Out of all the factors, base material plays the most predominant role in the lifespan of women’s hair replacement systems as certain kinds of base materials are more resistant to damages and wear than others.

Typically speaking, most women’s hair systems and hair units can last up to SIX MONTHS if worn daily and washed regularly.

How to wash a women’s hair system properly?

Step 1. Firstly, you need to have the hair system detangled by placing your hand on the inside of the wig cap and using a wide-tooth comb to get out any tangles in the hair.

Step 2. Place the toupee hair system under lukewarm running water to have it thoroughly soaked. Lather the hair system with a small amount of wig shampoo. Make sure all the hair is traveling down in the same direction. Then rinse in lukewarm water to have the shampoo fully removed.

Step 3. Place the hair system in a towel and gently pat dry until all excess water is removed. Spray a leave-in conditioner on the hair. Concentrate it towards the ends as this is where the hair can get the most tangles. After conditioning, place the women’s hair system on a wig stand to allow it to air dry naturally.

How to choose the right hair color of a women’s hair replacement system?

If you are unsure of what color you need for your customers’ hair system, we recommend using the color chart or color ring provided by the hair system manufacturer or suppliers.

This will help you get the most accurate description of the color given that computer monitors can vary from one to another.

Or you can use your customers’ hair samples to determine which shades most approximate their natural hair colors.

How much does a women’s hair system cost?

The cost of a women’s hair systems varies considerably depending on a wide range of factors, such as production cost, country of origin, and distribution cost. Generally speaking, most women’s hair system products nowadays cost anywhere between $200 and $500 across the globe.

The most significant factors that are associated with the cost of hair wigs are as follows:

Hair Type
There are different types of hair with different characteristics used in the production of hair replacement systems. The most common types of human hair are Indian hair, Indian Remy hair, European hair, and Chinese hair.

Typically speaking, hair types of finer grade and higher scarcity usually are pricier, such as Indian Remy hair and European hair.

Synthetic hair is a less costly choice when you choose a women’s hair system, however, they do not appear as natural and realistic as real human hair wigs.

Hair Length
When the hair system manufacturers source human hair material for production, it is always the case that the longer the hair, the more it costs.

This is because the hair is originally collected from donors’ heads and longer hair takes more time to grow out. So, the fact that longer hair costs more can be perfectly justified in that regard.

Hair Density
Hair density is a measurement of the hair volume of a toupee hair system. The higher the density, the more hair there is on the system. Hair density is usually classified into different levels to cater to the needs of different groups of people whose own natural hair density and age vary.

With that said, when everything else stays the same, it makes perfect sense that higher hair density is equivalent to a higher price since the toupee manufacturers would need more hair material to produce hair wigs of higher density.

Supply and Demand
Just like most other products, the price of a hair wig is also subject to the local supply-demand relationship.

Many hair wig suppliers and wholesalers sometimes manage to step up the prices of their top sellers for a higher profit margin without compromising much on the revenue.

While items that do not sell very well are often put on sale to liquidate their inventory.

On the other hand, more economically developed areas with a stronger purchase power often see the same models of women’s hair systems selling at higher prices than those less developed ones.

Wholesale & Retail
It is not hard to imagine that it would cost less to purchase women’s hair systems manufacturer directly or order in bulk from the wholesaler or than to go to a local store to buy just a few.

Yes, that rule applies to the very most industries, and the hair system industry is no exception. Hair systems for women cost quite a lot less when purchased directly from the wig manufacturers or wig wholesalers given there is much less operation cost for them than there is for local hair wig distributors and local wig suppliers whose target audience is the end-users near them.

If you wholesale hair systems for women in bulk, we will give you the most competitive wholesale prices.


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