Walker Extenda-Bond Plus Tape for hair replacement system - [Product code: EBP]

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  • Brand:   Walker Tape
    Tape color:   Transparent
    Hold Time:   2-4+ weeks
    Strips:   Available as 100 count boxes       or single strips
      Feature:   Super strong and super flexible
     Length& Width:   12″ x 1 1/2″ Strips




    This extenda-bond Plus tape is one of our stock tapes. It can be sent out within 24 work hours.

    Walker has taken a classic and made it even better. Not only is it more affordable than the original Extenda-Bond, it comes with more strips per box: 100 pieces to be exact. It also has a better box design that features a perforated lid that can be torn off for easy access in salon. More strips, better box, no-brainer.

    Extenda-Bond Plus is super strong and super flexible. It features our fingerprint technology to make it basically invisible under any unit. The liner is blue and white, but the actual tape is clear.


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