LNW Color Ring for Women’s Human Hair Wigs and Toppers

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Experience the opulence of our LNW Color Ring, crafted from premium human hair with a silky, sleek texture. Elevate your client’s style with 20 luxurious and fashion-forward shades designed to make a bold statement. Indulge in the ultimate hair luxury with our LNW Color Ring—a must-have for discerning stylists!

TYPE: Human hair

COLORS: 19 trendy color options

PURPOSE: For premium human hair wigs and toppers



Payment method:
Gross Weight 0.045 kg

Use it to choose premium human hair toppers and wigs for your clients! Order now, and we will ship it within 24 working hours.

LNW Women’s Human Hair Color Ring (2)


This LNW Color Ring is highly recommended for premier partner salons and stylists who are serious about the hair business and seek premium human hair. It is available in 19 trendy colors and tones, with each detail infused with luxury.

LNW Women’s Human Hair Color Ring (3)


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