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At NewTimes Hair, we offer an extensive selection of wigs for women. From women’s human hair wigs that can be styled and treated exactly like the consumers natural hair, to synthetic women’s wigs. Synthetic wigs offer easy care and greater wearability for superior value. However, the choice depends on your client’s requirements. Regardless of which type of hair wigs for women you select, quality is always assured.

As the needs of every woman are unique, we ensure the women’s wigs we offer are too. With women’s toupees and toppers and a variety of other special hairpieces for women, we partner with your business to help those who are experiencing hair loss. We also carry hair extensions for those looking for a longer, fuller look and more body. The natural look and feel of human hair wigs deliver the kind of soft, touchable experience that many wearers are searching for. Our wide selection of real human hair wigs for women offer that and more with numerous colours and textures available to choose from. Our women’s wigs and hairpieces are made to suit almost any style or personal preference your clients may require.

What is best things about purchasing hairpieces for women from a reputable wholesale wig suppliers like NewTimes Hair? The option to get the hairpieces customized! We offer numerous customization options, including 360-degree lacing for a perfect fit and completely customized hair replacement systems. We can create a custom solution for whatever concerns a customer has.

Our women’s wigs and hairpieces are all fully customizable and available in a wide range of colours and textures, including the natural look and feel of women’s human hair wigs. These wigs can be created using European, African, Chinese or Indian hair. They deliver the most authentic look and texture possible for each consumer’s needs.

We also offer a hair duplication service. Simply send in a sample of the hair your client would like to get duplicated and we can create an entire hairpiece for you from this sample. This makes replacing a damaged or worn hairpiece simple and stress-free.

What sets our women’s wigs apart? Our attention to detail and the wide range of styles and fit systems available in our wigs for women is one of the features of our products. The fact that you can incorporate any of those systems into fully customized hair wigs for women, is something your customers are sure to love even more!

The availability of human hair wigs in numerous colours, lengths, and textures is another attractive feature we offer. If you’re looking for variety and the ability to customize the buying experience, you need not look any further! Contact us.

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