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Order hair systems from full-stack men’s hairpieces manufacturer and wholesale supplier, Newtimes Hair. All our hair pieces for men are made of 100% high-quality human hair from ethical donors, designed for perfect blending and instant transformation. You can freely choose from 80,000+ men’s hair systems in various designs and colors, available for immediate shipments. 
Our partners widely recognize our men’s hair systems for the consistent quality and affordable price. Over 2,000 hair studios, hair loss clinics, hair replacement centers and wholesale hairpiece sellers around the world choose Newtimes Hair as their hair system supplier. Their empire is ever-expanding. Our hair pieces for men will set your business up for speedy and constant growth. To learn more about our products, contact us now!


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About Men’s Hair Pieces

Benefits of stock men’s hair pieces

Most of our products are in stock, and ready for immediate shipment. There are benefits to ordering men’s stock hair systems. 

1. Immediate shipment: Stock men’s hair pieces are finished products. Once you place an order, we’ll ship it immediately.

2. Cost less: Stock hair systems are mass-produced, which keeps costs to a minimum. 

3. Consistent quality: We set unified standards for mass-produced hair systems for men. Their overall quality is usually stable. 

4. Easy Return: Our men’s stock hair systems enjoy the benefits of our return policy. With quality issues, we provide a refund or exchange.

Can men’s hair pieces fall off?

With the right adhesives and proper attachment technique, the hair pieces don’t easily fall off or even get pulled off.

Today’s tapes and adhesives for hair pieces create a very strong hold. Wearers can literally exercise wearing hairpieces, such as swimming, skydiving, etc., without worrying that the hairpieces may fall off.

Can I sleep with a the hair on?

Yes, surely you can.

Glue-on toupee hair systems are attached to the scalp using adhesive or tape. They are semi-permanent and stay on the scalp just like your own hair. There will not be any uncomfortable feelings when sleeping with a hair piece on. They will also not fall off wearing to sleep.

Can I shower with men’s hair pieces on?

Yes, the answer is absolutely yes.

The hold that adhesive or tape creates is robust enough to withstand moisture. But still, make sure not to wet the hairpiece within 24 hours of attaching it. 

Do men’s hair pieces feel itchy on the head?

Generally spealing, glue-on hair pieces will not cause itching wearing on the head.

However, everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently. If you have sensitive skin, use a more breathable lace hair pieces rather than a poly one. Besides, do a skin test before using any adhesives or tapes.

Do men’s hair replacement systems affect the scalp?

Men’s hair replacement systems should cause no damage to the scalp, provided that they are properly attached, removed, and maintained.

That said, we recommend doing a skin patch test before applying any tape or liquid adhesive for the first time when using glue on toupee. That will help you figure out if your scalp can cope.

What kind of hair do you use on men’s hair pieces?

Newtimes Hair typically makes hair pieces for men using premium human hair. Human hair lasts longer than synthetic hair and can create the most natural, realistic look. Besides, we also use synthetic and yak hair for gray hair. Check the table below to find the difference between each type of hair.

Human hair

Indian hair

The most common and popular choice we have as it’s very soft and smooth, highly adaptable to color and texture processing. Excellent value for money.

Indian remy hair

Top-class human hair, super soft and silky. All the hair runs in the same direction, usually used in producing high-end hair systems.

Chinese virgin hair

Super strong and straight, can withstand heavy processing without degrading the hair quality. Very sleek with low luster.

European hair

The finest and softest hair material available. Non-processed virgin hair with all cuticles intact and hair heading the same direction. Vulnerable to breakage though.

Synthetic hair

The most common type of artificial hair as it is extremely resistant to oxidation and color change. The best option for gray colors. Very sensitive to friction though.


Stronger and harder than human hair with shinier color tone.

How do male hairpieces stay on?

Most of the male hairpieces are attached using adhesives and tapes. Very few use clips.
Adhesives and glues are mainly applied to skin base materials. Tapes are used on lace/mono-base materials.

How to find a men’s hairpiece installation service near me?

If you are a personal user looking for a hair system salon near you, contact New Times Hair. We have partnered with over 2,000 salons and hairstylists in over 200 countries, mainly America and Europe. We can help you build a connection with them in no time. Email us at to get in touch.

Why isn’t my new men’s hairpiece sticking to the tape?

If your brand-new hairpiece does not stick to tapes, this may be caused by a production process called “greasing condition.”

We use a particular industrial oil to make the hair smooth and lustrous in men’s hairpiece production. That’s why new toupees often have an oily base, making attaching it a pain in the ass. Clean it using alcohol before attaching it. Please read the blog How to Make Tape Sticker for a Brand New Hair System to find out how to solve it.

What is the lifespan of a hair system?

Different hair types and bases will result in different hair system lifespans. The hairpieces last longer, in general, with proper care. Refer to the table below for the general lifespan of each type of system:

Base Material


Skin 0.03mm

Around 4 Weeks

Skin 0.06mm

2-3 Months

Skin 0.08mm

3-4 Months

Skin 0.1mm

3-6 Months

Swiss Lace

1-2 Months

French Lace

3-4 Months


6-12 Months

Hair Replacement Business

How to order from Newtimes Hair

Newtimes Hair only offer products for hair replacement business. To access our wholesale price and order directly online, please fill in our wholesale application form. Once we approved your wholesale request, you can start to order from us! Click to view our step by step order tutorials.

Is New Times Hair a men’s hair pieces manufacturer or distributor?

New Time Hair is an original men’s hair pieces manufacturer, wholesale distributor, and supplier. We have complete procedures from production to shipping. With over ten years of experience in the business, you can trust us as a supplier for your hair system business! Click to learn more about New Times Hair.

Why should you order directly from men’s hairpiece manufacturers?

Ordering directly from men’s hair pieces manufacturers is also understood as factory-direct orders. The key benefits of ordering directly from hair system manufacturers are as follows:

Lower Cost: Ordering directly from a men’s hair replacement system manufacturer will cut all middlemen out, and achieve a much lower wholesale price for you, which in turn, maximizes your profit margin.

Better Quality Control: The wholesale hair replacement systems manufacturer has all the tools and gears to make, customize, or repair the hairpiece you order. Working with the hairpiece factory will allow you to control product quality better. If something went wrong with the product, you could backtrack much easier.

Easy Customization: Working with men’s hairpiece manufacturers allows you to create better-customized hairpieces or meet your and the wearer’s needs.

Better Communications Regarding Your Products: Keeping in touch with a factory allows you to communicate better with the maker and updates you in a timely manner.

New Times Hair, as a full stacker, has a sizeable hair system factory with up-to-date technologies to make premium-quality hairpieces for men. We also have a mature sales and operations team to reach to you in multiple languages. We offer you premium quality combined with factory-direct wholesale prices. Order from us, and you will save a lot of middle costs and with guaranteed quality.

How to dropship from New Times Hair?

New Times Hair provides dropship services for small business owners. With our dropship program, you can start a hair system business with zero inventory and low risks. Here is how our dropship program works. Click to start dropshipping from New Times Hair today.

Do you have men’s hair pieces on sale?

To get our men’s hair pieces for sale, click on our clearance page or check with our customer service for our latest sale.