STW Silk Top Hair Toppers for Women Wholesale

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STW women’s hair toppers with unprocessed Virgin Remy hair have a silk top, looking most realistic. A finely stitched weft around the back and sides, with four pressure-sensitive clips, positioned strategically for a solid hold. Wearers can easily attach and remove their hair toppers daily, allowing their scalps to breathe perfectly. These women’s hair toppers are available in five lengths, two base sizes, and multiple colors, ready to ship in bulk.


Base Design: Realistic-looking silk top with finely stitched wefts around

Attaching Technique: Easily attached and removed daily with four pressure-sensitive clips

Hair Quality: 100% unprocessed Virgin Remy hair for various styling purposes

Availability: 5 lengths, 2 base sizes, and 6 colors from black to bright blonde for salon owners, hairstylists, cosmetology schools, etc., ready to ship.


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