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Welcome to our captivating Before and After gallery, tailored for salon owners, hairstylists, and hair extension enthusiasts. Delve into the artistry of hair transformations as we unveil the journey from natural to extraordinary. Step into the world of hair extensions and explore endless creative avenues. Whether for added volume, length, or experimentation, our gallery resonates with salon professionals and personal wearers alike. Embark on the journey of transformation, where every “before” leads to a stunning “after.” Join us in redefining beauty, strand by strand.

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Sew in Weft Hair Extensions Before and After

Genius weft hair extensions before and after
GENIUS WEFT Hair Extensions
Genius weft hair extensions before and after (2)
GENIUS WEFT Hair Extensions
Genius Weft hair extensions before and after
GENIUS WEFT Hair Extensions
weft extension before and after
WEFT Hair Extensions
Weft hair extensions before and after
WEFT Hair Extensions
Hand-tied weft hair extensions before and after
HAND TIED WEFT Hair Extensions

Tape in Hair Extensions Before and After

Tape-in hair extensions before and after
TAPE IN Hair Extensions
Mini-tape hair extensions before and after
MINI TAPE IN Hair Extensions
Injection tape-in hair extensions before and after

Fusion Hair Extensions Before and After

Flat-tip hair extensions before and after
FLAT TIP Hair Extensions
V-tip hair extensions before and after
V TIP Hair Extensions
U-tip hair extensions before and after
FLAT TIP Hair Extensions
I-tip hair extensions before and after
I TIP Hair Extensions
Y-tip hair extensions before and after
Y TIP Hair Extensions

Clip in Hair Extensions Before and After

Clip-in hair extensions before and after
CLIP IN Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions Before and After

Nano ring hair extensions before and after
NANO RING Hair Extensions

BULK Hair Extension Before and After

Hair bulk hair extensions before and after
BULK Hair Extensions

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How long do hair extensions usually last?

Human hair generally lasts 2-3 times longer than synthetic hair. Women need a lot of styling done to their hair. Hence, the hair used for most top-tier hair extensions is unprocessed Remy human hair from single donors. At New Times Hair, all our extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair, which never tangles or mats. Remy human hair for hair extensions, under proper care, can last up to two years.

However, the duration of a hair extension method does not imply the hair’s lifespan. With most hair extensions, as long as the hair is still usable and not chuckable, the wearers must go to the stylist for regular touch-ups or maintenance.

How long do fusion hair extensions last?
Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions usually last for 3 to 4 months. That means the newly grown natural hair will spill out of the bonds every 3-4 months, and they must take them off and reattach again. However, with hot fusion, the technique of bond replacement could be more mature. Only a few hairstylists know how to change them. But hot fusion hair extensions create the most solid bonds that celebrities use.

How long do tape-in hair extensions last?
Tape in hair extensions last for 4-8 weeks. If taken care of well, the wearer can change the tapes and tape them back for a fresher look. Tape In hair extensions will last you from 4 to 8 weeks. Wearers can have the same extensions taped back for a fresher look if taken care of well. Always dry the hair well when wet, and brush them with a hair extension brush. This will make them last longer.

How long do sew in hair extensions last?
Like other semi-permanent hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions need a touch-up every 6–8 weeks. It is recommended that the wearer have a full weave for at least four months. Any longer time will affect the regrowth of natural hair.

With sew in hair extensions, it is important to moisturize the scalp, nape and the edges of the weave at least once per week using deep conditioners. That keeps the hair moistured and looking natural and healthy.

How long do micro bead and micro loop hair extensions last?
Also called micro bead and micro loop hair extensions, these hair extensions are attached by sectioning natural hair into small sections, attaching tiny wefts of the natural hair to it. No heat or adhesive is involved in this method.

Microlink hair extensions last the wearer for 3-4 months, depending on how well they are looked after. As the beads are attached very close to the roots or the wearer’s natural hair, it is essential to treat them extra care and use natural products.

How do you take care of them? With micro loop hair extensions, treat them just like other fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions. They need to be repositioned every 2-3 months as natural hair growing out will move the beads away from the scalp.

How long do clip in hair extensions last?
Clip-in and halo hair extensions are both temporary hair extensions. Once attached, the wearer can remove them anytime they want. They can attach and remove them daily to give their natural hair a good rest.

Clip in hair extensions usually last from 3-6 months to over a year. That also depends on how well the wearers look after them. To take care of them, we recommend washing them with sulfate-free and natural products after 30 wearers. Be mindful of well drying them before brushing them out, or it could easily cause breakage and damage causing extensions to wear out quicker.

How long do halo hair extensions last?
As an one-piece hair extensions method, on average, a halo hair extension lasts for about 9 months. If well taken care of, they may last up to two years. Like clip in hair extensions, halo hair extensions are temporary hair extensions wearers can attach and remove them daily. The standard procedures of hair extension maintenance from above will enable them easily outlast its counterparts.

Are there any pros and cons to hair extensions?

1: Hair extensions add instant volume and fullness to your hair. If your hair is usually oily and thin, you know you can’t use hair products to give it more volume that will last. Even the most vigorous backcombing will last only hours. That’s where hair extensions come in. They can help thicken fine hair and provide long-lasting volume.

2: Hair extensions outlast wigs or other hairpieces. That’s due a lot to the fact that most hair extensions, for heavy styling purposes, are made of 100% Remy human hair with intact cuticles. Even synthetic hair extensions, on average, last anywhere between 2 and 4 months. Hair extensions don’t have bases, simplifying their overall structure and attaching mechanism.

3: Extensions come in various shades and tones: Hair extensions come in multiple colors and shades. That’s something New Times Hair takes pride in. On average, each type of hair extension has more than ten colors available, from dark to bright, including mixed colors, such as ombre, piano, and so on. By having lowlights and highlights, it adds dimensions to the wearer’s hair, creating a gorgeous, effortless look.

1: Hair extensions can be high maintenance. Most hair extensions need to be maintained regularly, especially permanent ones such as keratin bond, nanoring, weft, tape-in, and many other cold fusion hair extensions. That’s due to the grease and buildup, as well as our natural hair growing out of its bonds. Sometimes you must remain seated for 3-4 hours in the salon.

2.Hair extensions will damage the wearer’s natural hair if applied improperly, so a professional’s help is always necessary.

Do hair extensions prevent natural hair growth?

No, they won’t. The wearer’s natural hair has been damaged by the hair extensions, which has caused it to break and get shorter. This is what is meant by “preventing natural hair growth.” When you take care of your hair and take precautions before putting on hair extensions, they will never get in the way of your natural hair growth.

How much does it cost to put hair extensions on?

The cost of putting on hair extensions is not the same as the cost of hair extensions. It depends on how hard they are to put on and how long the person has to sit in the salon. With permanent hair extensions, wearers might have to take maintenance into consideration.

Fusion hair extensions:
If you buy good Remy hair from a stylist, fusion hair extensions can cost anywhere from $90 to $200 at a store. $500 for installation at a hairstylist, $500 per maintenance revisit, and 3–4 care revisits per year. So the total cost is around $2,500 per year.

Tape in hair extensions: similar in quality to fusion hair extensions but with different bonding techniques. Tape-in hair extensions are the most popular because they are easy to put in and take care of. A set of tape-ins costs $200. $300 for installation at a salon and $120 for maintenance. Wearers require eight visits for care. That makes the total cost around $1,500 per year.

Sew-in or weave-in hair extensions: weft hair extensions are harder to make, especially hand-tied ones. A quality set of hair wefts costs, on average, $300. $150 for a qualified hairstylist to sew them onto the wearer’s hair. They also need around eight maintenance visits per year. The stylist must tidy the hair and resew the wefts back to the natural hair at each visit; $150 per visit. That brings the total cost to $1,600 per year.

Microlink/bead hair extensions: As a wearer, micro bead hair extensions may set you back between $200 and $600 (an average of $300), plus installation at the salon costs around $400. And ongoing maintenance is every six weeks at $150 per session. That brings the total cost to roughly $1,900–$2,000 per year.

Clip-in hair extensions: Clip-in hair extensions are temporary hair extensions. As a wearer, you can put it on and remove it daily. So the hair requires little maintenance aside from an initial styling at the salon or $300-$400 to repair damage caused by its clips. The hair itself costs $200. So the total cost is around $600 per year.

Halo hair extensions:
The average retail price for halo hair extensions is between $200 and $500 for a top-quality, 100% Remy halo. Halo hair extensions are well worth their price because they require little maintenance and are simple to wear and style. The initial price of $300 plus $75 for a haircut at a dresser brings the total cost to $350-$400.

No matter what hair extensions you get, they should be of the best quality. New Times Hair only makes Remy hair extensions with intact cuticles. You will be amazed by the pictures of hair extensions before and after. It may be time to try them now for yourself and your clients.