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AFRO BUZZ CUT is Available Now For All Stock Hair Systems. It Only Takes $40 for Hair Perming and Cutting.

Source quality hair unit with confidence from the reputable man weave unit wholesale supplier! New Times Hair offers wholesale man weave units, commonly referred to as afro curl hair units,  to help African men who’ve lost their natural hair — be it through just balding or thinning, health treatments, or alopecia, regain the look and youthfulness they used to enjoy. Our man weave unit is designed to look completely natural with a variety of length options beginning at 4mm. All of our stock toupees, whether its skin or lace base, can be freshly permed to afro curls in 0.04mm, 0.06mm, and 0.08mm. Because this process requires an added step, you can expect your delivery within 10 days after ordering. As a professional wholesale men’s weave hair unit supplier, we can also custom hair units according to your customer’s needs.

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What is a man weave unit?

A man weave unit, also known as a hair unit for afro or an African American male toupee, is a modern hair restoration solution designed for men who are suffering hair loss or thinning, or for those who are looking for Afro-textured hairstyles. The man weave unit’s hair is curled into thousands of very tight, thick curls, forming a completely uniform circle. At New Times Hair, our man weave unit wholesale is made of high-quality Chinese hair, which is strong and thick enough to make these kinds of curls.

How long does the man weave unit last?

Typically speaking, the hair units for men could last from a month to a year, depending on how the wearer maintains it.

Typically, mono base man weave units have the longest lifespan of up to 6-7 months, followed by lace and skin base units. 

Full French lace base man weave units can usually last around 3 months, as opposed to 2 months for full Swiss lace ones.

As for skin base man weave units, those with a thicker base generally have a longer lifespan. For example, thin skin base man weave units with a 0.03mm base can only be worn for a month or so, while 0.1mm skin base man weave units can last for 4 months in most cases.

How much does a man weave unit cost?

The cost of man weave unit wholesale varies considerably depending on the hair type, hair length, ventilation difficulty, etc. Generally speaking, the retail price for most man weaves price between USD $300 and $400 at New Times Hair.

Can you swim while wearing a man weave unit?

Yes, absolutely! Follow the simple tips below if your clients need to swim with a male hair unit.

Step1: Use waterproof afro hair unit tape and glue when you install the hair unit, to prevent it from falling off.

Step2: Rinse the man weave unit in freshwater before swimming to prevent chlorine or salt damage to hair.

Step3: Rinse and shampoo your afro hair toupee thoroughly after swimming to wash out excess amounts of harmful substances.

Step4: Condition the man weave unit to provide extra moisture and relieve the damaging impacts of chlorine and saltwater.

Is a man weave unit permanent?

No, a man weave unit is not a permanent solution. The hair and base will destabilize over time, but with good care and maintenance, our man weave unit wholesale can last for several months up to a year.

How does a man weave unit stay on the scalp?

Man weave unit is typically secured to the scalp by means of tape and glue. To create a stable fit, the scalp must first be shaved. Some users who do not want to shave their hair can also choose to secure it with clips.

How do you remove and clean a man weave unit?

Removing and cleaning a man weave unit properly is an important part of keeping the hair in good condition so it will last a long time. Please follow the five steps below to remove and clean the man weave unit wholesale.

Step 1: Spray the C-22 adhesive solvent on the base. Then, peel the unit gradually and carefully from the scalp. Be careful not to pull so hard that you tear the base. This step may take some time. Be patient!

Step 2: Soak the hair unit in cool water for a while to saturate it completely. NEVER use hot water!

Step 3: Place the man unit weave on a flat surface and clean off the adhesive residue. Use your hands to remove any excess residue with short, gentle strokes.

Step 4: For stubborn residue on the edges, use C-22 adhesive solvent. Brush it on with a fingernail brush to loosen the residue, then break it free.

Step 5: Wash the hair unit with shampoo to make sure all the residue has been removed. Towel it dry.

Why should I purchase wholesale man weave units from New Times Hair?

Being one of the most widely recognized men’s toupee manufacturers based in China, New Times Hair has many features that make us a top choice for your wholesale hair units and custom-made hair unit needs.

Premium material
All hair and base materials used in the production of our man weave units are carefully sourced from the most reliable and reputable suppliers, which guarantees that the man weave units you get from us are of the best quality on the market.

Large variety for your customers’ choices
At New Times Hair, we offer a wide array of black male hair units. Whether it is stock or custom man weave units, we can fulfill the specific needs of all of your customers.

Extremely competitive wholesale prices
New Times Hair is widely recognized as a leading hair system manufacturer that offers the best value-for-your-money bulk afro toupee for you. Indeed, it is very hard to find another hair replacement manufacturer that can offer such top-notch man weave unit wholesale for prices lower than ours. By offering lower prices, we want our man weave unit to reach more and more people who are struggling with hair loss and help them live better lives!

30-Day Free Return Policy
We put our reputation and client satisfaction ahead of everything. New Times Hair offers a 30-day free return policy for every order. If you want to return our man weave unit after receiving it for any legitimate reason, we will replace it for free or give you a full refund. This policy should alleviate any concerns you have regarding purchasing from overseas. You can essentially try our man weave units for the cost of the shipping fee.

Is New Times Hair an original man weave unit manufacturer or a man weave unit wholesale supplier?

New Time Hair is an original man weave unit manufacturer and factory, as well as a man weave unit wholesale distributor and supplier with complete procedures from production to shipping. With over ten years of experience in the wholesale business, you can trust us as your man weave unit wholesale supplier!

At New Times Hair, we’re eliminating the middleman and empowering hair business owners and resellers, including man weave unit distributors, man weave unit wholesalers, man weave unit retailers, hair salons, hairstylists, and clinics to buy online directly from the manufacturer.
For any customers shopping for wholesale man weave units at New Times Hair, we offer an exclusive wholesale discount for bulk orders to ensure your business costs stay low so that you can stay competitive.

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How to join New Times Hair’s wholesale man weave units program

Take the easy steps to get started with our wholesale man weave units program and view our wholesale prices for stock afro hair units and hairpieces in stock.

Step 1: Fill out our wholesale hair unit application form.
Step 2: Our team will review and approve your application and send you a registered wholesale account.
Step 3: Login in with the account we provide and you can start to buy wholesale hair systems for men online with our exclusive price for bulk orders.

What does the wholesale man weave unit process look like at New Times Hair?

Buying wholesale man weave units for men at New Times Hair is like buying anything from an ordinary e-commerce website. Once you’re a member of our wholesale hair units program, you can view the wholesale price for all of our stock man weave units and start to stock your store!

New Times Hair offers 30-day easy returns for all of our stock items, which allows you to return items that are not sold out. Our dropship service allows you to get your merchandise sent directly to your clients.

All of our terms and services save you time sourcing wholesale wigs, lower your risks of holding stock, and greatly improve your cash flow.


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