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Human hair weft extensions wholesale

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extension, also known as sew-in hair extension, is a trend driver and a must-have semi-permanent hair extension method for your client! Hand-tied wefts are individual strands of hair that have been tied together by hand, creating a strong but thin weft. They come in small, pre-shaped pieces and should not be cut as they can unravel. Hand-tied wefts are ideal for fine to medium hair.

Machine wefts are made by tying hair into a fine mesh, adding reinforcement by stitching through the mesh and finalizing with a polyurethane (PU) bond to prevent shedding, while still keeping it lightweight and customizable. Each weft can be cut to fit any head shape perfectly without the worry of unraveling. Machine wefts are an ideal hair extension method for medium to thick hair.

There are also various ways to put hair wefts on, such as the beaded weft method, glued/taped in, sewn in, clipped in, etc.

New Times Hair weft hair extensions are made with high-quality and long-lasting Remy human hair that lasts a long time and are reusable for over a year! They leave no visible gaps which makes it look natural and full. This means there is less chance of tangling or matting.

Choose from various colors to create a perfectly seamless look for your clients with New Times Hair weft hair extension!

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What are weft extensions?

Weft hair extensions, also known as sew-in hair extensions or hair weaves, are a bunch of hair strands sewn onto a skinny cloth strip. The hairstylist will work the hair weft into the wearer’s natural hair. This way, the hair gets extended or volumed. 

There are different kinds of weft hair extensions in the market, including machine weft, hand-tied weft, genius weft, flat weft, skin weft, and more.

How long do weft hair extensions last?

If the hair weft gets sewn into the person’s natural hair,  it will be removed and re-installed every 6-8 weeks.

With reasonable care and regularly detangling it, sew-in weft hair extensions can last from 6 months to a year.

Do weft extensions damage your client’s natural hair?

Machine weft hair extensions are sewn together by a machine and create a tracking effect before being sewn on the clips.

However, machine wefts create big chunks of hair, so they are heavy, whose weight could cause pull against the delicate fine, thin hair.

In comparison, hand-tied weft and genius weft cause minimal damage to the natural hair for their lightness and cause little tension on the wearer’s natural hair and scalp.

Do weft extensions look natural?

Weft hair extensions sit super close to the scalp. Installed correctly, they will look absolutely natural. Even if your client is wearing an up-style, no one could tell that she’s wearing extensions.

Are hand-tied weft extensions damaging?

No, as one of the best hair extensions for fine, thin hair, hand-tied weft extensions will not damage your customers’ hair. Hand-tied weft are very thin and lightweight weft that will not pull or weigh down the natural hair. Applied and taken care of properly, hand-tied weft can even help the natural hair grow..

How often should your client wash the weft hair extensions?

Proper care is a must. Try to keep it clean and untangled. Try to get through the week with the least washes possible. Never wash it more than 3 times a week.

How to wash weft hair extensions?

We recommend you use sulfate-free shampoo and lukewarm water to wash the weft hair extensions.

After damping the hair extensions, apply 2 – 3 pumps of shampoo to clean the hair extension just as natural hair.

Be careful that don’t wash it too vigorously, especially near the connections.
Don’t wash the hair extensions excessively. Excessive washing will make them dehydrate, so they will dry up.


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