How to wear toupee? Tape or Glue?
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How to wear  toupee?  Tape or Glue?

Toupee is the best choice for the customer who loss  hair. But do you know how to wear it correctly?  Yes, you can use tape or adhesive.

Tape and adhesive  can be used on all base style, just like lace base, thin skin base.

But when you use adhesive on the lace base, the adhesive can’t be smeared directly on the lace. It will be not so easy to be cleared.  You can add the tape on the lace first then smeared the adhesive on the tape.  Also smeared the adhesive on scalp to make the toupee more strong.

If you don’t wear toupee for a long time,  tape is the best choice. It’s easy to stick and easy to take off. You can use it directly on the base and scalp.

Hope my advice can give you help.

Any other questions pls contact Newtimes Hair anytime.

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