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Custom Hair Systems

Can’t find the hairpiece that fits perfectly in our stock hair system collection? No worries. Get custom hair systems and wigs 100% tailored to your client’s needs! New Times Hair custom hair systems service can ensure a perfect fit for your customer. From every strand of hair to every detail of the base material, from the product to the packaging, we tailor everything just for you!

We’ve designed numerous bases and have them tailor-made for our clients. Now we’ve put the top designs into a collection of men’s custom hair systems. Have a look! If none of these suits you or your client, no worries; we can work with you and design more till you get your perfect one. Fill out our custom hair pieces for men order form below, and send us your requirements!

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What are custom hair systems?

Custom hair systems or bespoke hair systems are made to fit the wearer’s head precisely or have fine-tuned features important to the wearer. Custom hair pieces give the wearer more options regarding hair color, density, style, base material, and how the base is designed and styled.

What are the benefits of custom hair systems.?

Custom hair systems are the best choice if the wearer wants specific, finely-tuned features. Here are some key benefits of custom-made hair systems: 

1. Custom hair pieces are made to fit the exact dimensions of the wearers’ heads. 

2. Custom hair systems have a broader selection of hair colors, densities, styles, and base materials to create the perfect hairpiece or toupee and fine-tune any unique features.

3. Custom hair pieces allow wearers to have a uniquely designed base for specific purposes, such as breathability, real-looking, hairlines, etc.

Stocks Hair Sysems

Custom Hair Sysems


Available for shippment

Exact fit


Manufactured exact as you wish

Easy returns


Might not fit everyone

Longer wait times

Cannot be returned

More expensive

How to order custom hair systems step by step

Either you or your customer wants to order a custom toupee from us, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Follow this link to download our online order form. Fill it in and email it back to us. 
Step 2: Once received the form, our sales representatives will contact you, and get you to take measurements of your customer’s head, and show you how to make a template of the wearer’s head for a hairpiece to be made, and confirm other details regarding custom the hair system. 
Step 3: Once the head template is made, post it to New Times Hair, and leave everything with New Times Hair. We will start to customize the hair pieces for you. 
Step 4: After making the hair system, we’ll ship it directly to you. 

How to make a head template

Custom hair pieces need the size of the bald spots to ensure a perfect fit. That is why we usually require a head template. You can choose to make head template using plastic warp or with our head template tool.

Click to check how to make head template using plastic wrap.
Click to order our head template tool.

How to get the best hair replacement systems

There are five easy steps for getting the best hair systems that look most natural and perfectly fit your client.

1. Get accurate measurements of the hair loss area, make a head template, and calculate the size of the hair system base. 
2. Choose the type of hair system base, be it lace, skin, mono, or a combination of any of the three, according to your client’s preference.
3. Select the accurate hair color for your customer’s hair. Use our color image palate or color ring.
4. Select the best hair type matching your or your client’s natural hair. You will look at hair texture, length, density, and directions.
5. Ensure a natural hairline. Most clients will care if their hairline looks natural.

For a detailed guide and other features, please refer to our Ordering Guide on Getting the Perfect Hair Systems.

Do you provide custom labels and packages for custom hair pieces?

Yes, that is what we do. We provide OEM/OEM, and we ship fast. If you have your private labels or logos, and you want them to be on the hair pieces you ordered, send the labels or packages to us. After making the hair systems, we’ll label them, package them, and send them to you. 

If you need custom labels or packages, we can also design and make them for you too. You will receive perfectly made, labeled, and packaged hair systems.

What is the production lead time for the custom hair pieces?

On average, the production time for custom hair pieces is between 4 to 12 weeks. The time it takes mainly depends on the types of knotting techniques or bases. With custom hair pieces for men that have extra long hair, it’ll usually take two more weeks than average. 

We also offer add-on services such as cutting the base to the exact size before shipping, pre-styling, perming, etc. Orders like these will take 1-3 extra days before shipping.  

Refer to the form below for a thorough understanding of our production lead time for custom hair pieces for men.

Order Type

When We Can Sent Out

Stock(all items)

Within 3-5 working days

Custom(skin: v-loop, injected, single knot)

Within 4-6 weeks

Custom(lace/mono base)

Within 8-10 weeks

Custom(full cap/extra long hair)

Additional 2 weeks

Rush Order(skin)

Within 4 weeks

Rush Order(lace, mono)

Within 6 weeks

Add-on Service(haircutting/base cutting)

Additional 1-3 working days

Can I return or exchange custom hair systems?

We do not return or exchange custom hair pieces. However, we can repair or remake or refund them for any issues caused by us as long as we receive your returned items within three months of the shipping date.

We wouldn’t refund for mistakes caused by the customers. Please refer to our return policy.

Why order wholesale hair replacement systems from New Times Hair?

New Times Hair is the choice of hair professionals, hair systems suppliers, distributors, and vendors. We have many attributes that make us one of the leading men’s hairpieces manufacturers.

One of the best men’s hair pieces manufacturers in China
New Times Hair has been dedicated to the men’s hairpieces wholesale business for over a decade. We have a mature sales and operations team professional in men’s hair systems. Every team member is skilled and experienced. Any toupee hair systems you get from us are top-of-its-class and made to meet your customer’s needs.

Wide selection of customization options
We have a variety of custom hair system options. Customize yours today from the base design, hair length, hairstyle, front hairline, and anything you want. Get custom hair pieces for men made with our world-class expertise and craftsmanship.

Superior quality and top-grade hair material
Our hair systems are known for their natural appearance and extended lifespan. We only make them use carefully sourced, top-grade human hair. All custom hair pieces must undergo a 6-stage quality inspection to avoid quality issues.

Extremely competitive wholesale price
New Times Hair offers the best value-for-money wholesale hair systems. Our products will ensure customer satisfaction and keep your business competitive.

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