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Fusion hair extensions, also known as keratin hair extensions or k-tip hair extensions, are bonded to the hair through a strand-by-strand method. This allows for 360 degrees of natural hair movement. The fusion extension strand is attached to the hair by melting the glue tip with heat. Cooling down will create a solid grip on the wearer’s natural hair strand. Keratin fusion extensions are tipped with non-damaging Keratin bonds which are soft and matte. They are super customiz able, can be cut to any size, and can be used for lengthening, thickening, and adding variations of color to the wearer’s natural hair.

Fusion extensions are the longest-lasting method (on average they can be kept in for 3-5 months) and can be used one to three times by replacing the keratin tips. The result is discreet, comfortable, and flawlessly straight natural extensions that blend perfectly with clients’ natural hair. The New Times Hair keratin tip hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and are luxuriously thick from root to tip.

This installation method is perfect for all styles, whether your clients choose to wear their hair up or down. There’re limitless color combinations and several lengths to choose from!  

Help your ladies achieve their dream hairstyles with our premium-quality wholesale fusion hair extensions at affordable prices exclusively at New Times Hair!


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What are fusion hair extensions?

Fusion extension, also called keratin fusion, keratin bond, or keratin tip hair extension, is a hair extension method used especially by professionals. There are two methods of fusion hair extensions, including hot fusion and cold fusion hair extensions.

Hot fusion hair extension is one of the oldest hair extension methods. It is a bunch of hair strands with some solidified glue at the connecting end.
A heat gun, a fusion connector, will then be used to melt the glue to allow the extension to melt and fuse with the wearer’s natural hair strand. The keratin bond will solidify after a few seconds to hold the natural hair and the extension together.
U-tip hair extensions, v-tip hair extensions, flat tip hair extensions, k-tip hair extensions, etc., are the most typical hot fusion hair extensions in the market.

Compared to hot fusions, cold fusion hair extension is a relatively new method that does not require heating during the application.
It is applied by weaving hair strands into the micro link of the hair extensions.
Micro link, nano link, and i-tip extensions are some typical cold fusion methods.

How to put in hot fusion hair extensions

The hot fusion hair extensions are to be attached and stuck with keratin melted several millimeters from the root of the client’s hair. Fusion extensions usually last for around six months. This installation will not damage the wearer’s hair if a professional stylist does it.

1. To install hot fusion hair extensions, your client’s hair should be at least 5 inches (12.7 cm) long to make the attaching points visible. The extensions are applied 5mm from the wearer’s scalp.
2. Make the Preparation rows. Pick a thin strand of natural hair using the tail of the comb.
Insert the lock of natural hair into the template circle to protect the scalp.
3. Use a hot extension iron to heat the pre-tipped extensions to your client’s natural hair. The hair is to be fixed to the original lock expansion on the melting point of keratin.
4. When the keratin is no longer transparent, you need to roll it between your fingers so the extension and the client’s natural hair will bond.
5. Repeat the same steps above to put the locks all over the head.
6. In the end, brush the client’s hair lightly to allow natural hair and extensions to mix well.

How long do k-tip extensions last?

The k-tip extension bonds will go down as hair grows longer. Every 3–4 months, the wearer must return to the salon for reinstallation and to replace the bonds.

Our Remy hair k-tip hair extensions are reusable and can last up to a year if installed and cared properly.

Do fusion extensions damage natural hair?

Fairly speaking, almost all types of hair extension methods, if applied appropriately, should not damage the wearer’s hair. But the fusion hair extension method involves glue and a heat gun, so we only recommend users get it installed by certified hairstylists.

How much do fusion hair extensions cost? 

As one of the oldest hair extension methods, the keratin fusion hair extension method will set your client back between $300 – $1000 (with an average of $550) plus the hair cost, roughly $200. And they have to be reset at a salon every three months. There’s also the option of cold-fusion hair extensions. These will last the wearer even longer.

How much does it cost to get keratin hair extensions?
It’s hard to give a clear price range for keratin hair extensions because the prices will vary based on different locations, salons, hairstylists, and the quality of the hair extensions. If we have to give a price range, keratin hair extensions can cost from $200 to $1,000, plus the installation cost paid to a salon.

Cold fusion method could cost less without heating up adhesive:
Some stylists use the “cold fusion” method. This term refers to hair extensions that don’t require heating and melting adhesive, even I-tip or micro-link hair extensions. However, new application systems such as the cold fusion system use ultrasonic machine irons to bond hair extensions to the wearer’s hair without heating it up and melting it. It is less damaging but likely costs more.

 Are tape or fusion extensions better?

Both tape and fusion extensions have their pros and cons. How to choose between them will depend on your client’s hair type and the goal of wearing hair extensions. 

But generally speaking, for a quick and easy installation, go for the tapes-ins. Or if the natural hair is thin or fragile, go for the tape-ins!

But suppose your client prefers the hair extensions to last longer. In that case, keratin fusion extensions could be a better option.

Can you swim with keratin hair extensions on?

Yes, you absolutely can. 

Keratin extensions can get wet, no problem. But you can’t let the extensions soak in water for too long.

You need to give it a rinse and dry the bonds of your hair extensions as soon as you are out of the pool or ocean. This will prevent the bonds from much damage and compromise the look of your long, beautiful extensions. 

K-tip hair extensions pros and cons

Starting with the pros:

Safe: the bonds of the k-tip hair extensions are made from keratin glue. It does not harm the scalp, especially to those whose scalp is sensitive.

Universal suitability:k-tip extensions are suitable for everyone. All hair types can use it, be it curly, straight, wavy, etc. All hair colors can use it, be it blonde, brunette, black, etc. With appropriate hair type and structure and professional application, fusion hair extensions can even be used to extend short and thin hair.

Convenience: there’s no discomfort if adequately selected and attached. Your client will feel it as part of the own natural hair.

Durability: Following the professional hair stylist’s advice to take good care of it, k-tip hair extension should last up to 9-12 months.

Versatility: Keratin hair extensions could be used to make any hairstyle: braids, ponytails, curls, or get the curls straightened like before.

Looking perfectly real: No one can tell the wearer is wearing them. They just blend into the natural hair perfectly. Today,your can even choose the keratin glue color matching the color of the natural hair.

There’s hardly anything perfect. Here are some downsides to k-tip hair extensions. Now let’s talk about the cons of them: 

Takes longer to apply and remove: The application of k-tip extensions depends significantly on the hairstylist’s skill and experience. It takes about 3-4 hours to apply it. Also, it takes quite some time to remove the extension.

Not so easy to apply: K-tip hair extensions are not designed to be installed personally at home. The user should always get it installed by professional hairstylists.

The wearer has to keep the hair extension away from high temperatures at all times. The wearer must be very cautious whenever they use a blow dryer or curling iron, ensuring their hot surface does not touch or get too close to the keratin bonds to melt them.

Discomfort: Some users have said that it usually takes them a few days or months to get used to this product. There have also been several reports of itchiness and headaches. We recommend micro keratin bonds, which are easy on your client’s hair that the wearer can hardly feel them being there. Besides, never attach the extensions too close to the scalp, which will create extra tension that pulls against your client’s natural hair and could potentially weaken the roots of her natural hair, leading to hair loss.

More time and effort are required to care for and maintain keratin hair extensions: your client should avoid using oil-based hair products, which may weaken the keratin bonds, causing hair shedding. Also, if she rubs too hard when washing her hair or combes it too hard, the extension may become less glossy, and she will start losing more hair. 

How to order wholesale fusion hair extensions at New Times Hair

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