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To make every measurement as accurate as possible so that we can construct a complete wig which fits your head the best, we strongly recommend you read the ‘How to measure” page of our website. This is considerably important as doing so can help both of us to avoid measurement misunderstanding and thus save time going through this issue back and forth.


Here below is a universal "How To Measure" sketch showing the measure method for each point.  Using a flexible ruler and following the guide below, you will be able to calculate each measurement without any difficulty by yourself!


full wig measurements


1. Circumference

This measures the distance around your head. Starting at the center of the front hairline, place the tape flat against your head, going just above the ear towards the back of the head, keep the tape at the nape of your neck and go around to the opposite side of your head, just above the opposite ear and return to the center of the front hairline.


Important hints:

Before you start to measure, we recommend styling your hair like it would be under a wig, so it can lay flat. To achieve the best results it is recommended to either braid the hair straight back in flat cornrows, to braid in a flat beehive, or to wrap it flat back. Get the hair as flat and as tight as possible. This will eliminate bulges that distort head contours. We take measurements in whole and half inches so please round your measurements up not down. Example: 12 3/4 should be rounded up to 13 and 12 1/4 should be rounded up to 12 1/2.


 2. Front to back

Place the tape at the center of your front hairline, measure directly across the middle top of your head to the nape of your neck.

To determine where the nape of your neck is, tilt your head back and look up. Where your neck bends and where you may even have developed a skin fold, is where your nape is. You want the bottom of the wig to sit right above this area so that when you do tilt your head back that far, your wig will not shift on your head. This area is often right at the occipital bone, but be sure to take the measurement with your neck bent down so that you are looking at your shoes.


Useful suggestion:

If you still have existing hair on your forehead and nape, keep in mind that your cap is glued to the outside perimeter of your natural hairline in these both areas. Then ADD 1 inch to the measurement results. This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not add the inch, your wig will be too small and will not be able to be glued in front of your hairline.

If you are bald or do not have a hair line – you do not need to add the inch – simply put the tape measure where you would like your hairline to begin with the wig, and then just fill the actual measurement result into the form.


3. Ear to ear over forehead

Place the tape at your temple, just in front of your ear, measure from your hairline at the base of the sideburn, go up across the hair line along the forehead to the same point in front of the opposite ear. This measures your temple to temple length over the forehead.


4. Temple to temple

Place the tape at the bottom edge of the sideburn in front of your ear and go directly across the top of head to the bottom edge of the opposite sideburn.


5. Ear to ear over top of head

Place the tape from the hairline edge at the top of your ear and go directly across the top of your head to the hairline edge at the top of the opposite ear.


6. Temple to temple over back of head

Place the tape against your head at front edge of the hairline (temple area), go around the head above the occipital bone to the opposite front edge of the hairline (the opposite temple area).


7. Width of neck

This measures the width of hairline across the nape of the neck.


Place the tape at the lowest point on the bone behind your ear (mastoid bone) and measure across the neck to the opposite mastoid bone.


Finally, mark down your measurement on the order from. That is it.


During your measuring process, if you experience any difficulties or have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via, we are more than happy to assist you.