Front Contour and Scallop Front

Front Contour Shape

Front contour is an important factor when choosing the right hair system for your customers. While it doesn’t determine the dimensions of the base, it does control how well the hair system fits the curvature and shape of your customer’s head. An appropriate front contour helps to create a natural front effect.

Generally, there are 6 common front contours in the market: A, AA, B, BB, C, and CC. Among them, the most commonly used are CC and A, which is our default option for men’s stock hair replacement systems.

Front Contour and Scallop Front

C and CC contours are relatively flat, while B and BB are both sharper than A and AA. Ultimately, customers should choose what best suits them. However, women, tend to have a rounder and flatter front contour. It’s important to be aware of this, as our standard front contours will not be suitable for women because the contour will be too sharp. It’s best if you make templates for your clients. Then, we can make the contour according to your template.

Scallop Front

Some customers feel that having a straight front edge looks unnatural. A scalloped front, which is when the lace or skin on a front hairline is cut in a saw-tooth shape, aims to trick the eye from seeing a straight line across the front hairline. It provides a much softer appearance that enhances the natural look of the wearer. Below is the scallop size chart for reference.

Front Contour and Scallop Front

If you don’t have a lace front or super thin skin at the front hairline of your hair system, the scallop front is a good option. Although scallop fronts can be placed on any hair system, we DO NOT recommend them on lace fronts, as cutting in a zigzag pattern will fray the hairline faster.

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