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The male population suffering from hair loss is on the rise. Hair systems for men are an instant, safe, non-invasive, and affordable solution to male pattern hair loss. New Times Hair has more than ten years of experience and is becoming one of the leading hair system manufacturers in the hairpiece industry. We only manufacture top-of-the-line men’s hair replacement using premium human hair from ethical sources. Quality combined with affordable prices is never a slogan. It is a reality that New Times Hair values the most. 100% premium human hair and a 6-stage quality check are non-negotiable.
Many salon owners and local hair vendors from around the globe have endorsed our hair replacement systems. Thousands of end-users appreciate our men’s hair systems for quality, comfortability, durability, and a natural look. With the help of New Times Hair, you can start a hair business from scratch. Source hair replacement for men from New Times Hair, and be competitive!

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What are “hair systems for men”?

Hair systems for men are also known as toupees, non-surgical hair replacement systems, hair replacements, man weaves, hairpieces, glue-on hair, partial wigs, hair replacement for men, etc.

Hair systems for men are glue-on hair worn to cover a bald spot on the scalp. They are a painless, non-surgical, and easy-to-apply method of hair loss solutions. Hair systems for men are the most straightforward solution for people with hair loss or alopecia.

Is the hair system for men permanent?

Toupees or hair systems for men are semi-permanent glue-on hair. They will not stay on forever. Hair replacement systems for men should be touched weekly, removed, and reattached monthly.

Most men’s hair pieces have a lifespan varying from a month to a year based on different base materials.

Hair transplant vs. hair systems men, which one is better?

Both hair transplants and hair systems have pros and cons. There is no such thing called the better. Only what suits the person’s needs is the best.


Hair System

Hair Transplant

Cover the Baldness

No Side Effects or Scars

No Pain or Bleeding Involved

Immediate Results

You Can Control the Final Look

Permenant Solution

Work for Everyone

One Time Procedure

Hair transplants are meant to be a permanent hair loss solution but are expensive and risk-taking, and even if you can afford it, your hair may not be fit for it. If your hair is unsuitable for a hair transplant and you don’t want to take the risk, a hair system will be your ultimate solution.

What hair material do you use to make hair systems for men?

New Times Hair mainly uses premium human hair for our men’s hair systems. They are all from ethical donors worldwide. We also use synthetic hair and yak hair for grey color hair.

Human hair

Indian hair

The most common and popular choice we have as it’s very soft and smooth, highly adaptable to color and texture processing. Excellent value for money.

Indian remy hair

Top-class human hair, super soft and silky. All the hair runs in the same direction, usually used in producing high-end hair systems.

Chinese virgin hair

Super strong and straight, can withstand heavy processing without degrading the hair quality. Very sleek with low luster.

European hair

The finest and softest hair material available. Non-processed virgin hair with all cuticles intact and hair heading the same direction. Vulnerable to breakage though.

Synthetic hair

The most common type of artificial hair as it is extremely resistant to oxidation and color change. The best option for gray colors. Very sensitive to friction though.


Stronger and harder than human hair with shinier color tone.

What are the best hair systems for men?

There don’t exist the so-called best hair systems for men. The most expensive men’s hair pieces don’t mean they are the best. Only items that meet the needs of the wearer are the best.
If we must recommend one, then we would like to recommend HS1V 0.06mm thin skin hair system. It is our bestseller and the most cost-efficient hair system for men. 100% premium human hair is used. It goes in and out of the base in v-loops, making the roots knotless and restoring natural hairlines and parts.
The 0.06-mm poly base melts into the scalp and is durable and ideal for new wearers. With proper care, it can easily last 2-3 months. Numerous hair colors are available in stock.
For more recommendations, refer to our article: What Is a Toupee and Find the List of the Top 10 Toupees for Men

What are the different types of hair systems for men?

Based on different base materials, there are skin hair systems, lace hair systems, mono hair systems, and silk top hair systems for men.

And based on the size it covers the head, there are crown hair systems, front partial hair systems, and full cap hair systems for men.

With each hair unit, you can choose different features, like hair quality, density, length, curves, etc.

Lace hair systems: The base material is made of French lace. Lace material looks the most natural and breathable and melts seamlessly into the wearer’s scalp, looking the most real. Ideal for wearers vacationing in hot weather.

Skin hair systems: The skin base is made of thin translucent polymer resembling our epidermis, hence the name “skin base.” The most popular thickness is 0.05–0.08 mm. Skin hair systems are clingy and easy to maintain, making them ideal for new hair system wearers and sports lovers. The hair is injected or v-looped to the base to present a knotless, real-looking hairline.

Mono hair systems: Mono, or monofilament, is the most durable material for hair system bases. The hair system can be used for over a year with proper care. Like lace hair systems, hair usually gets attached to the mono base in double-split knots, which will never come off. But mono bases generally have a poly perimeter to strengthen them.

Silk top hair systems: Silk tops cost slightly more than all other men’s hair systems. Usually, the base consists of two layers. The bottom layer is generally mono (sometimes skin or lace), and the silk material lies on top of the bottom layer. We attach the hair to the bottom layer in double or double-split knots and thread it through the top layer. It creates the illusion that hair grows from the wearer’s natural scalp. They are only for our custom orders.

Full-cap hair systems: Also called “full-cap” wigs, they are men’s hairpieces covering the entire scalp, unlike toupees. Full-cap wigs have all sorts of bases, including skin, lace, mono, or hybrid (a particular design that combines two or more of these materials in various structures). Some full-cap wigs also have a silicone base with silicone strips inlaid on the underside of the base to prevent slipping. Full-cap hair systems are also for custom orders only. at New Times Hair
Crown hair systems: Crown hair systems are also known as hair toppers. They cover only the top of the crown area. It covers only the top of the head and costs less than standard hair systems. It’s an economical option for wearers who only have hair loss on the tops of their heads.

Partial frontal hair pieces for men: Frontals cover only the front part of the scalp. They are mainly designed to fill in the receding hairline. It’s an economical option for wearers whose hairline is receding. Old hair systems can also be cut into smaller pieces and used as partial frontals.

Afro-man weave unit: Afro-man weave units are the hair systems that have their hair particularly permed for the African hair type. We see that African hair is usually kinky. We put the hair system into the kinky African style before shipping them.

Which one should I choose between a stock and a custom hair system?

Stock hair systems for men are designed for immediate shipment, whereas custom ones are made for customers who want a more precise fit. Both of them have their pros and cons.

Stocks Hair Sysems

Custom Hair Sysems


Available for shippment

Exact fit


Manufactured exact as you wish

Easy returns


Might not fit everyone

Longer wait times

Cannot be returned

More expensive

Stock Hair System Pros
You don’t have to wait long: Stock hair systems for men are finished products like those on the shelf. You go to the shop, pick one, and pay for it; that’s it. When you place the order, we will immediately ship it to you. They should usually arrive in 10 working days.  
Affordability: Stock hair systems are usually cheaper than custom-made ones. Each unit takes much less time to produce as they are made in bulk.
Higher quality consistency: Stock hair systems are made through a batch process. Their overall quality remains reasonably consistent. 
Easy returns: Stock items enjoy the benefits of our return policies. We provide refund or exchanges for products with quality issues.
Stock Hair System Cons
May not fit perfectly: As stock men’s hairpieces are made in bulk, the same batch of stock hair systems usually has a same size, shape, color, etc. So that they may only fit to most wearer but not every wearer.
Custom-made Hair System Pros
Specific needs met: Custom-made men’s hairpieces are for wearers who hunger for a system that fits them 100%. With custom-made options, the wearer can choose the exact size, shape, hair density, style, color, etc., for a perfect fit.
Custom features the wearer requires: Some wearers may also request specific features to be added that are vital to them. For example, some wearers may ask the base to be designed for easy attachment. Some may request the base to be a particular material for max comfort.
Custom-made Hair System Cons
Expensive: Custom-made hair systems for men generally cost significantly more than stock hair systems, as they take longer to process all particular customers’ specifics.
Longer to wait: You have to wait for a long production time for custom orders. From the moment the you places an order to the moment you receives the finished product is around 6 to 7 weeks.  
Can’t be returned: Our return policy doesn’t apply to custom-made hair systems, only stock hair systems.  
Overall, stock hair systems are recommended. But suppose you or your client wants specific details added to the hair system for fine-tuned features that are important to them. In that case, custom-made hair systems for men are the best option. 

How do hair pieces for men stay on the scalp?

You can use hair system tapes, glue, or both to adhere the hair system to the scalp. You can also choose them with different longevity based on how long you want the hair system stays. Generally, most tapes or adhesives can last from a week to a month.

How do you install men’s hair systems?

To make the hair system look natural on the head, it’s vital to learn how to properly install hair pieces for men. Follow our instructions on men’s hair pieces installation to learn everything in detail.

Step 1. Shave and clean the hair thinning hair that needs to be covered.
Step 2. Prepare the head for installation.
Step 3. Apply tape/glue.
Step 4. Apply the hair system.
Step 5. Cut the base to your size if necessary.
Step 6. Haircutting and styling.

How long does the hair pieces for men last?

The average lifespan of hair pieces for men is around three months. But based on different base materials, their lifespan may vary a lot. You should check the product specifications for the lifespan of each unit. You can also refer to the lifespan chart below.

Base Material


Skin 0.03mm

Around 4 Weeks

Skin 0.06mm

2-3 Months

Skin 0.08mm

3-4 Months

Skin 0.1mm

3-6 Months

Swiss Lace

1-2 Months

French Lace

3-4 Months


6-12 Months

Why do your clients need at least two hair systems?

For men’s hair pieces wearers, it is essential to have a backup system at all times. For most wearers, a hair system is worn daily. Men’s hair replacement systems may accidentally break or tear with a daily wearing routine, weekly touchups, and monthly maintenance. When that happens, a backup hair system can help you out. Thus we recommend each wearer keep more than one hair system. Wear one, and keep the other(s) as a backup.

How do you maintain men’s hair systems?

After the first fitting of the men’s hair replacement system at salon, wearers needs to maintain the hair systems every 3-4 weeks. They can choose to do it back to the salon or at home.

Monthly maintainning men’s hair systems is mainly about taking the hairpiece off, cleaning the scalp and the hairpiece, and then reattaching the hairpiece. You can find our detailed tutorial in this blog:  Hair System Removal and Scalp Cleaning

What’ more, properly maintainance of men’s hair replacement in everyday use is also essential in keeping the system last longer. Here are some tips to take care of the men’s hair system in everyday life.

Have more than one hair hair system——To prolong a hair system’s lifespan, we suggest that users have more than one, so it can be easy to rotate as much as possible to avoid heavy wear.

Don’t overuse the hairdryer ——Excessive heat can hurt the hair, making make the hair dry and delicate. So when blow drying the hair system, use warm or cold air only.

Use products specifically for hair systems ——Hair system may easily get dry as they don’t get the moisture from the scalp like natural hair. Choose a sulfate-free hydrated shampoo and hair conditioner or leave-in to moisturize the hair system.

Do not wash the hair systems too frequently——Wash the hair system every one to two weeks or even less.

How to find men’s hair pieces for sale?

To find men’s hair pieces for sale, click on our clearance page or check with our customer service for our latest sale.

Is New Times Hair an original hair system manufacturer or a wholesale men’s hair systems supplier?

New Time Hair is an original men’s hair pieces manufacturer. We have a hair system factory of over 4,000 square meters.

Besides, we are also a toupee company that wholesale and distribute hair systems and take care of everything from production to shipping.

We’ve been in men’s toupee wholesale business for over ten years. During these years, we have pertnered with hair businesses worldwide to help them incresae revenue and gained endless loyal customers. You can trust us as your reliable wholesale toupee supplier.

At New Times Hair, we’re eliminating the middleman and empowering hair business owners and resellers, including hair system distributors, hair system wholesalers, hair system retailers, hair salons, hairstylists, and clinics, to buy wholesale men’s hair systems online directly from the manufacturer.

At New Times Hair, we offer a special discount to wholesale customers who buy hair systems in bulk. This keeps your business costs low, so you can stay competitive.

Click to learn more about New Times Hair.

What is your minimum order quantity?

There is no MOQ to buy hair systems on our site at retail price.

However, to enjoy our low wholesale price for hair systems, the MOQ is three pcs.

Fill out our wholesale hair systems application form to apply.


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