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As one of the most prominent hair wigs vendors and human hair wigs Wholesalers in China, New Times Hair uses 100% natural human hair to produce our human hair wigs and provides custom human hair wigs service. They have the hair of the wigs permed, straightened, dyed, and styled just like they would with their hair!

Because they’re natural-looking, realistic, and comfortable, human hair wigs are exactly what can give your customers that stunning appearance transformation they’ve wished for in an instant!

Our wide range of human hair wigs are available in different base sizes and different hair types, colors, and lengths, and different base designs so we’re sure you’ll find the right hair systems and best wigs vendors service for your business.

  • NTW8029-womens-silk-top-lace-wig-5NTW8029-womens-silk-top-lace-wig-6

    NTW8029 Customize Silk Top Lace Wig for Women Wholesale

  • NTF8028-womens-injected-silicone-hair-system-6NTF8028-womens-injected-silicone-hair-system-5

    NTF8028 Custom Women’s High Quality Silicone Hair System

  • NTW8027-womens-silicone-wig-for-alopecia-5NTW8027-womens-silicone-wig-for-alopecia-6

    NTW8027 Custom Women’s Injected Silicone Wigs for Alopecia Wholesale

  • NTW8024-womens-OMBRE-blonde-machine-made-wig-7NTW8024-womens-OMBRE-blonde-machine-made-wig-9

    NTW8033 Straight Ombre Blonde Bob Wig With Lace Top and Machine Weft Cap Wholesale

  • NTW8032-women‘s-blonde-machine-made-wig-9

    NTW8032 Customized 613 Blonde Bob Wig With Machine-Made Cap Wholesale

  • NX192-womens-Kinky-Curl-U-part-Wig-5NX192-womens-Kinky-Curl-U-part-Wig-1

    NX192 Kinky Curl U-Part Kinky Curly Wig for Afro Women Wholesale

  • nw2841-womens-lace-wig-with-pu-1nw2841-womens-lace-wig-with-pu-6

    NW2841 French Lace Wig With PU Perimeter for Women Wholesale

  • NW1901-injected-skin-top-machine-made-wig-4NW1901-injected-skin-top-machine-made-wig-7

    NW1901 Custom Skin Top Wig With Machine Made Wefts Wholesale

  • NX054-womens-mono-top-machine-made-wig-5NX054-womens-mono-top-machine-made-wig-6

    NX054 Blond 613 Monofilament Top Wig With Machine Made Cap Wholesale

  • KJ01-womens-mono-hair-wig-3KJ01-womens-mono-hair-wig-6

    KJ01 Customized Women’s 613 Blonde Monofilament Wig Wholesale

  • HOT

    NW1-S Full Lace Wig Wholesale from the Trusted Wigs Supplier

  • full-lace-wig-blonde-hair-613Full-Lace-Wig-20-613-Blonde-Color-7

    NW1-S-613 Full Lace Wig Stock Blonde and Straight Virgin Human Hair Wigs

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What is a human hair wig?

A human hair wig is a head covering made from real human hair that is worn by people either to hide their hair loss and hair thinning or to transform their hair appearance. Human hair wigs are much more popular among women than among men nowadays, especially when it comes to achieving the purpose of hair appearance transformation.

What is the best human hair wig?

As people’s viewpoints on what the best human hair wig should be like vary considerably from individual to individual, there does not exist a standard definition of “the best human hair wig.”Despite that, there are a few commonly shared features that greatly account for that definition in most people’s opinions.

When buying human hair wigs, the first thing that most people always judge must be whether it appears natural-looking enough to be fully undetectable, especially on public occasions, since no one wants to give away the fact that they are wearing a wig to hide the hair loss. That being said, the best human hair wig must be natural-looking and undetectable enough for the wearer to feel very reassured.

In addition, no one wants to wear a hair wig that could cause any kind of discomfort to themselves. So, the best human hair wig must feel at least comfortable enough such as the cap of medical wigs. Generally speaking, the majority of popular and common types of human hair wigs on the market would be able to make people feel comfortable enough to be ok with them.

Nowadays, people are giving more importance to the convenient and economical aspects of their wigs. To many wig wearers, the best human hair wig must be very easy and quick to attach and take care of, in addition to being affordable enough for them to buy on a long-term basis.

Overall speaking, the definition of “the best human hair wig” should be in line with all the points stated above to a certain degree for most hair wig wearers. But whether a human hair wig qualifies as the best human hair wig is highly determined by your criteria.

Can human hair wigs be dyed or bleached?

Since human hair wigs are wigs made of real human hair, they can be dyed or bleached just as freely as people’s natural hair can be without causing any unwanted outcomes.

What are the differences between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs?

One of the biggest differences between them is the price difference. Synthetic hair wigs are a more affordable choice than human hair wigs. The price of human hair is much more expensive and continues to go up in recent years.

Virgin human hair, especially long hair has become even harder to find than before. There is no shortage in the synthetic hair material supply as it is made out of man-made fibers like nylon or acrylic, thus it is less pricer than human hairs.

However, if you want a luxury hair system with the most natural finish, a human hair system is the right choice for you. Although synthetic hair sits at a more budget-friendly price point, it can be a better choice for your specific needs to choose a human hair system.

Touch and Feel
There are obvious differences between syntenic and human hair in their touch and feel as well.

Synthetic hair doesn’t have the same softness and smoothness as human hair thus it is less pricer than a genuine human hair. Synthetic hair

When you look closely at the two kinds of hair, you’ll notice the difference in the fibers. The plastic fibers of synthetic hair systems are pulled and stretched through a narrower hole, leaving behind more twists in the hair. By comparison, human hair has a protein structure that is smoother and doesn’t go through as much strain as synthetic hair.

Overall, human hair systems are more comfortable to wear. If you’re intending to wear your toupee every day, you’ll usually want to invest in a human hair toupee.

What You Can Do on Them
The hair type determines what you can do with your hair wig. For a human hair wig, you will have the flexibility to dye, heat it. However, for a synthetic hair wig, you won’t get this flexibility. It would be very difficult to color a synthetic wig after it is original dyed. And heating will destroy the fibers unless it is heat resistant.

How much does a human hair wig cost?

The cost of a human hair wig varies considerably depending on a wide range of factors such as hair type, hair length, base design, and wigs vendors. Generally speaking, most human hair wig products nowadays cost anywhere between $300 and $600 across the globe. However, if you order it in bulk from the human hair wig manufacturer and wigs vendor New Times Hair, we can provide a guaranteed factory direct price as New Time Hair is one of the biggest wholesale human hair wigs distributors.

How long do human hair wigs last?

How long human hair wigs last depends on several factors such as base material class, hair type, manufacturers by which they are produced, and how well the hair wigs are taken care of. When it comes to the base material, it is usually the case that the higher the quality of the material, the longer the hair wig tends to last.

Most human hair wigs on the market can last between six months and a year speaking from the experience of our customers. The type of hair used in the production of human hair wigs also plays a part in the lifespan. With hair materials of top-grade put into use, it would not be a surprise that your human hair wigs manage to outlast their expected lifespan since such hair materials are less vulnerable to breakage and shedding.

So, when you order wholesale human hair wigs to fuel your business growth, it is very important to select the right wig vendors or distributors that come with a high-quality standard and excellent expertise. Another thing that also accounts for the lifespan of human hair wigs is actually how well they are taken care of which explains the varying lifespan of the very same human hair wigs produced by the same human hair wigs manufacturer across wearers.

Why order wholesale human hair wigs from wigs vendor New Times Hair?

Being one of the most well-reputed human hair wig manufacturers and human hair wigs vendors with more than a decade of experience in the wholesale wigs human hair business, New Times Hair has a great number of things that strongly indicate why you should order customized human hair wigs and wholesale human hair wigs from us:

Premium base material quality
All base materials used in the production of our human hair wigs are carefully sourced from the most reliable and reputed suppliers from Europe, which guarantees that all the things you are getting from wigs vendor New Times Hair are the classiest in the market.

Top-grade 100% real human hair
As a professional human hair wig manufacturer, New Times Hair only uses top-of-the-line 100% real human hair to produce all our wigs and hair toppers for you and your customers. That is why the hair you are getting from us not only looks natural and lustrous but feels silky and smooth as well. Such top-grade human hair material also guarantees your customer gets high-quality human hair wigs that can last long.

Large variety for your customers’ choices
At wigs vendor New Times Hair, one of the biggest human hair wig manufacturers, there are a variety of human hair wigs for both men and women available. Whether it is stock or custom human hair wigs, all the needs of your customers who are seeking such hair loss solutions or a way to transform their hair appearance for themselves will be specifically fulfilled.

Extremely competitive wholesale price
As a reliable supplier to the leading human hair wig distributors and retailers in the US market, New Times Hair only offers the most value-for-money human hair wig products, and you can save even more if you apply to get our wholesale price. It is very hard to find other wigs vendors that can offer such top-notch human hair wigs for prices more favorable than ours. With more affordable offers, we want our products to reach more and more women struggling with hair loss and hair thinning to help them live better lives!

30-day free return policy
We always put client satisfaction ahead of everything. As a human hair wig manufacturer that you can trust, New Times Hair offers a 30-day free return policy for all stock items which means you can return your order for a replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase provided the hair wigs have not been cut, colored, altered, or used in any way! So, you are free of any concern regarding purchasing from overseas. With our 30-day free return policy, the only cost to you is the shipping fee to try our human hair wigs.


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