HS7F Full Lace Hair System With Realistic Hairline and Parts Wholesale

Our HS7F lace base is made of upgraded french lace material, feels oh-so-good on the most sensitive part of the scalp, and melts into it as one. It offers wearers an incredibly soothing sensation on the scalp. 100% human hair blends well with the wearer’s natural hair, giving the most realistic hairlines and parts. It makes it even harder to tell if this is a toupee wearer. And above all, it is even cheaper!


Breathable: Thinner, sleeker, nearly see-through french lace base keeps the scalp nice and cool in the summer heat

Stability: Hair is in double knots, and will never come off the base

Realistic Look: Upgraded french lace material, see-through effect melts into the scalp as one. 100% human hair blends well with wearers’ natural hair

Hairline and Parts: Perfect-looking hairline and parts work well with the base

Cheaper: Cost even reduced for the use of see-through materials

Availability: Wholesale, retail, B2B, B2C, ideal for resellers, hair specialists, and cosmetology schools.

Get a sample: we have special preferential prices for the first test sheet of wholesale customers. APPLY NOW