Hair Direction Options for Your Reference

It is important to know what hairstyle the users want for their hair systems. Choosing the right hair direction matters significantly in allowing them to appear as fashionable and stylish as they wish.

Here are some options:

As the only option that allows you to change the direction and parting at will, this is the most versatile and flexible hairstyle out of all options.
Forward Pomp / Brush Back
This is a hairstyle that is knotted forward and brushed back at the front to give that volume. For people who love that Elvis look, this hairstyle is the best choice!
Flat Back
The hair is knotted in one direction and lays extremely flat on the unit, going in a backwards position. There is no volume at all and does not flow freely like Forward Pomp.
Center Part
It is a hairstyle featuring a subtly pronounced parting down the middle of the scalp.
Left Part
This is another popular hairstyle for people to appear stylish.
Right Part
Opposite of Left Part.
Left Break
With an indefinite parting that is covered by hair, it is very similar to Left Part.
Right Break
Opposite of Left Break.
Left Crown
It features a pronounced crown to the left of the scalp with the hair flowing outwards.
Right Crown
Opposite of Left Crown.
Center Crown
It has a pronounced crown right down the middle of the scalp.

Things to take note of: 

If your customers prefer a parting, then Left Part/Break or Right Part/Break is recommended as we usually add more hair to the parting area to make it appear natural.

If your customers want Freestyle, then please tell us where they want the parting to be located so we will add more hair to it to increase its naturalness.