Walker No-Shine Tape for Hair Replacement System - [Product code: Great Tape]

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  • Brand:   Walker Tape
    Tape color:   Transparent
    Hold Time:   2-4+ weeks
    Tape Rolls:   3 yards, 12 yards
      Length& Width:   1” (12 yards), 3/4”( 12 yards),
      1”( 3 yards), 3/4”( 3 yards) ,
       1/2” ( 3 yards)
     Feature:  No-shine, dull finish, more
     realistic, easy to clean




    This No-Shine Tape is our new stock hairpiece tape. It can be sent out within 24 work hours.


    No-Shine is a leader in Maximum Wear. It has a very dull finish and is virtually invisible through the unit. It’s made with urethane, which makes it very flexible with the skin.

    We offer this tape in 1.5″ width rolls, perfect for full-coverage jobs. It’s also easy to clean and doesn’t break down as much as other tapes during removal. It’s great for use with any system. The liner is white, but the actual tape is clear. 3-4-


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