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Looking For A Reliable Wholesale Hair Replacement System Supplier?

We have a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to your hair replacement business’s particular needs. We aim to optimize and improve your supply chain, helping you gain a competitive advantage.

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Extremely Competitive SVIP Wholesale Price

New Times Hair offers exclusive discount pricing on hair systems to clients who order in bulk. With our competitive wholesale prices, your service will stay ahead of the competition and your revenue will enjoy the benefits.

Special Discount for Sample Orders

New Times Hair offers a generous discount for your first sample order even if you only order 1 piece. This way you’ll have the opportunity to experience our hair systems with little cost and zero risk to you.

Consistent Top Product Quality

We have a quality inspection system that guarantees consistent quality throughout production. By offering our products to your customers, your brand will build its reputation and your business can grow.

Exceptional Production Capacity

In addition to an advanced supply chain system, we have a high production capacity that’s capable of producing up to 150,000 hair systems per year, while being unaffected by COVID-19.

24/7 Highly Specialized Client Service Team

At New Times Hair, our experienced client service team is ready for you 24/7. They speak several languages including English, French, German, and Spanish. You can expect quick results and resolution from them to keep your business moving.  

30-Day Free Return Policy

New Times Hair offers a free 30-day return policy for our clients. Even if this is your first time purchasing internationally, the only cost to you is the shipping fee to try our hair systems.

Large Amount of Stock Available

We have 80,000+ pieces of hair systems in a range of base designs including lace, skin, and mono.  Our wide array of options includes over 50 hair colors that are ready for immediate shipment to meet your demand for bulk orders.

Exclusive Customization Service

To help you offer your customers unique products that can set you apart from others, we can develop and customize new hair system models to meet your customer’s needs and preferences.

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