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What is a hair extension?

Hair extension is a very popular and modern hair transformation option used mostly by women to increase the length of existing hair. It can also be worn for other purposes such as adding hair volume, covering up a bad haircut, and adding new hair colors to the hair of the wearer.

Do hair extensions damage existing hair?

Hair extensions will not damage your existing hair in any possible way when they are worn properly. When used in the wrong ways, damages can be caused by pulling on hair follicles which gradually leads to a type of hair loss known as “traction alopecia.”

How long do hair extensions last?

Different types of hair extensions have different lifespans. Generally speaking, glue and tape hair extensions from china last for the least amount of time with only a few weeks, while micro link hair extensions come with a really long lifespan of a few months.

How to choose the right type of hair extension for my customers?

Hair extensions are used mostly to add hair volume and hair length to natural hair. In some cases, they can also be used to add highlights of funky colors to the natural hair. Just like hair wigs, they are mostly used by women to make difference in their hairstyles and gain a fresh new appearance! The number of types of hair extensions never seemed to stop growing given how fast the needs for such products have been expanding. The most common ones are as the following, and which one to choose highly depends on your customers’ preferences since they come with their pros and cons.

Clip-In Hair Extensions
This may be the most popular type of hair extension in 2021 suggested by the sales volume in the hair extension market. For people living a fast-paced lifestyle, clip-in hair extensions are undoubtedly the very best option as they are the easiest and quickest type of hair extension to apply and remove. They are designed in a way that has the hair extension attached to a base weft with clips readily sewn which allows the wearers to quickly put it on and remove it at their convenience without any types of damage. The reason that no damage would be incurred comes down to the fact that no chemical, heat, or pressure is involved when using clip-in hair extensions. Furthermore, there do not exist any limitations to how you style and perm your hair, and your customers can just treat the hair as if they were their hair. A heat protectant is recommended to use when perming or straightening the hair extensions though. Out of all types of hair extensions available in the market, clip-in hair extensions require the least amount of maintenance work, largely because they are least susceptible to damages compared with other kinds of hair extensions!

Sew-In Hair Extensions
Also called “weave hair,” sew-in hair extensions work by braiding the natural hair into cornrows before using a needle and thread to sew the weave into the cornrow. Because of the way they are used, sew-in hair extensions are only applicable to people with thick hair. Also, this type of made in china hair extension is widely known for its nature of exerting a great deal of strain on your natural hair roots, making people with thin hair feel somewhat heavy and overwhelmed. Such feeling would be weaker for those with thicker hair to some degree. Moreover, it is highly recommended to go for an experienced hair professional to perform the application for you given applying this type of hair extension proves to be a highly skillful task, as well as time-consuming. Generally speaking, the duration of this process goes up with the number of rows you need with three rows typically being the standard number. It takes an average of two hours to carry out the full application process for a proficient hairdresser. However, in comparison to other types of hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions have the lowest frequency of removal at around every 10 weeks. The removal task needs to be performed by a professional as well to avoid damages to both the natural hair and the hair extension.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions
Also referred to as “fusion hair extension,” pre-bonded hair extensions are used by having the hair fused to the wearers’ natural hair with adhesives. This type of hair extension can get even more damaging than sew-in hair extensions, especially for those whose hair is more vulnerable to high temperatures as a heated clamp has to be used to glue the hair extension to the natural hair through a very time-consuming process that can go on for a few hours. Additionally, the glue has chemicals that can lead to hair loss, breakage, or even scalp irritation. Repositioning is usually needed every 2 months according to users’ hair growth speed. Both application and repositioning should be performed by an experienced professional for this type of hair extension given how challenging and demanding the process is.

Tape-In Hair Extensions
As another very common type of hair extension, it is meant to be applied to your customers’ hair with the assistance of tapes that are already attached to the hair roots using adhesives. Just the same as pre-bonded hair extensions and sew-in hair extensions, the application of tape-in hair extensions is too challenging to perform and it is necessary to resort to a trained and experienced professional. They would have the hair roots orderly aligned with your customers’ hair before carefully gluing them to their natural hair tips with a heating tool for heating the glue. The process is usually much shorter than the applications of most other types of hair extensions and only takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes in most cases. So, tapes are the quickest way of applying hair extension products except for clips. When it comes to removal, we recommend you use glue remover to better protect both your customers’ hair and the hair extension. One more thing to be mindful of is that since tapes do not hold to the hair as tight as other attachment methods, your customers had better be a little bit more careful when applying shampoo and hair conditioner. Try to use them as few times as possible and avoid rubbing the hair too hard. Lastly, the hair extension needs to be taped again after 4-6 weeks.

What are your return and exchange policy?

Hair extension wholesaler New Times Hair wholesale human hair extensions and wholesale hair wefts from china start processing any returned products within 24 working hours after Remy hair weft wholesaler new times hair receive the return. The processing time varies on a case-by-case basis. Human hair extensions wholesaler New times hair will only replace or refund after hair extension manufacturers New times hair has received the product(s). Cheap human hair extensions wholesaler New times hair take no responsibility for returns lost by postal services. The shipping cost of the return would be paid for by hair extensions wholesale suppliers china New Times Hair if we caused the problem that led to the return. Otherwise, the cost would need to be paid for by customers alone.

Stock hair systems:
Wholesale hair extensions supplier and wholesale clip in extensions supplier New Times Hair which is a china brands hair wholesaler offers a 30-day free return policy for all stock items which means you can return your order for a replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase provided the hair systems have not been cut, colored, altered, or used in any way!

Custom hair systems:
All custom hair systems (except for special mesh material such as ultra-thin skin and Swiss lace) may be repaired or remade or refunded for any problem attributable to us as long as we receive your return within three months of the shipment date.
If you cancel your custom order before you receive it and buy wholesale hair extensions or other wig products, you will only receive a 50% refund to cover labor and material costs.
If you order the wrong custom-made hair system by mistake, the hair system cannot be returned for a refund. If you would like us to adjust it, extra costs will be charged accordingly including shipping.


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