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Hair Integration Systems

The hair integration system is a shining beacon of hope for many women suffering from hair loss. Simply have their natural hair pulled through the mesh of the integrated hair topper to achieve a glamorous, full-head-of-hair look. With mesh integration hair systems, wearers no longer have to shave their hair, and their scalps can breathe better, too. All the hair used for our pull-through hair integration pieces is 100% premium human hair. It blends with the wearer’s natural hair seamlessly and flawlessly. Looking into a mirror, your customer will marvel at her easy and fast transformation. Newtimes Hair has been manufacturing high-end custom hair integration pieces for over a decade, wholesaling them to over 2,000 salons and distributors worldwide. We are one of China’s full-stack hair integration wigs suppliers. Wanna take your business to new heights? Contact Newtimes Hair now and start to prosper!

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What is a hair integration system?

Human hair integration systems, also known as pull-through hair integration pieces, pull-through wigs, or pull-through hair toppers, are semi-permanent hair loss solutions for women suffering from hair loss. They are made to help them redeem a glamorous full-head-of-hair look.

How does an integration hairpiece work?

To be able to use an integration hairpiece, your customer must have a sufficient amount of hair remaining. The mesh hair integration comprises a PE-line or braided netting. The mesh of the net is filled with human hair tied onto the wire of the mesh.

Install the net onto your customer’s natural hair, and let it fully cover the crown area where there is a hair deficit. Pull the wearer’s natural hair out through the netting meshes. So the natural hair and integration hair are blended seamlessly.

Wearers can get through daily life as usual. They can go to the gym or swim without any hassle. Well-installed pull-through hair toppers will keep the wearer around for 4–6 weeks. Having it maintained and readjusted regularly is highly recommended and beneficial.

What are the benefits of mesh integration hair systems?

Wearing a mesh hair integration has several benefits over other hair loss solutions.
Highly customizable
Hair integration systems are easily customized to suit all wearers’ styles, such as hair length, density, color, etc.
Convenient & user-friendly
Mesh integrated hair system does not interfere with the wearer’s daily routines. Once installed, the integration system will stay safe on her head for several weeks. Your client can freely wash, style, and dry her hair without worrying about it falling off.
Maximum breathability and comfort
The integration hair system base is highly breathable. Its sizeable meshes allow the wearer to access her natural hair and scalp. Much less dirt and buildup accumulate under the netting. The wearer can freely work out and sweat comfortably.
No longer have to shave their heads
Men usually don’t mind having their forehead and crown shaved so a hair system can fit nicely. However, for ladies, it’s a big thing. Looking into a mirror and seeing their natural hair shaved is psychologically unsettling to most women.
With the help of a mesh hair topper, the natural hair will stay intact. The overall hairstyle will look more natural and realistic with the client’s natural hair well blended with the mesh-integrated hair system. The hair looks fuller, too.

Do mesh integration hair systems ruin the wearer’s hair?

Mesh integration hair systems will not ruin the wearer’s hair with proper installation and regular maintenance. No glue, tape, or heat is required to install it. Its netting meshes also allow the wearer’s scalp to breathe freely.

However, hair integration systems may cause tension to the wearer’s scalp and natural hair when installed or maintained improperly. Hence, we only recommend personal wearers get it installed by a licensed hairstylist to ensure a perfect appearance and

How long do integration hairpieces last?

With appropriate care, most integration hairpieces can be used for more than a year. They are washable, can be styled, and are treated the same as you would with your natural hair.

How often should the wearer reinstall the mesh hair integration system?

The mesh hair integration should be readjusted regularly. Preferably, it should be removed, refitted, and tightened every 4-6 weeks.

How much does a hair integration system cost if I order in bulk?

Hair integration system prices vary depending on hair types, lengths, base caps, etc. Wholesale hair integration system prices also depend on the quantity you order. The more you order, the more you save.
If you buy in bulk from Newtimes Hair, you can expect a hair integration system to be 20% to 50% cheaper than its retail price. Please fill out our wholesale application form to apply, or contact us directly at

How do I order wholesale hair integration systems at Newtimes Hair?

Step 1: Fill out our application form.
Step 2: Our team will review and approve your application and send you a wholesale account.
Step 3: Log in with your account, and you can start buying integrated hair systems at our exclusive wholesale price.

Is Newtimes Hair a hair integration wigs supplier or manufacturer?

Newtime Hair is one of the leading hair integration wigs suppliers and manufacturers in China. We have our own hairpiece factory and wholesale pull-through hair toppers and wigs to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, salon owners, etc., across the globe. With over ten years of experience in the hairpiece business, you can trust us as the supplier for your business!
At Newtimes Hair, we’re eliminating the middleman and empowering hair business owners to buy mesh integration hair systems online directly from the manufacturer.
For any business owners shopping for pull-through wigs at Newtimes Hair, we offer an exclusive wholesale discount for bulk orders to ensure your costs stay low and your profit margins are the maximum.
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