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Crown Hair Pieces

Let’s find the best men’s crown hair piece at New Times Hair, one of the leading hair toupee suppliers. Men’s crown hair wig is a safe, non-invasive, affordable, and non-surgical hair loss solution that instantly transforms a man’s look. Toupees for the crown area have gained popularity in numerous countries over the past decade. As one of the world’s leading human hair toupee suppliers, New Times Hair has built strong partnerships with thousands of local toupee suppliers and hair salons in over 200 countries. Countless salons and hairstylists rely on us for top-quality crown hair pieces they can trust. Over the years, they have greatly benefited from our premium and affordable hair pieces for men.

All our products are carefully handcrafted with 100% natural human hair. Our partnering clients love our men’s crown hair pieces and have spoken highly about them for their natural look, comfort, durability, and base structure. Aside from offering a wide range of stock hairpieces in numerous base designs and colors, we also provide custom crown hair pieces upon customer request. Want to continuously offer your customers the finest hair pieces? Stick with New Times Hair. Contact us, and start placing your orders now!

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What is a crown hair piece?

A crown hair piece is usually a small-sized hair piece made of human or synthetic hair worn at the top of the wearer’s crown to cover hair loss in that area.

The number of men seeking various hair loss solutions to regain their youthful appearance is rapidly increasing. A crown hair piece is an option for men starting to experience balding or hair loss. Crown hair pieces mainly cover the top-back section of the scalp.

Which one should I choose, between a stock and a custom hair system?

This question is subjective, with no simple right or wrong answer. When choosing between a stock hair system and a custom crown hair piece, you must ask yourself if you really need a custom one.
Unlike stock hair systems that can be shipped to you directly from our factory or warehouse, custom hair pieces must be produced from the ground up per all your customer’s specific instructions and details of their head.

A custom hair system can take 3-4 months to make. If you are hurrying to get one to wear, a stock hair system is more suitable. Preparing a few months ahead is necessary to accommodate the long wait time if you plan to order a men’s custom hair piece.
Cost is another thing when considering using a custom hair piece. Custom hair pieces cost much more than stock ones, as they are exclusively handcrafted for your customers per their requests. Thus, it is worth considering whether or not they want to spend the extra money to get one of the custom-made men’s balding wigs. Often, stock hair toupees may meet your needs and expectations efficiently.

Investing in a custom hair piece for thinning crown may not be worth it, considering the abundance of stock men’s hair pieces that offer a wide range of designs, hair colors, lengths, and densities to accommodate all wearers. In recent years, a growing number of individuals have ordered stock men’s hair pieces.
With stock hair systems, hair makers have found ways to suit most people’s demands and preferences. Despite that, a minority of hair system wearers crave more individualized hair systems that make them stand out. For those people, hair system customization is what best suits their needs.

If you lack experience wearing hair piece products, starting with stock hair systems is recommended. This allows you to better understand your preferences and make more informed choices.

What should I do if my customers do not want their hair shaved off?

Generally, a crown hair piece is designed to be attached to the wearer’s scalp using glue or tape, so the area to be covered by the hair piece must be shaved.
If your customer doesn’t want their hair shaved off, try an alternative hair piece attaching technique. That is clip-on hair systems. These hair systems have a few clips sewn onto the base.
With the pressure-sensitive clips, you can attach the hair system to your customer’s head by clipping it to their existing hair. For customers with a receding hairline, adhesives can be used together with clips as an assisting tool, as there is probably not enough hair in front to hold the clips.
At New Times Hair, whether stock crown hair wigs or custom ones, we offer clip-sewing service upon your request. You don’t need to worry about not being able to meet the needs of customers who do not want their hair shaved off when having their crown hair pieces attached.

How much do crown hair wigs usually cost?

The costs of crown hair wigs vary considerably depending on various factors, such as production cost, country of origin, and distribution cost. Nowadays, the toupee for crown area costs anywhere from USD $100 to $400.

However, the wholesale prices of the same crown hair pieces are significantly lower than the average market price. In most cases, crown hair pieces can be sold at a price that doubles or even triples their wholesale prices from widely recognised human hair toupee suppliers.

How should I install a crown hair piece for my clients?

Before installing the very first hair piece for any customer, getting trained and becoming proficient in hairpiece installation and maintenance is crucial. The customer should rest assured that after the service, they should have a full head of lush, voluminous hair styled in their desired look. And you are the one to make it happen.

Men’s hair piece installation isn’t as simple as it may seem, as it comprises a series of procedural tasks that must be completed professionally, and in strict order. However, after a short training course and a few practices, you can master it for sure. 

HS7 Full Lace Hair System With Realistic Hairline Wholesale
First, shave the customer’s head where the crown hair piece will be attached and thoroughly clean the scalp with alcohol spray.

Next, apply tape, glue, or a combination of both to the area you just shaved and thoroughly cleaned. Depending on the base material, you may also apply adhesive or tape to the base. Remember that glue goes better with skin bases, while tape works well for all base materials.

During attachment, carefully place the toupee on your customer’s scalp and ensure it is accurately placed. After this, the men’s crown hair piece should appear natural and realistic; the hair blends perfectly with your customer’s natural hair.

Why should I purchase wholesale crown hair pieces from New Times Hair?

As one of the most widely recognized men’s hair system suppliers with over a decade of experience in the hair industry, New Times Hair has many attributes that make us your top option when sourcing crown hair pieces for your business

Premium base material quality
At New Times Hair, all our base materials are sourced from trusted European suppliers, ensuring the highest quality possible. Our meticulously crafted hair pieces cover bald spots, providing your clients a natural and elegant look.

Top-grade 100% real human hair
We only use top-of-the-line, 100% premium natural human hair to produce crown hair piece. That’s why the hair you get from us looks natural, lustrous, and silky smooth. Such top-grade human hair grants the hair systems you get from us the most realistic look and extended lifespan.

Large variety of your customers’ choices
At New Times Hair, we offer many types of crown hair pieces for men, including French lace, Swiss lace, poly skin, and monofilament bases. Choose from our wide variety of stock hair systems or customize it according to your preference.

Extremely competitive wholesale prices
Looking for the best value toupee to cover bald spots? Look no further than New Times Hair! As a factory-direct supplier, we cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. That means you can keep your costs low and stay competitive in your business. And if you order in bulk, you’ll save even more with our special wholesale pricing. Trust New Times Hair for the industry’s best quality, service, and value. Order now and experience the difference firsthand!

30-Day Free Return Policy
New Times Hair offers a 30-day free return guarantee for crown hair pieces you order from us. Suppose you want to return it after receiving it for any legitimate reason. In that case, we will give you a full refund or a free exchange. This policy should alleviate any concerns you have about purchasing from overseas. This way, the only cost for trying our products is shipping.


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