Wholesale Human Hair Wigs Manufacturers And Suppliers in China

The hair replacement system industry has seen a lot of improvements. And we can expect more changes in the years to come, given changing consumer needs. Customers can now have their pick of wholesale wigs made of human hair. Wholesale wigs distributors like NewTimes Hair work hard to provide high-quality wholesale human hair wigs.

If you are looking for a supplier for wholesale wigs human hair, then reach out to us. As one of the wig manufacturers that provide premium hair solutions to the U.S. and Europe, we have over 10 years of experience in the business. Our reputation for delivering top-notch products has set us apart from other wholesale wigs suppliers in China. If you want to work with a human hair wigs wholesale supplier that offers you an extensive range of high-quality products, excellent professional expertise and customer service, then talk to us. By partnering with a wholesale wigs human hair supplier like us, you can provide clients with everything they need with ease. Contact us for stock and custom options.

●    High-end products

High-end products

Irrespective of other factors, Quality remains a major top point for your clients as well as your business. NewTimes Hair, one of the biggest wig manufacturers in China, has developed and mastered the techniques that ensure high-quality and stellar results. While there may be plenty of wholesale virgin hair manufacturers in the market, our products stand out from the rest because of their quality. Our lineup of excellent hair solutions has made it possible for us to experience steady growth and to become one of the top wig manufacturers in China. By producing wigs for men and women with a variety of base materials and designs as well as combinations, we are an undisputed expert in the field of wig manufacturing companies

●     Large Stock

Large Stock

If you own a business that provides different hair systems for multiple customers, securing products in a large quantity is a priority. Achieve maximum profitability by partnering with us. If you have been looking for wholesale human hair wigs from China, reach out to Newtimes Hair. Our factory manufactures a large stock of wholesale wigs. With our experience and resources, we can afford to pass on our quality products in bulk quantities as per your client’s deadlines. If you took the time to check out other wholesale wig companies, then it is evident not all companies are equal in terms of stock availability. If you are going to partner with a supplier for wholesale human hair wigs from China, then make your choice count. Win a bigger share of your consumer market with our readily available large stock.

●     Customization services

Customization services

As a custom wig company, we also provide exceptional customization services along with the stock options we offer. We have trained designers and process production experts who know and understand what it takes to manufacture great hair systems. If you are looking for China wig suppliers that you can work with, you won’t need to look very far. Be it a customized toupee or full cap wig, we can provide you with a range of products. As a custom wig company, you can send us references or photos of the hair systems you want to order for your clients, and we’ll do exactly the same to match the result to your instructions.

●     Premium materials

Premium materials

Every product NewTimes Hair make is made using premium and carefully-chosen materials. That’s why we are confident about the products we offer. We apply a rigid selection process to ensure only the best materials are used for display on our product pages. As we buy these materials from trusted sources, we can guarantee their quality. This forms the foundation of our wholesale human hair wigs. By starting with quality materials, we can provide you with hair systems that hit the mark. If you want exceptional hairpieces, then partner with us as we invest in grade-A materials always.

●     Quick delivery

Quick delivery

We believe in the importance of fast and efficient deliveries. That’s why we insist on fast turnaround times for our clients. As soon as we receive the orders, our staff member reviews the details for any possible issues or areas that require clarifications. If there aren’t any, the order details are forwarded to the suburb factory within 3 days after placement. Delivery dates vary, though, depending on your order. Custom orders will take around 6 to 8 weeks, while bulk orders can take around 7 to 9 weeks. If your customers need the hair replacement urgently in a rush, we also cater to rush or urgent orders, which only take around 4 to 5 weeks. Talk to us to learn more about our delivery schedule and turnaround times.

●     Hassle-free transactions

Hassle-free transactions

Buying hair systems in bulk or in small orders has never been this easy. Fill up our form and send it to us. We also receive orders through email, along with samples or templates for more accurate specifications. When ordering for custom hair replacements or wigs, our staff will make sure that we get it right by reviewing and clarifying the details of your order. They can also give out professional advice on how you could improve some of the details or suggestions on what products may be a good fit, based on your client's order instructions, clients’ budget, and needs. This hassle-free buying experience is one of the reasons why people choose us out of the many wig manufacturing companies in the market.

●     Easy tracking

Easy tracking

We have an online system for you to check your client orders’ current situation which other manufacturers don’t have right now. Using this system, you can check anytime or anywhere you need. You can know exactly where each order is and around how long it will still need to take. Moreover, here you not only can check the status of your current order, but you also can check your order history and our current stock situation. Of course, you can also track orders easily through email. Our staff members are mostly available and respond within 24 hours to any questions you might have. For more urgent concerns, though, it’s much better to get in touch with us through our direct telephone number. We also have fluent English speaking customer services to answer all your queries.




As a human hair wig manufacturer, it is our goal to provide high-quality products and professional service to improve the standards in the hair system industry.

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