Women’s Hair Systems

Hair systems for women are a hair loss solution for ladies seeking a lasting alternative without a hair transplant. As a full-stack women’s toupee manufacturer and wholesale women’s wigs distributor, Newtimes Hair supplies a wide range of hair systems for women to thousands of salons and distributors globally. All our women’s hairpieces are made of 100% premium human hair on well-designed bases. For the best breathability and most realistic look, go for lace hair pieces for women’s crowns. Poly hair systems for women are easy to maintain and knotless. Monofilament and silk top hair pieces for women make up the most durable base that looks the most realistic. Ready to take your businesses to new heights?

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What is a women’s hair system?

A women’s hair system, also known as a women’s hair replacement system, hairpiece, or toupee, which is similar to a wig but not the same, is used to cover the area of the wearer’s scalp suffering from hair loss or thinning.

How does a hair system for women work?

Like men’s hair systems, most female hair systems consist of a base and hair attached to the base to blend with the wearer’s natural hair to give a full-head-of-hair look. The critical difference is that hair systems for women usually have longer hair than men’s.
Bases are usually made from three common materials: skin (a thin membrane of polymer resembling the human epidermis), monofilament, and lace. Some men’s and women’s hair systems have two or three of these materials combined. These are called hybrid hair systems.

We attach human or synthetic hair to one side of the base to blend well with the wearer’s existing hair and give a full-head-of-hair look. With skin hair systems (with a PU skin base), the hair is usually injected or v-looped to the base. Monofilament or lace bases have thousands of holes in them, so the hair gets hand-knotted to them and will never come off.

The side of the base on which hair gets attached is called the upperside, while the other side, which is smooth and meant to stick to the wearer’s scalp, is called the underside. Next, shave the area of the wearer’s head where hair loss or thinning is severe. Attach the hairpiece to the area using tape or glue. Then mix the hair, so no one can tell this is a women’s toupee wearer.

How are hair systems for women attached?

Like most men’s hair systems, hair systems for women are attached to the wearer’s scalp using tape or glue. Tape is primarily recommended for securing lace and mono hair systems for women because glue or other liquid adhesives may seep through the base and get the hair at the roots stuck. Glue or other liquid adhesives are ideally used for women’s toupee hair systems with a skin base to achieve a solid hold.

To install the hair systems for women, determine the size and shape of the hair loss zone on the wearer’s scalp. Shave the area, and glue or tape the hairpiece to the area. Let the hair mix with the wearer’s natural hair, and cut and style the hair into the wearer’s desired look.

How long do women’s hair systems last?

The lifespan of a women’s hair replacement means from when a woman buys a hair system to when she can’t use it anymore and has to chuck it in a bin. The lifespan of a women’s hair replacement system is primarily determined by the hair type and base material.

Women’s hair pieces must be looked after properly, in general, to last longer. Refer to the table below for the general lifespan of each type of women’s toupee hair system. You should also check the description box of each hair piece to get its specific estimated lifespan.

Base Material


Skin 0.03mm

Around 4 Weeks

Skin 0.06mm

2-3 Months

Skin 0.08mm

3-4 Months

Skin 0.1mm

3-6 Months

Swiss Lace

1-2 Months

French Lace

3-4 Months


6-12 Months

What is the difference between women’s hair systems and wigs?

The key differences between women’s toupee hair systems and full cap wigs are mainly three aspects: permanent or temporary, customization, and attachment techniques.
Let’s start with the characteristics of women’s hair replacement systems:

1.    Semi-permanent. Semi-permanent means that once the women’s hair systems get attached, the wearer cannot remove and reattach it anytime. It will stay attached for weeks or months before maintenance and reattachment.
2.    Customizable. If the wearer wants a hair system designed to fit her every preference, she can get her hairpiece custom-made. Measure and contour the wearer’s hair loss area and shape. Get a hair system custom-made based on the shape and size of the hair loss zone.
3.    Attachment techniques. Most women’s hair replacement systems are usually attached to the wearer’s head using tape or liquid adhesive. Very rarely, they get clipped to the wearer’s remaining natural hair.

Women’s human hair wigs are quite different:
1.    Temporary. Most women’s human hair wigs can be attached or removed whenever convenient. They can mostly attach or remove wigs by themselves.
2.    Full-cap coverage. Unlike women’s hairpieces, most human hair wigs cover the entire head. That’s also the critical difference between wigs and hair systems for women.
3.    Clipped on. Most women’s toupee hair systems have 3 or 5 pressure-sensitive clips on the underside of the base for clipping it to the wearer’s existing hair. Some also have elastic bands. That’s why most can attach or remove it whenever they want.

How do I choose the right hair color for women’s hair replacement systems?

If you are still deciding what color to choose for your customer’s hair system, try using our color chart or color ring.

Never rely purely on your monitor, as monitor-displayed colors vary from one to another. Alternatively, ask for your customer’s hair samples, and compare them with the hair colors on the ring for a precise color match.

Can you shower with a women’s toupee hair system?

The short answer is yes, you can shower with a hair system on. But certain precautions must be taken. Follow these steps:

Detangling: Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to eliminate all tangles. Then get all your hair products ready and keep them handy.
Avoid hot water: In the shower, avoid using hot water. Always use warm or lukewarm water to wash your hair.
Sulfate-free shampoos: Make sure to use sulfate-free shampoos. As sulfate-rich shampoos will dehydrate your hair and cause discoloration and hair damage.
Avoid violent scrubbing: You’ll never want to scrub your hair too intensely, as it will cause severe damage to the hair. Let the water run through the whole head, and scrub gently.
Condition the hair: Rinse the hair thoroughly, and then condition it. To maximize its lifespan, condition the hair regularly.
Dry properly: After showering the hair system, dry it. Use a clean, dry towel to gently pat on the hair, ensuring not to pull or crunch the hair too harshly. Let the hair air dry, and try not to use a hairdryer, as the heat may damage the hairpiece and loosen the bond.
Brush or comb the hair: While the hair is drying, take the chance to brush and comb the hair, making it smooth and tangle-free.
Avoid showering too much: Though it is okay to shower with a toupee hair system on, you should never do it too often. The water, though warm, may cause the bond to get loose. Scrubbing, though gentle, may still damage a port of the hair or cause the hair to shed. If you have to shower each day, you don’t have to wash your hair each time you shower. Cover it with a shower cap instead.

Can you go swimming with a women’s hair system?

Swimming in a hair system is doable. However, it is not highly recommended.

Swimming water is mostly seawater or pool water. Seawater is rich in salt, while pool water is full of chlorine. These two chemicals remove moisture from the hair, leaving the hair dehydrated and coarse, and will subsequently lead to shedding or hair discoloration. So we must protect the hair from these two chemicals or reduce their harm to a minimum.

Rinse hair thoroughly with fresh water before swimming. Rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water before jumping in the pool or running to the sea. Make sure your hair and hair system is thoroughly soaked in fresh water. So the hair will have enough moisture for the swimming water to take away.

Rinse hair thoroughly with fresh water after swimming. Also, rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water after swimming. This is to remove all excess salt or chlorine from your hair. Or the chemicals will remain in the hair and keep dehydrating it.

Conditioning your hair generously. After rinsing your hair system thoroughly with fresh water after swimming, use a generous amount of hair conditioner to condition the hair, ensuring it is thoroughly moisturized, nourished, and restored with its shine and softness.

Can you sleep with a women’s hair system on?

Yes, you have to put up with sleeping with a hair system on. Once attached, you won’t be able to remove it whenever you want. However, it would help if you kept the term friction in mind.

Avoid overly tossing and turning on the bed, or the hair will quickly shed or tangle. Make your pillowcase, bed sheets, and blankets silk or satin. As it will well reduce friction and tugging on the hair. Also, keep a habit of detangling your hair every morning.

How much do hair systems for women cost?

The average cost of hair units for women consists of two parts: the cost of the hair system itself and the cost of installing it. Installation cost is a significant part of the female hair systems cost. Hair system installation is a professional trade. Still, they must take it to a trained hairstylist.

The gross cost of a hair system for women varies depending on your chosen supplier and other specifications, such as hair type, base cap design, hair length, etc. Human hair systems for women typically range from a few hundred to over a thousand USD. Our retail prices of women’s hair systems are from $100 to $750, with a typical hair length of 5-14″. To order in bulk, you can apply for wholesale prices. MOQ is only three pcs at New Times Hair.

Is New Times Hair a women’s hair pieces manufacturer or wholesale supplier?

New Times Hair is an original manufacturer and supplier of wholesale wigs and hairpieces. From manufacturing to shipping, we do it all.

Our hairpiece and wig factory covers an area of 4,000 square meters, with over 100 skilled craftsmen working for us. Our capacity is significant for large orders and ensures a short production cycle and top quality.

As the leading supplier for several largest hairpiece and wigs wholesalers, hair salons, and distributors of well-known women’s wig brands, you can put your faith in us as a long-term business partner! Get wholesale wigs and hairpieces for women today to thrive.