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Having been dedicated to the men's hairpieces wholesale business for more than a decade, New Times Hair always strives to offer top class men's hair systems as one of the leading men's hair pieces manufacturers in the world. We have a wide range of highly recognized men's stock hair systems available to meet your needs the way you ever wanted!

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Mens Hair System

You will get the ideal materials for a hair system for men when patronizing Newtimes Hair. Hair replacement pros won't have to worry about getting products for their best hair replacement for men. More men are turning to hair replacement without expensive and painful surgery, choosing options that will stay in place all day long. Browse through our collection of top-quality mens hair replacement system. Modern hair replacement systems offer natural-looking volume and a very simple procedure. Movement, and style from foundation to a naturally styled finished product. Consider your client's specific needs while browsing through our Men's hair system options.
  • Experiment With Different Looks

  • Nobody needs to have thinning hair to want to try out a new look. Modern hair replacement for men can change one's look as easily as working with a new topper, extensions, or a full hairpiece. They are easy to attach to existing human hair too. That, along with a comfortable and secure fit, makes these hair enhancers the right choice for even active lifestyles. Many people have fine or thinning hair, but with a custom hair system, there will be no worries related to their appearance anymore. With custom pieces that add height and color to hair, finding the right hair enhancer will be easier for your customers.

  • Check Out Our Prices

  • Our inventory offers a slew of hair pieces that are ideal for any situation whether for thinning hair or dealing with hair loss. Take a gander at our discount prices. If your firm supplies custom-made hair wigs and toupees, we are the best one-stop-shop for all your requirements. We replenish our inventory regularly so that hair replacement services can shop without worrying that the pieces required are out of stock.

  • Custom Mens Hair System

  • We have the resources to provide the best materials for a custom hair replacement systems for men in the market. Our team of experienced and skilled workers puts together top-of-the-line workmanship and expertise. With over 50 professionals who work together to ensure excellent materials for custom hair replacement systems, your company won't need to worry so much about getting second-rate or poorly made options.

    Our designs and products provide premium wares manufactured and delivered through our team dedication and skills. Our commitment to getting the best hair replacement materials solutions doesn't stop there, though. We continue to develop new and better technologies that can provide hair replacement professionals with the range of custom products they need. We understand the importance of providing hair enhancers and hair pieces that meet the criteria of your clients. That's why we continue to provide hair professionals with the best products, from competitive prices on our best-sellers, quick delivery turn-around times on your orders, a fully stocked inventory, and more.

What we offer

Our product lineup includes the following: stock hair systems, lace systems, lace front hair systems, mono systems and silk top systems. We also offer skin hair systems and a full cap wig.
  • Stock hair systems

  • Our stock hair systems come in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures. Shop for choices to find out if these are a good match for your business. The excellent quality of our hairpieces is just one of the reasons why our products stand out from a lot of items on the market. We offer hair systems that are ultra-light and comfortable to wear all day, even when physically active at work or sport.

  • Lace Systems

  • We offer hair replacement products that are customizable depending on the fit and shape of any head. Custom-fitted hair systems can be made so ultra-light that they feel just like natural hair. Our lace hair replacement systems also offer all-weather comfort with their light, soft, and nearly barely-there quality. With natural-looking and breathable French lace and Swiss lace products, we can get you custom made options that will ensure your clients' comfort.

  • Lace Front Hair Systems

  • For natural-looking hair, check out the lace front hair systems option. Our lineup of mens hair systems provides professionals with the best lace replacement products that meet the highest quality standards. Whether looking for products that come with a lace front, mono with lace front or PU with a lace front, check our inventory, stocked with a variety of options.

  • Mono Systems

  • Our monofilament hair systems are not only strong and durable, but they also come with excellent texture and softness. With the designs we offer, we can provide hair professionals with hairpieces that make a massive difference in the way they look. These mono custom hair systems are quite durable. If you want to give your clients durable, premium materials and hair systems that can last for a long time, as well as hold a bigger density, then this is the perfect hair replacement system for men.

  • Silk Top Systems

  • More and more men are choosing high-quality hair replacement systems over expensive surgeries. Silk Top Systems are one of the most popular natural looking choices out there. Lightweight, comfortable, durable, and perfect for everyday use, the silk top makes a perfect base for custom crafted hair replacement pieces. Silk tops don't have a knot on the base, so the hair seems to look like growing straight from the real scalp. That's one of the reasons why this hair replacement product commands premium rates because the technique is far more complicated. It can also give your clients a more natural and realistic-looking hairline.

  • Skin Hair Systems

  • Get the transparent and durable hair replacement system that's tough enough for a triathlon. Our inventory carries thin skin hair systems that are easy to glue and clean, so clients have fewer worries about their hair replacement. Swimming, running, or working at a physically demanding job, nothing stops this kind of hair system, and it still looks great! Shop around our ultra-thin skin hair systems for men.

  • Full Cap Wig

  • For a realistic-looking hair solution, we offer a roundup of options for full cap hair wigs. Our team of professionals knows how to provide hair replacement pros with top-shelf supplies for their client's needs. We can design caps to follow the shape of any head to ensure that it suits the client's needs. Full cap wigs are worn for many reasons from cultural to replace hair lost to illness or to chemotherapy. Make the best quality wigs with our full caps always in stock.

Why Choose NewTimes Hair

Newtimes Hair provides professionals with products that more than meet industry standards for men's hairpieces. Look for stand-out options from our inventory. We offer base designs and stock hairpieces ready for shipment. Whether a customer is looking for synthetic hair products or human hair options, we have more than enough to provide men's hairpieces manufacturers with the quality and service they need to succeed.
  • Customization Option

  • The quality of our professional hairpiece products are well-known, and bases can be custom made to order whether it's a lace-front, full wig base, mono or skin base. We can design anything our customers need. This flexibility and service is just one of the reasons why our products are exported to both European and American markets.

  • Professional Services.

  • Our team prides itself on providing customers with the best services possible. If your customer wants changes in the design or prefers a different color, length or texture, don't be afraid to talk to us. We can talk it out and provide suggestions to ensure that your client gets the hair product that's perfect in every way that counts.

  • At our Hair Replacement Factory Always Receive.

  • Hair replacement surgery is expensive, there's a long recuperation period, and even if a patient does everything right, there is no guarantee the transplants or grafts will take and thrive. The grow-in period leaves many looking like the head of a plastic doll. Many men with thinning hair or early balding choose to use men's hair systems to restore their hairline without pain, expense, and disappointment.

    A professionally made men's hair replacement system looks and moves naturally, and restores the wearer's confidence. The hairpiece remains in place through sports or physically active jobs and is easy to care for and style. Using top-shelf products to create a custom hair replacement ensures the client's satisfaction with the final product, and return business after the lifetime of the hairpiece. Use the best to be the best, and watch your business grow.


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