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Wholesale Human Hair Wigs for Women

Source 100% human hair wigs for women from the most prominent wigs manufacturer and distributor in China! Newtimes Hair uses 100% natural human hair to produce our wigs. Our women’s human hair wigs are extremely natural-looking, realistic, and comfortable. They are exactly what can give your customers that stunning appearance transformation in an instant! You can perm, straighten, dye, and style them just like what you do on your clients’ natural hair!

We never stop expanding our product line. You will find different types of human hair wigs for white women and black women in our collection. Whether medical wigs, Jewish wigs, monofilament wigs, silk-top wigs, full lace wigs and lace front wigs, we have them all. Our natural human hair wigs are available in different base sizes, hair types, colors, lengths, and base designs. They can meet your clients’ diverse and varying needs and are great for wholesale, resale, retail, salon use, and growing your brand.

We offer OEM, ODM,  dropship, and custom human hair wigs service to hair businesses worldwide. Choose Newtimes Hair, and we will be your great partner to boost your business and increase your revenue!

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1. How do I know my client’s hair density to find a hair system that matches it?

The easiest way is to check the client’s hair on the sides and back. A low density hair system may be suitable and blend well if the client has thin or fine hair in these areas. Keeping a hair density testing machine in your studio, including a hand-held scanner, may be worthwhile. You can use it to scan the client’s hair in specific areas, such as the temples or the back. Its computer system will determine the exact density as a percentage, providing a numerically accurate result. You can then select a hair system with the same density.

2. Is the base type determined by hair density?

Hair density does not solely determine the choice of base; however, it does influence it. An ultra-thin skin base, typically 0.02 to 0.03 mm thick, can accommodate low- to medium-light-density hair used to create a quality low density hair system. Excessive hair can lead to tearing on delicate bases. In contrast, bases measuring 0.08 mm in thickness can support denser hair owing to their thicker and more robust construction. The most durable bases are monofilaments, which can accommodate the densest hair due to their robust structure.