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Wholesale Men's Crown hair pieces

Find men’s crown hair piece from New Times Hair-one of the leading hair toupee supplier.

Men’s crown hair piece is a safe, non-invasive, affordable non-surgical hair loss solution. They bring an instant change to any man’s appearance. Look for men’s crown hair piece to continue to grow in popularity as they have over the past decade in many countries.

As one of the leading human hair toupee suppliers in the world, New Times Hair has built strong partnerships with thousands of local toupee suppliers and hair salons in more than 100 countries. Our partner businesses consistently choose to work with us to offer high-quality men’s crown hair piece to their clientele.

These businesses have experienced the benefits of our world-class, high-quality and affordable men’s crown hair piece. Each is carefully handcrafted with 100% real human hair. Our partners and clients love our men’s crown hair piece and have spoken highly about their natural look, comfort, durability, and construction.

Aside from offering a wide range of stock hairpieces in a large number of base designs and hair colors, we have a customization option for producing custom-made crown hair pieces for men according to your customers’ requests. By choosing to wholesale men’s crown hair piece from New Times Hair, you’ll be offering your customers the finest hair pieces available today. Click here to get the best types of men’s hairpieces for sale.

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What is a men’s crown hair piece?

A men’s crown hair piece is usually a small hair piece made of real human hair or synthetic hair that is worn at the top and crown of the wearer’s scalp to cover baldness in that area.

The number of men who seek different types of hair loss solutions to restore their youthful appearance is still on the rise at a rapid pace. One option for men just starting to experience balding or thinning hair is a crown hair piece. This fills in the gaps on the top back of the head.

Between a stock men’s crown hair piece and a custom men’s crown hair piece, which one should I choose?

This is a very subjective question, and there is not a single right answer since people’s situations vary considerably. When choosing between a stock men’s crown hair piece bald spot and a custom men’s crown hair piece, you need to ask yourself if you really need a custom one.

As opposed to stock men’s crown hair piece that can be shipped out to you immediately, custom men’s crown hair pieces have to be produced from the ground up in accordance with your own specific instructions, so the production period can be as long as 3-4 months. If you are in a hurry to get one to wear, then you’re going to need to settle for a stock one! Comparatively speaking, if you are planning to order a men’s custom hair piece, it is necessary to plan a few months ahead to accommodate the long wait time.

Cost is another factor you should take into account when making this decision. Obviously, custom men’s crown hair piece cost a lot more than stock ones since they are exclusively handcrafted for you per your request. Thus, it is worth considering whether or not you want to spend the money to customize men’s balding wigs, especially when many stock hair toupees may already meet your needs and expectations. By buying a custom hair piece for thinning crown, you could end up spending money on things you actually do not need.

For stock men’s crown hair pieces, the variety of designs, as well as product specifications such as hair color, hair length, and hair density, have continued to grow in recent years. Thus, they have managed to find ways to suit most people’s demands and preferences. In spite of that, a minority of hair system wearers crave more individualized hair systems that can set them apart from others. For those people, hair system customization turns out to be what best suits their needs. Generally, if you do not have a lot of experience wearing hair piece products, it is advised to go with stock options for a while to get deep and accurate insights into your true preferences. Otherwise, you could end up getting a custom men’s crown hair piece that you wish you had not ordered.

What should I do if my clients do not want their hair shaved off?

Generally, a men’s crown hair piece is attached to one’s scalp using glue or tape, so the area to be covered by the hair piece needs to be shaved. If you have clients who do not want their hair shaved off, another way of hair piece attachment will have to be employed instead. This is why the hair piece market has seen growth in the number of clip-on hair systems. These systems have a few clips sewn onto the base.

Using the clips, you can attach the hair system to your client’s head by clipping them to their existing hair. For those clients with a very serious receding hairline, adhesives can be used in combination with clips as an assisting tool, since there is probably not enough hair in front to hold the clips. At New Times Hair, whether it is stock men’s crown hair pieces or custom men’s crown hair pieces, we offer clip sewing service upon your request. Thus, you never need to worry about not being able to meet the needs of those customers who do not want their hair shaved off when having their men’s crown hair pieces attached.

What is the price of men‘s crown hair pieces for bald spots?

The cost of men’s crown hair piece varies considerably depending on a wide range of factors, such as production cost, country of origin, and distribution cost. Generally, most men’s crown hair piece for men nowadays cost anywhere from USD $100 and $400. However, the wholesale prices of the same men’s crown hair piece are significantly lower than their market prices. In most cases, men’s crown hair piece can be sold at a price that doubles or even triples their wholesale prices from widely recognized human hair toupee suppliers.

How should I install a crown hair piece for my clients?

Before starting your hairpiece business to serve local customers, it is crucial for you to be very proficient in crown bald spot patch hairpiece installation and maintenance to earn your customers’ trust. Men’s crown hair piece installation is not as easy as it may seem because it entails a series of tasks that must be completed in the correct order. However, after practicing a few times, you should be confident in the procedure.

First, you need to shave your customer’s head and thoroughly clean the scalp with alcohol spray.

Next, you are going to apply tape or glue or a combination of both to the men’s bald spot hair piece base, depending on the base material and base structure. One thing you may want to know is that glue goes better with skin material than it does with lace material, while tape usually works well for all types of base material.

Then, during the attachment process, you need to carefully and accurately place the toupee on your customer’s scalp and make sure it is kept fully in place. After that is done, the men’s crown hair piece should appear very natural and realistic with the hair naturally blended with your customer’s own hair.

Why should I purchase wholesale men’s crown hair systems from New Times Hair?

As one of the most widely recognized men’s human hair toupee suppliers with more than a decade of experience in the hair system industry, New Times Hair has many features that make us a top choice for your wholesale men’s crown hair system needs.

Premium base material quality
All base materials used in the production of our men’s crown hair systems are carefully sourced from the most reliable and reputable European suppliers, which guarantees that the hair piece to cover bald spot you get from us is the classiest on the market.

Top-grade 100% real human hair
We only use top-of-the-line 100% real human hair to produce men’s crown hair piece for you and your customers. That is why the hair you are getting from us not only looks natural and lustrous, but also feels silky and smooth. Such top-grade human hair material also guarantees your customers a very desirable lifespan.

Large variety for your customers’ choices
At New Times Hair, we offer many kinds of crown hair pieces for men. Whether it is stock or custom crown hair systems, we can fulfill the specific needs of all of your customers.

Extremely competitive wholesale prices
New Times Hair is widely recognized as a hair toupee supplier that offers the best value for—your money hair systems. Indeed, it is very hard to find another toupee supplier that can offer such top-notch men’s crown hair pieces for prices lower than ours. We put our reputation and client satisfaction ahead of everything. By offering lower prices, we want our toupee for bald spots to reach more and more people who are struggling with hair loss and help them live better lives!

30-Day Free Return Policy
New Times Hair offers a 30-day free return policy for every order. If you want to return your order after receiving it for any legitimate reason, we will replace it for free or give you a full refund. This policy should alleviate any concerns you have regarding purchasing from overseas. You can essentially try our crown hairpieces for the cost of the shipping fee.


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