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As a wholesale toupee factory and manufacturer, New Times Hair works to address worldwide best men’s stock hair systems to solve hair loss problems and deliver a positive impact on people’s lives.

Our wide range of in-stock hair systems includes over 80,000 real toupees for both men and women. Choose from 40+ different men’s stock hair systems models in 50+ colors.

All of our men’s stock hair systems are ready for immediate delivery and can be shipped to you within 3-5 business days no matter where you’re located in the world.

For nearly two years, our on-site wholesale toupee factory, based in Qingdao, China has helped tens of thousands of those with hair loss problems gain back their younger look and changed their lives for the better.

We’ve also helped countless business owners and hair professionals find increased revenue and success partnering with us. The number of men’s wholesale hair systems sellers that choose men’s toupees from New Times Hair to invigorate their own businesses has never stopped growing.

Our stock men’s hairpieces are widely recognized by our partners for their superior quality, low factory-direct prices, a large selection of hair system designs, and a first-rate client service system.

By choosing men’s stock hair systems from us, you’ll set yourself on the path for rapid and consistent business growth. If you want to know more about our men’s stock hai systems, please contact us now!

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What are the differences between a toupee and a wig?

With more and more people choosing non-surgical hair loss solutions, the men’s hair piece wholesale market has seen a significant increase in the types of stock hairpieces that are designed to cater to people’s needs more precisely and specifically. Therefore, many terms in the male hairpiece world often get mistaken for one another. The most common pair of terms that people confuse with one another is “toupee” and “wig.”

Both toupee and wig products are supposed to be worn on people’s heads for the purpose of hiding hair loss, but there are quite a few ways in which they differ from one another. A toupee is usually a small hair piece made of real human hair or synthetic hair that is worn at the top of the wearer’s scalp to cover a bald area, while a wig is meant to offer complete coverage of the whole head. That is why toupees are typically a lot smaller than wigs. Due to the differences in hair loss patterns between men and women, toupees are more commonly used by men to cover the top area of the head, which is more prone to baldness, while wigs are more popular among women who experience hair thinning problems.

Generally, it takes a lot more hair material and hair knotting work to produce a wig than it does for a toupee. Therefore, men’s professional wigs are undoubtedly more expensive. However, wigs are commonly seen as a more user-friendly option in the sense that you do not need to shave your head to attach one because tape and glue are not necessary to secure a wig to your head.

One other thing to note is that more and more people, including those without hair loss problems, are choosing to wear wigs for fashion purposes.
Ultimately, whether you should buy a wig or a toupee for men largely depends on your hair loss pattern. Wholesale men’s toupees are more of an ideal option for most types of partial loss, and wholesale men’s wigs are typically recommended for those with general hair thinning problems or complete baldness.

What is the best men’s stock hair systems wholesale?

People’s viewpoints regarding the best men’s stock hair systems vary considerably from individual to individual, so there is not a standard definition of “the best men’s stock hair systems”. In spite of that, there are a few commonly shared features that make for a great real toupee for men in most people’s opinion.

When you buy hair replacement system online, the first thing that most people judge is whether it appears natural-looking enough to be fully undetectable, especially when in public, since no one wants to give away the fact that they are wearing a men’s toupee hair piece to hide the hair loss. Thus, the best men’s stock hair systems must be natural-looking and undetectable enough for the wearer to feel very comfortable and confident, especially when they are around a lot of people.

In addition, no one wants to wear a man toupee that causes them any kind of discomfort, so the best men’s stock hair systems must feel comfortable enough based on your own criteria. Generally, the majority of popular and common best men’s stock hair systems on the market are comfortable enough for most wearers (that is largely what makes them popular and common).

Nowadays, people are placing more importance on the convenience and expense of their real looking toupees. To many toupee wearers, the best men’s stock hair systems must be very easy and quick to attach and take care of, as well as being affordable enough for them to purchase multiples on a long-term basis.

Overall, the definition of “the best men’s stock hair systems” is largely determined by the above criteria, but how those criteria are interpreted is different for each unique wearer.

How can I get the right measurements for my clients?

Obviously, it is important to get the right measurements when it comes to choosing the right stock hairpieces for your client.

Follow the easy steps below to get the right measurement for your clients even if you are new to hair systems.

Step1:First, mark where the front hairline is at the very middle so that you can get the length of the area by measuring the distance from that point all the way to where the hair meets the bald area at the back.

Step2: Next, use the measuring tape to get the width, which is the vertical distance over the top of the scalp from the hairline on the left side of the head to the one on the right side.

How should I install a toupee for my clients?

Before starting your men’s stock hair systems business to serve local customers, it is crucial for you to be very proficient in men‘s stock hair systems installation and maintenance to earn your customers’ trust. Men’s hair toupee installation is not as easy as it may seem because it entails a series of tasks that must be completed in the correct order. However, after practicing a few times, you should be confident in the procedure.

Step1: First, you need to shave your customer’s head and thoroughly clean the scalp with alcohol spray.

Step2: Next, you are going to apply tape or glue or a combination of both to the human hair men’s toupee base, depending on the base material and base structure. One thing you may want to know is that glue goes better with skin material than it does with lace material, while tape usually works well for all types of base material.

Step3: Then, during the attachment process, you need to carefully and accurately place the male toupee on your customer’s scalp and make sure it is kept fully in place. After that is done, the human hair toupee should appear very natural and realistic with the hair naturally blended with your customer’s own hair.

Why should I purchase men’s stock hair systems wholesale from New Times Hair?

As one of the most widely recognized men’s stock toupee suppliers with more than a decade of experience in the male hair unit for sale industry, New Times Hair has many features that make us a top choice for your wholesale men’s stock hair systems needs.

Highly Specialized Toupee Factory
New Times Hair’s toupee factory has more than 100 highly specialized senior craftsmen, most of whom have at least 10 years of experience in this industry. They ensure our consistent and superior supply and product quality.

Large Amount of Stock Available
We have a very large inventory of 80,000+ pieces of men’s stock hair systems wholesale with multiple base designs (lace, skin, mono, etc.) and over 50 hair colors that are ready for immediate shipment. By wholesaling men’s stock hair systems wholesale from New Times Hair-men’s hair pieces manufacturers, you can provide your customers with fast delivery service without needing to overstock.

Premium Quality
All men’s stock hair systems wholesale from New Times Hair have to undergo two rounds of quality inspections that adhere to six strict standard procedures before they are ready for sale. Integrity is our cornerstone, and we always provide our customers with top-quality stock and custom hair systems.

Exceptional Wholesale Prices
We know that cost of purchase is of significant importance to your business’s profitability. Since we are a hair system supplier with our own wholesale toupee factory, there is no middleman negotiating between us, which means we are able to offer you factory-direct prices men’s stock hair systems. Moreover, we offer even lower wholesale prices for bulk men’s stock hair systems orders. Please contact us directly if you are interested.

30-Day Free Return Policy
New Times Hair pieces supplier offers a 30-day free return policy for men’s stock hair systems orders. If you want to return your order after receiving it for any legitimate reason, we will replace it for free or give you a refund. This policy should alleviate any concerns you have regarding purchasing from overseas. You can essentially try our men’s stock hair systems for the cost of the shipping fee.

Thousands of Clients Around the World

As a very experienced wholesale toupee factory and manufacturer that has been dedicated to producing men’s stock hair systems for more than 10 years, New Times Hair has assisted thousands of retail clients, including hair salons, online shops, and hair system retailers and distributors from more than 100 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, New Zealand, Italy, etc. in developing prosperous hair system business. We believe our exceptional experience and expertise will be a big asset to your business’s success as well. We want to help support your business for men’s stock hair replacement systems!

Professional Guidance
By working with New Times Hair, not only will you get top-quality men’s stock hair systems products, but also you have access to the most professional product knowledge and business guidance. New Times Hair will stand by your side from the very start! Click here to download our free business guide.


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