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You can add hair length and volume to help your customers achieve their hair transformation exactly the way they want it with our wide range of human hair extensions.

Made of ethically-sourced human hair, our hair extensions can be permed, straightened, dyed, and styled just like your clients’ natural hair.

All methods of human hair extensions are offered here at New Times Hair! Mainly including tape-ins, keratin fusions, wefts, clip-ins, halos, and bulk hair extensions.

Come in private label, our hair extensions are available for reselling, re-branding, and salon use.

Fill out our wholesale application form to enjoy our wholesale price on all hair extension items!

As one of the most professional hair extension suppliers, New Times Hair will offer the most competitive price and quality products to help your hair business grow and expand.

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What is a hair extension?

Hair extension is a smart and modern hair transformation option used chiefly by women to increase the length of their natural hair. It can also be worn for other purposes, such as adding hair volume, covering up a bad haircut, and adding new hair colors to the hair of the wearer.

Do hair extensions damage existing hair?

Hair extensions will not damage your existing hair and can help the natural hair grow when they are appropriately placed. That’s why we only recommend getting hair extensions installed by professional hairstylists.

How long do hair extensions last?

The longevity of hair extension depends on how well it is looked after. Hair extensions also vary in style and purposes, their techniques are different from item to item. With proper care, in most cases, the hair extension, on average, should last around one year.

What type of hair extension is best for hair?

Halo hair extension is considered an extension that is completely safe for hair. It sits on top of the head using a translucent silicone wire and won’t weigh down your hair. Besides, no heat or chemicals are required to install them, so they will not cause any damage to hair.

Hand-tied weft hair extension is another type of extension causing the least to no damage to the natural hair. They are very thin weft that doesn’t add much weight or cause tension to the hair stands or the scalp.

Check our guide on the best hair extension for fine thin hair to learn.

Do hair extensions help my client’s hair grow?

If your client is someone who typically craves a full head of long, wavy hair, surprisingly, ‘yes’ is the answer.

Properly installed hair extensions do help her hair grow. That’s absolutely right. Correctly performed hair extension procedures help protect her hair from damage and ensure that she gets the hair length your client has always wanted.

What types of hair do you use for making hair extensions?

Most of our hair extensions are made using 100% natural human hair, the most popular type of hair for the high-end hair extensions market worldwide.

How often do hair extensions need to be tightened?

The standard answer is 4-6 weeks.

The sooner your client gets her hair tightened, the better. If she plans on keeping her hair extensions long term. She should get them tightened every 4-6 weeks.

On average, a person loses 50-150 strands each day. The hair naturally shed will get stuck in the beads until there’s a chance to brush them out. So the longer she waits, the more hair gets stuck in the beads and resulting in more tangles and stress to her natural hair.

What color do you supply? How can I find the color I need?

Click to pick your favorite color(s) from our color pallet!

You can also choose a few single colors to produce Ombre, Pian, or Mixed colors! If you can’t find the colors you need, contact us now! Moreover, you can customize your colors, too.

Why do hair extensions’ colors not look exactly like the pictures show or description says?

We have done our best to display the colors of the products shown on this website as accurately as possible. However, because the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any color will be accurate.

To improve accuracy, we highly recommend you purchase one set of our color rings or send in either your own color ring or samples of the customer’s hair.

How to choose the hair extension length for my client?

Please check the hair extension length chart to choose the hair extension length.

Why do human hair extensions getting tangled?

Dry hair is usually the cause.

Be sure to suggest your client wash hair extensions using sulfate-free shampoo and using hair conditioner or leave-in to moisture the hair.

Comb the hair from time to time to avoid hair tangles. Once gets tangled, comb the hair gently, starting from the tips to the upper part of the hair.

Can I dye or color the hair extensions?

A. Yes. The hair on the hair extension can be colored.

It is generally easier to dye the hair into a darker hue than a lighter hue. We prefer dyeing it darker. The hair’s original color doesn’t fade quickly. 

If dyed inappropriately, it could ruin the hair. We highly recommend getting the hair extensions dyed by a professional hairstylist.

Self-coloring may give the hair a different tone than what your client wants. If your client can’t access a hair salon, please ensure she always uses high-quality hair products and tests before buying.

Can the hair extension be straightened or curled?

 The wearer could use a hair straightener or curler to get the hair extensions styled. But she should never do it too often, or the heat will dry up the hair and cause tangles.

What lengths of hair extensions do you offer?

We have a wide range of hair extension methods. For most methods, we have lengths from 10″ up to 28″. I-Tip keratin, nano ring, I-tip, and Nail-Tip extensions have lengths up to 30″.

What are the best hair extensions for fine or thinning hair?

Halo hair extensions, hand-tied weft, and flat weft hair extensions cause the least damage to hair and are the best hair extensions for fine or thinning hair. Read the blog best hair extensions for fine, thin hair to learn more.

How much do hair extensions cost?

Permanent professional hair extensions are way more expensive, they can cost anywhere from $600 to $3000.

Temporary hair extensions like halo hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions are much cheaper. In the market, the average cost of those hair extensions is between $200 – $500.

How to take care of hair extensions?

1. Wash hair correctly.
Your client should treat it as her natural hair. Use well-branded sulfate-free shampoo and hair conditioner for the hair. Make sure your client washes her hair using warm water, not water that’s scorching hot. Your client should shower her hair, not bathe before it tangles. Let the water flow through the hair. Always focus shampoo on the root of the hair to remove excess oil, and focus hair conditioner on the end of the hair to nourish it. Not the other way round.

2. Never sleep with wet extensions.
For this will lead to tangled and matted roots or extensions falling out. Tossing and turning on a bed can mess up the extension and the wearer’s natural hair.

3. Make sure your clients always brush their extensions with care.
The wearer should never brush too harshly, or hair strands will begin to fall out, the hairpiece will start to become loose, and the hair will start tangling. Invest in a quality hairbrush, preferably a wide-tooth hair brush. The wearer must brush her hair’s ends before working her way up. This will cause the most minor strain on the hair.

4. Conditioning the hair weekly.
The hair extensions are only bonded to the root, so unlike natural hair, hair extensions cannot receive the constant supply of natural oils from our body. A weekly conditioning treatment will allow the hair extension to be filled with moisture, keeping it super smooth.

5. Minimize heat damage.
Excessive use of heat will make the hair brittle, and split ends will accumulate. No matter how much time and effort you spend on conditioning and nourishing the hair, excessive heat will damage the hair and leave you no choice but to replace it with another hair extension. If you have to use heat, make sure to use it properly. Here are a few tips: Use a heat protectant, turn down the temperature, or take regular breaks from the heat.

6. Separate the bonds daily.
This may sound super tedious and time-consuming. However, it takes only a few minutes, and doing it every day will take less time when you become more familiar with the process.

Simply feel the bonds with fingers, and check that none has been tangled. If they have, try to separate them carefully – sometimes, a small brush or comb may be needed to do this. While doing this, the wearer will have a chance to stop the extensions from being matted against any loose or falling hair.


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