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Sell Hair Systems with

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Our Hair Dropship Program helps you build your hair brand and
grow your hair business with ease. Even if you do not have much of an initial fund, you can start a hair business with low risk.


What Is Dropship Business?

Buy individual products from drop-shipping wholesalers and ship them directly to your customer under your own name.

Box-icon   No inventory costs

Box-icon   Streamline the shipment process


What Are the Advantages of a Dropship Hair Business?


It makes it very easy to start your own small business.


It helps e-commerce businesses run more efficiently without the additional costs of inventory, logistics, packaging, and staff.


It will drastically reduce your operating costs and so increase your profits.


Why Choose New Times Hair to Start Dropshipping Hair?


A variety of high-quality products


Best wholesale prices available


Fast and efficient shipping


Ship worldwide


One-on-one customer service


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How does the Drop Shipping Program Work?

Dropshipping cooperation policies are as follows:
1. An upfront $299 deposit is required for those primarily seeking product pictures instead of products. There will be a binding contract indicating that New Times Hair is the only product supplier of your business whenever you receive any orders from your customers. New Times Hair will provide you with the high-resolution product pictures and their recommended retail prices. The deposit will be refunded in full after 6 months starting the day the contract is signed.
2. Free product pictures can only be provided for those who have wholesaled from New Times Hair on a regular basis.
3. For those who have only bought sample items from us but have not placed large-quantity orders, only product pictures of the sample items purchased can be provided.

The drop-shipping business model is simple. You need to set up an online store first. Once your customer purchases an item, you can forward the order to New Times Hair, and we will send the product directly to your customer. New Times Hair won’t be mentioned in the package, and no logo or contact information will exist.

Check out our guide on how to start a hair business to find out more.

Ready to Start Dropship Hair Business?

Do you want to sell hair without the cost of inventory? Are you interested in making extra income at home in your spare time?
This program is all you were looking for to start a hair business. Simply complete the form below, and we will get back to you very soon.

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Ready to Start a Dropship Business?

Want to sell hair without the cost of inventory? Simply complete the form below, and we will get back to you very soon.

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