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In the Jewish culture, women are required to wear a wig, also called “sheitel” to cover their hair after getting married, as a way to express their modesty. As time went by, this kind of wig gradually got assimilated into the western world with more and more women embracing the practice. In the modern world, not only do many women use Jewish wigs (as known as kosher wigs) as a non-surgical hair loss solution to gain a full head of hair, but they also choose to wear a Jewish wig to achieve a chic, fashionable appearance. As a professional Jewish kosher wigs wholesale manufacturer and Jewish wigs supplier, we only use top-of-the-line 100% real hair for the production of our Jewish wigs. We cater to those who are looking for a very high-end hair loss solution for women, as well as a classy look!

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What is a Jewish wig?

Jewish wigs, often referred to as Sheitels or kosher wigs, are silk top wigs made of 100% natural, virgin hair that has been sourced from a donor of European, Mongolian, or Brazilian descent. These wigs are by far some of the most natural-looking and classiest women’s hair wigs available for purchase today.

There are two base designs of Jewish wigs according to whether there is lace at the front or not:
If there is no lace at the front, under hair needs to be added. Underhair can be knotted in a straight line across the front hairline, or it can be knotted in a criss-cross fashion which is easier for styling the hair.
If there is lace at the front, it can make the front hair fluffier and more natural.

Silk tops are usually made two ways:
Silk mono. This material is soft and more realistic and traditional Jews prefer it.
Superfine mono. This material can make the hair look fluffy.

How long do Jewish wigs last?

How long Jewish kosher wigs last depends on several factors such as base material class, hair types by which they are produced, and how well the Jewish wigs are taken care of. When it comes to the base material, it is usually the case that the higher the quality of the material, the longer the hair wig tends to last.

Most Jewish wigs on the market can last more than six months speaking from the experience of our customers.

The type of hair used in the production of Jewish wigs also plays a part in the lifespan. With hair materials of top-grade put into use, it would not be a surprise that your Jewish wigs manage to outlast their expected lifespan since such hair materials are less vulnerable to breakage and shedding. So, when ordering wholesale Jewish wigs to fuel your business growth, it is very important to select the right kosher wigs wholesaler that comes with a high-quality standard and excellent expertise.

Another thing that also influences the lifespan of Jewish wigs is actually how well they are taken care of which explains the varying lifespan of the very same Jewish wigs produced by the same kosher wigs wholesaler across wearers.

How much does a Jewish kosher wig cost?

The cost of a Jewish wig varies considerably depending on a wide range of factors. As the very high-end human hair wig option for users who are less sensitive to the prices, Jewish wigs are undoubtedly the costliest kind in the global women’s human hair wig market. Generally speaking, Jewish wig products nowadays cost 500 to 2000 US dollars across the globe. The most significant factors that are associated with the cost of Jewish wigs are as follows:

Hair Type
All Jewish wigs are made of top quality 100% real virgin hair of the scariest kind, and such hair material is usually a lot more costly than other kinds, which largely explains the high prices of Jewish wigs.

Hair Length
When the Jewish wigs manufacturers source human hair material for production, it is always the case that the longer the hair, the more it costs. As the hair is originally collected from donors’ heads and longer hair takes more time to grow out, the fact that longer hair costs more can be perfectly justified in that regard.

Hair Density
Hair density is a measurement of the hair volume of a hair wig. The higher the density, the more hair there is on the hair wig. With that said, when everything else stays the same, it makes perfect sense that higher hair density is equivalent to a higher price since the Jewish wigs manufacturer or Jewish wig factory would need more hair material to produce wigs of higher density.

Supply and Demand
Just like most other products, the price of Jewish wigs is also subject to local supply-demand relationships. Many Jewish wigs suppliers sometimes manage to step up the prices of their top sellers for a higher profit margin without compromising much on the revenue. While items that do not sell very well are often put on sale to liquidate their inventory. On the other hand, more economically developed areas with a stronger purchase power often see the same models of hair wigs selling at higher prices than those less developed ones.

Kosher wigs Wholesale & Retail
It is not hard to imagine that it would cost less to purchase hair wigs in bulk from wholesale Jewish kosher wigs suppliers and manufacturers than to go to a local store to buy just a few. Yes, that rule applies to the very most markets and the hair wig market is no exception. Hair wigs, especially Jewish wigs, cost quite a lot less when purchased directly from Jewish kosher wigs manufacturers and factories given there is much less operation cost for them than there is for hair wig retailors, whose target audience is the end-users.

Why choose Newtimes Hair as your kosher wigs wholesaler?

Being one of the most widely recognized wholesale Jewish kosher wigs manufacturers and suppliers with more than a decade of experience in the wig industry, Newtimes Hair has a great number of things that strongly indicate why you should choose us as your kosher wigs wholesaler.

Premium base material quality
All base materials used in the production of our wholesale Jewish wigs are carefully sourced from the most reliable and reputable suppliers from Europe which guarantees that the Jewish kosher wigs you get from us are the classiest in the market. All Jewish kosher wigs at Newtimes Hair are lightweight, soft, and highly comfortable which is to the great benefit of wearers of all ages.

Top-grade 100% real virgin hair
As a professional Jewish wig manufacturer, Newtimes Hair only uses top-of-the-line 100% real virgin hair that is carefully and strictly sourced to produce all of our Jewish kosher wigs. Such top-grade virgin hair is exclusively dedicated to the production of high-end women’s wigs that are mostly purchased by those who are less price-sensitive. That is why the hair you are getting from us not only looks natural and lustrous but feels silky and smooth as well. Such top-grade human hair material also guarantees your customer get the desirable Jewish wig they are looking for.

Large variety for your or your customers
At Newtimes Hair, one of the biggest Kosher wigs wholesalers and Jewish wigs suppliers, there are a variety of Jewish kosher wigs for women available. Whether it is stock or custom medical wig hair systems, all the needs of you or your customers who are seeking such hair loss solutions for themselves will be specifically fulfilled.

Extremely competitive wholesale price
As a reliable supplier to the leading Kosher wigs wholesaler and retailers in the US market, Newtimes Hair only offers the most value-for-money Jewish wigs in the market, and you can save even more if you apply to get our Kosher wigs wholesale price. It is very hard to find another wholesale kosher Jewish wigs supplier and Jewish wigs manufacturer that can offer such top-notch Jewish kosher wig products for prices more favorable than ours. With more affordable offers, we want our products to reach more and more people struggling with hair loss to help them live better lives!

30-day free return policy(not for custom orders):
We always put client satisfaction ahead of everything. As a Jewish wig manufacturer that you can trust, Newtimes Hair offers a 30-day free return policy for all stock items which means you can return your order for a replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase provided the wigs have not been cut, colored, altered, or used in any way! So, you are free of any concern regarding purchasing from overseas. With our 30-day free return policy, the only cost to try our Jewish kosher wigs is the shipping fee.