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Wholesale Human Hair Wigs for Women

Source 100% human hair wigs for women from the most prominent wigs manufacturer and distributor in China! Newtimes Hair uses 100% natural human hair to produce our wigs. Our women’s human hair wigs are extremely natural-looking, realistic, and comfortable. They are exactly what can give your customers that stunning appearance transformation in an instant! You can perm, straighten, dye, and style them just like what you do on your clients’ natural hair!

We never stop expanding our product line. You will find different types of human hair wigs for white women and black women in our collection. Whether medical wigs, Jewish wigs, monofilament wigs, silk-top wigs, full lace wigs and lace front wigs, we have them all. Our natural human hair wigs are available in different base sizes, hair types, colors, lengths, and base designs. They can meet your clients’ diverse and varying needs and are great for wholesale, resale, retail, salon use, and growing your brand.

We offer OEM, ODM,  dropship, and custom human hair wigs service to hair businesses worldwide. Choose Newtimes Hair, and we will be your great partner to boost your business and increase your revenue!

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About Human Hair Wigs

What are women’s human hair wigs?

Women’s human hair wigs are hairpieces made of natural human hair. They are usually used by women suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. As they can transform the wearer’s appearance instantly, many females also wear wigs for a makeover.

100% human hair wigs mimic the look and feel of natural human hair, so others can’t tell you are wearing a hairpiece. Human hair wigs offer more benefits, such as a more natural look and greater versatility in styling. So they usually cost more than synthetic wigs.

What hair types do you use to make your women’s human hair wigs?

Newtimes Hair only offers realistic wigs for women with ethically sourced 100% natural human hair. We offer a variety of hair types, each with unique benefits. Here are our most often-used hair types for wigs.

1.    Indian hair: a popular and versatile option that can be easily styled and processed.

2.    Indian Remy Hair: Remy human hair is a luxurious choice known for its softness and silkiness.

3.    Chinese Virgin Hair: For those looking for durability, Chinese virgin hair is a fantastic option that can withstand heavy processing and styling without compromising quality.

4.    European Hair: Finally, European hair is the softest and finest hair available, providing a natural and beautiful look.

Human hair

Indian hair

The most common and popular choice we have as it’s very soft and smooth, highly adaptable to color and texture processing. Excellent value for money.

Indian remy hair

Top-class human hair, super soft and silky. All the hair runs in the same direction, usually used in producing high-end hair systems.

Chinese virgin hair

Super strong and straight, can withstand heavy processing without degrading the hair quality. Very sleek with low luster.

European hair

The finest and softest hair material available. Non-processed virgin hair with all cuticles intact and hair heading the same direction. Vulnerable to breakage though.

Synthetic hair

The most common type of artificial hair as it is extremely resistant to oxidation and color change. The best option for gray colors. Very sensitive to friction though.


Stronger and harder than human hair with shinier color tone.

Whatever your preference, our hair experts can help you find the perfect hair type for your needs.

What are the benefits of human hair compared to synthetic hair?

Human hair are much natural, versatile and durable than synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are perfect for anyone experiencing hair loss or wanting a makeover.

1.    Natural: Human hair blend better with wearers’ natural hair, looking more realistic than synthetic hair.

2.    Versatile: Unlike synthetic hair, we can heat-treat human hair with styling tools. That will give the wearer exceptionally natural movement and feel.

3.    Long-lasting: Human hair are exceedingly durable and can last for years with proper care. They could even beat their synthetic counterparts in price in the long run.

How much do women’s human hair wigs usually cost?

Wigs made of human hair usually range from a few hundreds to a thousand dollars. If installed by luxury salons, they can cost over $2,000. Its initial cost is higher than a synthetic wig, but its durability and lifespan compensate for the extra expense.

Various factors determine prices
At Newtimes Hair, the hair type, length, base cap design, and others all determine the retail price of the wig. Prices for wholesale human hair wigs for women vary depending on the quantity you order. The more you order, the more you will save.

Newtimes Hair manages to keep costs to a minimum while retaining quality
Having worked in the hairpiece industry for over a decade, Newtimes Hair knows the ins and outs of hair manufacturing. We have developed new supply chains, cutting out all go-betweens to keep costs to a minimum while retaining premium quality.
Wholesale price in comparison with retail prices
The average retail price for wigs for women at Newtimes Hair is around $300–$500. You can typically save 20% to 50% compared to retail prices when you buy human hair wigs in bulk from Newtimes Hair.

Contact us directly at info@newtimeshair.com or apply our wholesale price to save up to 50%.

How long do human hair wigs for women usually last?

If cared for appropriately, our wigs can remain in excellent condition and last up to a year, even if worn daily. For those who wear wigs only occasionally, they can last an impressive 2-3 years.

How to Choose& Use Wigs

How do I choose women’s human hair wigs?

You must consider several factors when selecting your wigs. The selection process should be manageable by visualizing the desired look, lifestyle, and budget. Go for density, lace color, hair color, length, etc. that align with your preferences.

1.    Cap Size: The cap sizes of human hair wigs for women typically range between 20-21 inches, ensuring a comfortable fit for most wearers. However, if your wig fits poorly, we will assist you with details on returning or exchanging your product.

2.    Hair Density: Women’s human hair wigs are available in various densities, such as 130, 150, 180, and a whole density of 200%. If you’re looking for a fuller style, opting for a higher density, such as 180 or 200, would be ideal, while a density of 130% or 150% would be suitable if you only need a slight thickness.

3.    Lace Color: Choosing a lace base that closely matches your skin tone is crucial. It will achieve a more natural and seamless look, giving you a realistic-looking hairline and part.

4.    Hair Length: From short and sassy to dramatic down to your ankles, the choice is yours! Our women’s human hair wigs are available in lengths ranging from 10 to 24 inches. Indeed your preferred style and look will be found here.

5.    Virgin/Colored Hair: If you like experimenting with different hair colors, it’s recommended to select a virgin wig that can be colored. Alternatively, choose a blonde or platinum wig dyed to your desired color.

How do I measure the head size for women’s human hair wigs?

Nearly all of our women’s human hair wigs are of average size and fit about 95% of female wearers’ heads.

However, to ensure your wig is of the right size or to have your wig custom-made, consult your sales representative, and ask him to get a few measurements done. For a more detailed understanding, follow this guide with video instruction: How to Measure Head for Wigs.

The measurements mainly include the following:
1.    Circumference of the head
Step1. Circumference
2.    Distance from the front hairline to the nape
Step2. Front to Back
3.    Length from one ear to the other across the forehead
Step3. Ear to Ear over the Forehead
4.    Length from one ear to the other across the top of the head
Step4. Ear to Ear over the Top
5.    Distance between the temples across the back of the head
Step5. Temple to Temple over the Back of the Head
6.    Neck width from side to side
Step6. Neck Width

How do I choose the right color for women’s human hair wigs?

If you are new to selecting women’s human hair wigs, we recommend choosing an exact color matching their natural hair shade. It will give your caucasian clients a smooth and natural transition.

To assist you in choosing the perfect hair color from our collection of human hair wigs for white women, Newtimes Hair offers three helpful resources:

1.    Color Image Board: If you want to avoid using a color ring, check our color image board for reference. Please note that your monitor will display the colors on the color image board. It may reflect a different color than what you want. There will probably be a slight color variation. To get the exact color, we strongly recommend color rings.

2.    Color Rings: There may be tiny differences between the images and the product. We highly recommend using our color rings for reference. At Newtimes Hair, we have three sets of hair rings with vast color options: the New Image Color Ring, and the Human Hair Color Ring for Women (click to buy) to help you make a perfect choice.

3.    Send in a Hair Sample or Color Ring: If we don’t have the exact hair color you want, or you’ve already had a color ring with you, you can send us samples of your client’s natural hair or send us your color ring.

Look at our guide for complete steps to choose your perfect wig. For more questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

How do I wear a wig?

First, always get a professional hairstylist fully trained in attaching hairpieces or wigs to do it for you. The following steps for attaching wigs are designed for hairstylists.

Step 1:
·    Unwrap the wig.
·    Hold the wig up in front of you with both hands.
·    Ensure the label is at the back.

Step 2: Tilt the wearer’s head forward, aligning the front edge of the wig with the front hairline for a perfect match, and then spread the rest of the wig towards the back.

Step 3: Adjust the position of the wig until it feels comfortable on the wearer’s head, sitting comfortably, with all the hairlines matching perfectly.

Step 4: Secure the wig firmly in place with clips or tapes.

Human Hair Wigs Care& Maintain&Troubleshooting

How to wash and care for human hair wigs

Following our easy steps below for washing human hair wigs will keep them in their optimal look and feel.

Step 1: Place your hand on the inside of the wig cap. Combine the wig’s hair gently with a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles.

Step 2: Put the wig under lukewarm water, soaking it thoroughly. Lather the wig’s hair with a small amount of wig shampoo. Make sure the hair is all running in the same direction. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water to entirely remove the shampoo.

Step 3: Lay the wig flat on a towel and gently pat it dry, removing excess water. Spray a leave-in conditioner into the wig’s hair. Concentrate the conditioner near the hair tips, where hair gets tangled most often. After conditioning the hair, hang it on a wig stand to air-dry.

Can I bleach or dye my wig?

Yes, our wigs can be bleached or dyed just as freely as our natural hair. But only do it sometimes, as human hair does get damaged by excess styling, dyeing, or bleaching.If your clients like experimenting with different hair colors, a virgin hair wig is better.

Can I curl or straighten my wig?

Yes, absolutely. You can curl or straighten all our human hair wigs. The human hair wigs are made of natural human hair. It’s okay if you do it sparingly. We also offer pre-perm or pre-styling services. That’s to perm the hair into your desired curls or coils before shipping.

How to detangle a matted wig

Detangling a matted wig is a crucial part of hair maintenance. Here are the steps:
Step 1: Brush the hair gently with a wide-toothed comb. Starting from the tips, work your way up toward the roots.

Step 2: Apply wig conditioner evenly over the wig and leave it in for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Prepare a tub of lukewarm water (30–40 °C). Pour some conditioner into the water and let it dissolve as much as possible. Lather it gently. Soak the hairpiece in the water with the underside of the base up for 5–6 minutes.

Step 4. Lift the bottom part of the net and stroke the ends of the hair (Do not move the roots of the hair), then prepare another tub of water to rinse the wig thoroughly.

Step 5. Apply some wig conditioner again, and gently comb the hair as you did. Then soak the wig in water for 10 minutes with the underside up. Rinse off the conditioner while combing (no need to wash it thoroughly and cleanly, as long as the hair is no longer slippery).

Step 6. Wrap the wig with a towel to absorb the excess water and comb the hair gently until there are no more tangles.

Step 7. Apply elastin cream to the hair evenly with your hand while grabbing the tips, and let the hair air dry.

Why is my wig shedding? What should I do?

Wig shedding typically happens in two ways: hair falling from the base, meaning the complete hair strand from tip to root falls off the base, and you lose one hair. Another way is that the hair shaft breaks from the middle, and the part near the root remains attached to the base.

1.    Hair ultimately falls from the base:
a. Holes on the base can swell bigger when washing with hot water, or it gets wet, making the hair much easier to be pulled off. Please use warm or cold water when washing it, and never pull the hair when wet.

b. Hair is more likely to get off when you apply silicone-based shampoo or conditioner directly on the base. Avoid using silicone-based hair products on the wig base. Only shampoo or condition the hair strand if possible.

c. V-looped and injected hair is much easier to get off than other ventilating techniques. Wigs made with techniques like single split knots, single flat knots, and double flat knots are less likely to shed.
2.    Hair shaft breaks from the middle:
a.    Excessive hair processing: Processes like dyeing, perming, and heating will lead to brittle hair shafts and be susceptible to breakage. Bleaching hair wigs can be particularly damaging, as the chemicals in the bleach strip the hair of its natural moisture. We should limit the use of heat-styling tools like curling irons and straighteners.

b.    Hair types contribute to hair breakage: The type of hair used to make the wigs also contributes to hair breakage. Chinese hair is typically the most robust and least susceptible to hair breakage. Indian hair is softer than Chinese, and European hair is the thinnest and most fragile on the planet. Virgin hair is any hair that hasn’t been processed and can resist fairly heavy styling.

c.    Other reasons for hair breakage include frequent hair tangling and friction that weakens hair strands over time.

We offer repair service if you need to add new hair to your old wig. Click to contact us.

Human Hair Wig Wholesale

What wholesale human hair wigs do you guys offer at Newtimes Hair?

Newtimes Hair offers different types of wholesale human hair wigs for women, including medical wigs, Jewish wigs, monofilament wigs, silk-top wigs, monofilament wigs, silk-top wigs,  lace front wigs for white women and black women, and more.

Whether you are a wholesale human hair wigs distributor, wholesaler, wig store owner, or a private hairstylist, you will find your ideal hair wigs at factory-direct prices at Newtimes Hair. We are the ones who help meet your clients’ preferences and keep your business competitive.

Is Newtimes Hair an original manufacturer or a vendor of human hair wigs?

Newtime Hair is an original wig manufacturer. We have a factory of our own. We are also a wholesale human hair wig distributor. From production to shipping, we manage everything. We have worked in the wholesale wigs industry for over a decade. You can trust us as q supplier for your hair business!

Newtimes Hair eliminates all go-betweens, so our client will save heaps by purchasing directly online from the manufacturer. Our clients include wig distributors, wholesalers, retailers, salons, and hairstylists. We offer exclusive wholesale discounts for bulk human hair wigs to reduce all possible costs. So you can stay competitive.

Click here for more details about Newtimes Hair.

How do I join Newtimes Hair’s wholesale wigs program?

Take easy steps to start with our wholesale human hair wigs program and get our wholesale price.

Step 1: Fill out the wholesale application form.
Step 2: Our staff will review and approve your application, set up a wholesale account, and send you your account details.
Step 3: Log into your account with the details we provided, and you can start ordering with our exclusive wholesale prices for bulk orders.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our website is multi-functional. You can purchase any single item at a retail price, just like you do any e-commerce store, and there’s no MOQ requirement.

To get a wholesale price, the MOQ is only three pcs. Then you can still purchase online and checkout at any online store, and our website system will work out a discounted final price for you. Fill out a wholesale wigs application form to apply.

What are the benefits of ordering wholesale wigs from Newtimes Hair?

At Newtimes Hair, we pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable wig manufacturers and vendors. Having been provided wigs and hairpieces for hair businesses all over the world for more than a decade, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, setting us apart from the rest.

Premium Quality
As a professional human hair wig manufacturer, Newtimes Hair only uses top-of-the-line human hair to make all our hairpieces for all our clients, ensuring a natural-looking, lustrous, and silky smooth.
All materials for making hairpiece bases are carefully sourced from ethical European suppliers. All hairpieces from Newtimes Hair are nothing short of classic pieces.

A large variety of choices
Newtimes Hair offers a wide selection of wigs in different bases, lengths, and colors. Be it a stock or custom human hair wigs, all your customers’ needs to fix hair loss or get a makeover are fulfilled.

Highly competitive wholesale prices
As a reliable supplier to the predominant distributors and retailers in the US and European markets, Newtimes Hair offers the most value-for-money products. You can save more by applying for our wholesale account. Newtimes Hair combines quality and price in one. By providing affordable products, we can reach more women struggling with hair loss or thinning around the globe.

30-day money-back guarantee
We prioritize client satisfaction above everything. Newtimes Hair offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all our stock items. Click to check our return policy.


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June Chen

Sales representative


June is detail-oriented, excellent at simplifying complex issues, making them understandable to all our clients, particularly those new to our services and products or unfamiliar with China.

Originally from Weifang, China, known as the hometown of kites, June moved to Qingdao in search of a better work-life balance. This has been her first job ever since. Over the years working at Newtimes Hair, she has cultivated a friendly demeanor and a sense of humor. June considers Newtimes Hair her second home, a place where she invests her passion wholeheartedly.

Her role extends beyond just solving problems; June acts as a bridge between our team and our clients, embodying our commitment to impeccable customer service.

● What hobbies and interests do you have?

I enjoy exercising. That’s a very important part of my life. I’m a super active person.

● Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

No, not that I know of. I’m a very realistic person. If you mention outlandish stuff like aliens, monster in the bush, I’d be out of my mind.

● What is something you would love to do in the future?

I want to learn how to swim. I know it might sound a bit sarcastic, as I just mentioned that I enjoy doing exercise. Unfortunately, swimming hasn’t been on my list. I think I better catch up on that.

● What wig would you wear if you wore one and why?

I’d give HW1 a try. It looks natural and beautiful. Though we categorize it as a medical wig, almost any female can wear it. It’s got a lace mesh base, breathable, and flexible. You don’t need glue or tape to fix it to your head. Pretty easy, and it gives you all the long hair look a girl could want.


Sherry Sui

Sales representative


Are you new to China or the hair-making industry and feeling a bit lost about where to start? Sherry is your go-to expert. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of our products and services, Sherry will help you identify the perfect product combo aligning with your business needs and client requirements.

Grew up in Yantai, and moved to Qingdao in 2015 with a medical background, Sherry’s thoughts are beyond simply selling hairpieces. She cares about the end user’s health, too. In the process of sourcing the most suitable hairpieces for your clients, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to what Sherry says in terms of scalp health and hairpiece maintenance. You can think of her as a comprehensive, yet concise hairpiece encyclopedia, equipped to offer you top-notch recommendations and ideas for exceptional customer service.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

At our end-of-year conference, my colleagues agreed that I’m a warm hearted, positive, and easy-going teammate. It gives me a sense of reward.

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I don’t like being confined in a very small space. I believe it was due to a childhood experience. When I was six years old, I accidentally tripped and fell into a shallow well. I had to wait for two hours before I was found. Since then, I’ve found I just can’t tolerate the idea of being alone. I guess that makes me an active team player.

  • You are happiest when…

This may sound boastful, but it’s true. It’s just part of my nature to help others. When I actually see that what I did for them has helped them achieve something, it just makes me excited.

  • Which mens/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

I recomend HS25V. Oftentimes I’d introduce this model to my new clients to start with, so they can introduce this to their new clients see if hair systems are what really suit them, before they carry on with lace or mono hair systems.


Winni Yu

Sales Representative


Born in Weifang, China’s kite capital, and moved to Qingdao in 2013, Winni has never looked back. Since joining Newtimes Hair, Winni has been a dynamo of efficiency and innovation. She is a problem-solver brimming with ideas and has become a vital part of our team.

From your first contact with Winni to the moment your orders are delivered, Winni ensures a smooth and exciting experience. With her at the helm, the business isn’t just easy but exhilarating, and every challenge becomes an opportunity for innovation.

Transitioning from a client developer to a retention specialist, throughout the years, Winni has successfully assisted numerous clients in solving their issues, particularly concerning product details, logistics, or custom hiccups.

  • What hobbies and interests do you have?

I’m into so many things. All the popular stuff you name: Swimming, badminton, running, all for keeping me in good shape.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

They keep calling me “pretty Winni pretty brainy.” I’d take that as a compliment. I’d say I’m generally pretty fast in term of thinking and figuring out solutions. My teammates often turn to me for help, too. And It turned out that most of the time my ideas worked for them.

  • Do you have any pet hates?

I’m a typical town girl, you know. I’m into cats and dogs. But things like snakes, all sorts of insects, and hamsters; they are not my cup of tea. So, never get them near me.

  • Which mens/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that?

Most of my clietns are after Q6. And their clients happened to be guys who are into hair systems that are durable and natural. Q6 is a pretty good pick for them. With proper care, it should easily last 6 months.


Tori Zhang

Sales Representative


Tori or Victoria to be exact, originally from Heze, brought her passion for life to Qingdao in 2016. An avid reader with a Teacher’s Qualification Certificate, Tori is known for her professional yet intriguing persona at the office.

As a quick learner, Tori always looks at customer’s needs from a tutor’s perspective. She has a sharp mind, is capable of picking up anything her client is unclear with, and offers the explanation in detail, making sure you understand it.

At Newtimes Hair, Tori thrives on the thrill of a sale, her triumphs now fueling the empowerment of her peers. Her journey at Newtimes Hair is marked by three profound words: abundant, proficient, and revolutionary.

  • Tell us an interesting fact about yourself other than your qualifications, your job.

I’m always fascinated about an exotic lifestyle. I really wish I could travel a lot, go to many different countries, and try their local gourmet food, and get in touch with the locals to actually have a feel of their culture.

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I’m always afaid of heights. With any tall buildings, be it a chimney or TV tower, I look at it, and imagine I’m looking down right from the top, it will give me sweaty palms.

  • Do you have any pet hates?

Not at all. I generally love all pets. Dog, cats, guinea pigs, rabits, etc. I love them.

  • Do you have a favourite quote?

When you feel tired,it means you are walking uphill. I believe this quote as a truth that gives me a lift whenever I’m down. I believe there’s no gain without pain. Without trying, we can’t achieve anything.

  • Which men’s/women’s hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

With me personally, the best-selling hair system has been HS1. It has what it’s required out of a good quality hair system, in terms of a natural-looking hairline, undetectable scalp, etc. Most wearers and salon owners are familiar with it. Plus, all our clients have faith in the quality of this hair system. According to their feedback, this is an easy-to-attach, easy-to-maintain hair system for both men and women.


Ivan Mu

Sales representative


Born and raised in a quiet town named Binzhou, China, where the Yellow River whispers its final secrets to the ocean. Ivan’s life was set to transform in ways he could hardly imagine. After completing college in Qingdao, young Ivan little knew that this vibrant coastal city would capture his heart and chart a new course in his life.

Ivan joined Newtimes Hair in mid-2022 soon after his graduation from his master’s. As a trilingual and someone with a professional understanding of Western cultures, Ivan plays a critical role in establishing customer relations in the US and Europe. His approachable nature and a mind of precision make him an invaluable asset to the team.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

I eardrop, and I hear them talking about me. I’m optimistic, proactive, and very friendly, and eager to help.

  • What is something you would love to do in the future?

I love basketball. And I’m a basketball freak. You can call me that. That’s just me. I’m looking at organizing a basketball team in the near future. 

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I don’t know why I share the same gene with Doraemon. I’m scared of rats. I’m a 6’3″, but I hate rats; seeing one really freaks me out.

  • Which men/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

New Australia. When it first came out in early 2023, it made me top of sales. I think most wearers like it because at the design statge, our experts considered all possible aspects people could want from a hairpiece, such as a natural look, a level of comfort, and affordablity; it’s similar to lace, but most wearers can afford.