Want to open your own hair replacement business, or add new revenue stream to your salon?

The hair loss treatment manufacturing industry is growing year by year. As one of the effective solutions for hair loss, non-surgical hair replacement is becoming the prime choice for more and more people. Therefore, if you are a professional hair stylist or you own a hair salon, opening a non-surgical hair replacement business can start you on the path toward a secure financial future if you do it right. So, how should you get started?

1. Master necessary knowledge and techniques

A hair unit for men or women is kind of like real hair. Thus, you’ve already mastered one of the elements: hair styling. Now, you need to learn about product knowledge and hands-on techniques. There are many videos and articles online to teach you, such as how to install a toupee, how to make a toupee template, etc.​

You can also take some local non-surgical hair replacement training or classes to sharpen your skills before you start a hair replacement business if you have sufficient funds. Some professional agencies and institutions even offer a license or certification for hair replacement after you are qualified. Next, you need to find people to practice on. You can invite your friends and relatives to help you or collect volunteers for a free trial. When you master these skills deftly, you can start to promote your service among your regular customers or in your salon.

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2. Find a professional and reliable hair system supplier

When you are ready to start your business, you need to find a professional and reliable hair system wholesale supplier that can guarantee a steady and high-quality supply of products, especially of multiple stock hair systems. You don’t want to overstock products at the beginning. Thus, a supplier with multiple stock products will ensure that you can offer many kinds of hair systems to your clients promptly without worrying about lack of funds.

3. Select suitable products for your hair replacement business

It is crucial to select suitable hair systems for your clients, especially when you are a beginner for hair replacement business. According to our wholesale clients, they tend to offer skin hair systems to their customers at the beginning, unless customers have a specific preference for something else. This is because skin base systems have several advantages that can get you started faster:​

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After your business is on track, you can add additional types of hair units to your product range. In addition to the stock hair system from your supplier, you can start customizing them for your customers. Never ignore your competitors, especially those on the same street. Custom services can help you stand out and increase your number of repeat customers.

Also, when your hair replacement business grows further, you will need to develop and build your own stock models to enhance product differentiation. The growth potential of your profit requires this. Many of our clients have already made considerable profits from it.

If you are looking for a wholesale human hair wig supplier, why not work with New Times Hair?

As a leading manufacturer of hair replacement products in China, we have been providing high-end men’s toupees, women’s toppers, wigs, and hair extensions to wholesale clients (online shops, hair salons, barbershops, offline stores, etc.) all over the world for more than ten years. Choosing New Times Hair means choosing the following:

One-stop wholesale

New Times Hair has a rich product line. Our products range from skin systems, lace systems, mono systems, silk base systems, and more for men and women. We offer all of the popular hair replacement systems on the market, even lace system. You may know that after North Korea blocked the border due to Covid-19, the industry’s production of hair systems decreased sharply in 2020. However, New Times Hair has been able to continue offering lace hair systems throughout this strain on supply, proving our strong production capacity. We also offer tape for different hair systems and other tools, such as color rings, base material charts, mannequins, and ventilation needles, to assist your hair replacement business better.

Men's skin toupees

Men's lace toupees

Men's mono toupees

Men's silk top toupees

Women's toppers

Hair integration systems

Full cap wigs

Hair system tape

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High quality

The products we offer. For example, French lace and Swiss lace are two popular lace materials on the market. Swiss lace is thinner and softer than French lace, but some suppliers substitute second-rate lace material for French lace and French lace for Swiss lace. That will never happen with our products. We are always honest with our clients. By starting with quality materials, we are able to provide you with human
hair toupee that hit the mark.


Multiple Stock Products

If you own a hair replacement business that provides different hair systems for multiple customers, then prompt delivery is a priority. New Times Hair’s standing inventory is over 80,000 pieces with different base types, base sizes, hair colors, and even hair with different percentages of gray coloring. All of them are ready for immediate shipment to ensure that you can provide products for your clients in the timeliest manner without needing to overstock too many products. After payment, you will receive your orders in 3-5 days.​


Unbeatable customization service

In order to continuously grow your hair replacement business, you need to update your business model to offer customization services. This will enable you to stand out from your competitors. As a hairpiece factory, we have over 50 experienced craftsmen in our factory—most of whom have worked in this industry for 10-20 years—who ensure that we can produce any hair replacement products to meet your requests. Moreover, our team can assist you in developing and building your own stock models to enhance product differentiation and expand your market shares.​

Ombre blonde hair

Ombre gray hair


Spot highlights

Lace with poly patches

Ombre hair topper

Silk top wig

Full lace wig


Chessboard highlights

Quick Delivery

We believe in the importance of fast and efficient deliveries. That’s why we insist on fast turnaround times for our clients. As we mentioned above, stock orders can be sent out within 24 hours after payment. Custom orders normally take around 6 to 12 weeks depending on the order details, while bulk orders will take around 7 to 14 weeks. Talk to us to learn more about our delivery schedule and turnaround times.​


Professional Product & Business Guide

Every year, we devote a portion of our revenue to product research and development to develop more and better products. So far, we have over 3000 wholesale clients around the world. Our research covers everything in this industry, including products, market conditions, demand, the psychology of end consumers, and our clients’ difficulties and successes. We know not only all of the knowledge and techniques regarding hair replacement products but also the needs of our wholesale clients and end consumers.

We have prepared a series of start-up tutorials that are completely free for you. Please login and refresh the page to download if you are interested.





$ 459
  • PU Frontal x 1
  • Full Thin Skin Toupee x 2: HS1+HS1V
  • Walker Ultra-hold Mini Tape (72 tabs) x 1
  • Walker Ultra-hold Tape Roll 3/4"x12 YD
  • LTD Men's Hair Color Ring x 1
  • HSR-2 Head Template Replicator x 1
  • Folding Wig Stand x 1
  • White Mark Pencil x 1
  • Mark Pen x 1
  • Measuring Tape x 1
  • Tail Comb x 1
  • Catalog (PDF) x 1


$ 999
  • PU Frontal x 1
  • Full Thin Skin Toupee x 3: HS1+HS1V+HS25V
  • Full French Lace Toupee x 1: HS7
  • Lace Front with PU Toupee x 1: SEAN
  • Mono Toupee x 1: D7-3
  • Walker Ultra-hold Mini Tape (72 tabs) x 1
  • Walker Ultra-hold Tape Roll 3/4"x12 YD
  • LTD Men's Hair Color Ring x 1
  • HSR-2 Head Template Replicator x 1
  • Folding Wig Stand x 1
  • White Mark Pencil x 1
  • Mark Pen x 1
  • Measuring Tape x 1
  • Tail Comb x 1
  • Catalog (PDF) x 1
  • Video Tutorial Kit


$ 1699
  • PU Frontal x 1
  • Full Thin Skin Toupee x 4: HS1+HS1V+HS25V+INS
  • French Lace Toupee x 2: HS7+N6
  • Lace Front Toupee x 1: SEAN
  • Mono Toupee x 2: D7-3+D7-3-DYF
  • Walker Ultra-hold Mini Tape (72 tabs) x 1
  • Walker Ultra-hold Tape Roll 3/4"x12 YD
  • Men's Hair Color Ring x 2: LTD+HD
  • Curl and Wave Ring x 1
  • Hair Density Chart x 1
  • Base Model Kit x 1
  • HSR-2 Head Template Replicator x 1
  • Hair System Stand x 1
  • White Mark Pencil x 1
  • Mark Pen x 1
  • Measuring Tape x 1
  • Tail Comb x 1
  • Catalog (PDF) x 1
  • Video Tutorial Kit

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