25 Best Wig Brands You Should Never Miss!

Online wig shopping can feel like the Wild West sometimes. You must first decide what you want from the vast selection of available shades, shapes, and styles. 

Then, to get the item you want, you must sort through the enormous number of wig brands. We know you are keen on knowing where to buy good wigs online. Go through this list of the best wig companies and brands online; it will help you get your dream hair unit without much effort. 

Reading Product Comments or Feedback Is Essential

The main problem with buying wigs online is that you need help touching or seeing the hair to tell how good it is or what style it is. Tamika Gibson, a hairstylist from Alabama, suggests researching and reading any online evaluations of the units you’re interested in to solve this problem. 

“Everything should be specified in the description,” she says, “from the type of hair and density to the quality of the lace.” Knowing what you’re looking for—such as human hair, density, etc.—will make shopping much more straightforward. “Be specific to narrow down your search.”

Investigate the Item if Its Price Seems Too Good to Be True

She also says you should pay reasonable prices for the hair’s quality. It should be thoroughly investigated if the item’s price seems too good to be true. 

They say many wigs are made with human hair or a mix of human and synthetic hair, which often have lower prices.

After conducting all necessary research, the size of the wig’s cap is crucial. According to Gibson, you’ll need to know your head’s diameter to ensure that the wig you purchase is the appropriate size.

Ready to shop? Let’s start right here. We’ve listed some of the best wig companies (best online wig companies), suppliers, and brands online, whether you’re looking to purchase a wig, topper, etc., with human or synthetic hair.

Best Wig Companies Online

How do we know if this is one of the best online wig companies? Are they the best human hair wig companies? Are they the best human hair wig brands? As we all know, some companies only supply or manufacture human hair wigs, toupees, or hairpieces. Are they the best affordable wig companies or the best wig companies on Amazon? What are the best wig brands? Various criteria help define the very term “best.” 

Our list focuses on all the good things about these wig companies and brands based on what we’ve learned about them and what their customers have told us. After reading this, you will know which company or brand best suits your needs.

Most Complete Hair Types: Bellami

I bet you’ve heard this name before—and with good reason. Bellami has long been a household name in the world of hair wigs, as it offers high-quality synthetic hair and 100% certified Remy hair, which is often difficult to find. If you want one of the best synthetic wigs, go for Bellami. 


Their hair quality is top-tier, and they have options for every styling need: bangs, ponytails, long-length clip-ins, sew-ins, tape-ins, and other bonded varieties. There are also a wide variety of colors to choose from.

However, they are better known for their hair extensions. They sell more hair extensions than wigs, toupees, toppers, etc. They only sell female products to women of all ethnicities and age groups; there are no wigs or toupees for men.

Price range: Approx.$60-$300 

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Best Synthetic Lace Front Wigs: Sam’s Beauty

Sam’s Beauty is one of the best lace-front brands. A considerable portion of hairpieces they sell is lace-front wigs. They also sell the best synthetic wigs and the best lace front wigs. Most of their wigs are synthetic, with a few human hair choices available. 


They also carry several popular brands, like Bobbi Boss and Outre. Bottom line: They have a wide range of options, so most buyers will find what they are looking for. The average price of their products is around $35.00, despite being mainly synthetic. Yet, all their hairpieces are for women. Come on, Sam, get some items for our gents!

Price Range: Approx. $15-$35 (mostly synthetic)

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Only Virgin Hair: Mayvenn Hair

If you’re looking for virgin hair textures in 1B (a natural brown shade) or blonde colors, Mayvenn Hair is for you. Mayvenn wigs are available in a wide range of textures (body wave, kinky straight, straight, and more), with lengths ranging from 16 to 24 inches. 


Their prices are between $160 and $320, depending on the length and texture of the unit. Their Black-Owned brand also sells closures, bundles, and frontals in addition to their styling services, so customers don’t have to worry about attaching the units themselves. All their products are for women.

Price range: Approx. $160-$320.

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Comprehensive Full-Stacker: New Times Hair

New Times Hair is known as one of the world’s top “full stackers.” Unlike other brands, New Times Hair makes, distributes, wholesales, retails their products to over 200 countries worldwide. All their products are made of 100% human hair. Their clients are top-tier salons, qualified stylists, cosmetology schools, hair clinics, regional distributors, etc., as well as private users.


If you are currently operating a hairpiece or wig business, looking for hairpiece products, or if you are a personal wig user wanting to spend the least possible amount money to get top-quality products, New Times Hair has your first priority. They are one of the best toupee brands and one of the best wig companies online.

New Times Hair has a wide variety of products for both genders and all ages and ethnicities: hair replacement systems, hair toppers, hair extensions, etc., as well as medical wigs, Jewish wigs, lace wigs, hair integrations, frontals, closures, etc. Beside top-quality stock products, New Times Hair also offers customization services to get hairpieces custom-made for the wearer, or produce in bulk for custom-orders. If you dream of designing your own products and have them manufactured, NTH can help you from scratch.

Furthermore, New Times Hair offers a series of VIP services to all hair businesses, such as dropshipping, massively discounted wholesale prices, cheap sample prices, OEM, etc. If you are looking for a top-notch supplier, contact them now!

Price range: Approx. $200-$600

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Best Non-Caucasian: RPG Show

If you like wigs, you may have heard of RPG Show, known for its human hair lace frontals and closures. Their products are mainly for Afro-American women. Kahh Spence, a former hairstylist who has previously worked with the company, claims it is one of his go-to places to purchase wigs for his customers, including Jhene Aiko and Kehlani. 


On their website, headbands, U-part, and lace-front wigs with straight, curly, kinky straight, or wavy textures start at $319. The company sells a variety of what it refers to as “fitness wigs,” headband wigs made to be worn while exercising. Since they are cozy and permeable, you can perspire without worrying that your lace will lift. There are also several colors to choose from, whether you want something cozy like the burgundy ombré Glamorous Wine unit or something more natural-looking like the brown Kinky Straight Natural Hair. They are the way to go if you’re looking for hair wigs, particularly for Afro-American women.

Price range: Approx.$350-$400

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Best Seller of Fontals and Bundles: XOXO Virgin Hair

Although Virgin XOXO is most known for selling bundles and frontal wigs. Currently, three types of textures are available: straight, loose wave, and deep wave.


Each wig contains a 13 x 6 lace frontal to give you much room for parting. They also come pre-plucked to make installation simpler. The units come with very long hair that may reach a maximum length of 28 inches or small bobs that start at 10 inches. Their customers are only women, with a focus on Afro-American women.

Price range: $900-$1,200

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Top-Tier Men’s Hair Loss Tackler: One Head Hair Solutions 

One Head Hair doesn’t have hundreds of product types in-stock. Their focus is on a revolutionary, non-surgical solution to hair loss that works for everyone and every lifestyle.


They create and provide high-end, custom hair replacement systems (hairpieces) and wigs made from natural, high-quality human hair. With a full head of hair, the hair unit will cover the balding or thinning area on top of your head. This will give you back your natural, youthful look almost right away.

Price range: $250-$500

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Best Black-Owned for Celebrity Looks: Hair So Fab 

Another one of the best wig companies online is the black-owned company Hair So Fab, which has brown, black, and blonde color options. Their products are mainly for non-European women. Their focus is on helping their female customers achieve celebrity looks.


Again nothing was offered to men with this brand. You can choose short 10-inch bobs that start at $130 or a 28-inch wig that may cost up to $700. You can dye these human hair wigs to your heart’s content or try one of the brand’s unique colors, like the chocolate brown Stassi Bob with caramel highlights, since they are typically only offered in natural shades.

Price range: $220-$350 (except extreme prices such as $120, $2000 (for 30″ hair wigs)

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Top-Tier Men’s Wig Provider: La Vivid Hair


All wigs sold at LaVivid are for the high-end male population. They have all sizes, bases, hair densities, patterns, etc. available. Half of their wigs are made of human hair, while the other half of a mix of human hair and synthetic fiber. The basic hairstyle of each unit is uniquely designed. Their wigs have almost all men’s hairstyles in-stock.

Price range: $490 – $690

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Best Kinky Virgin Hair for Afro Women: Kinkistry 


With the Afro hair type, kinks are usually made by perming Chinese human hair, as Chinese hair is the sturdiest on the planet. Kinkistry, on the other hand, uses only natural, kinky Afro virgin hair to create its kinky style. Kinkistry makes it easier to match the texture of your extensions to your natural curl pattern. Weft-hair wigs, clip-ins, and ponytails with curl patterns ranging from 2B to 4C are available from the black-owned company. Yes, it is all 100% virgin hair; you’ll be shocked at how long it lasts if you take proper care of it.

Price range: Approx. $285-$495

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Advanced Synthetic Wigs for Afro Women: Bobbi Boss 


As the synthetic wig industry has advanced in recent years, lace frontals and colorful units that look more natural are now available from Bobbi Boss. They are among the best wig companies for their quality synthetic wigs. Units from the brand are available in almost all lengths, textures, and colors, such as this “Yara” unit, which comes in blue, purple, and black tones. Even their wigs are designed to resemble protective styles. Still waiting to develop a new website for their brand, they are already one of the best wig companies on Amazon with a top-selling record.

Price range: $26-$67

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Best-Priced Wigs: Outre 

Outre has a variety of styles of wigs to meet your needs, whether you’re seeking one of the best lace front wigs, headbands, or voluminous curly units. Plus, they also have toupees, hair extensions, etc. They have synthetic and human hair wigs available, with prices ranging from approximately $40 to $200, mainly for non-Caucasian women, nothing for men. 


Outre is considered one of the best wig companies for its prices. You can find highlighted, ombré, or bright units made of human hair, a mix of synthetic and human hair, or a combination of the two at some of the best prices. For instance, the Outre Perfect Hairline Synthetic Lace Front Wig named Martina, straight and gently layered with a five-inch part and retails for $40, is a good option.

Price range: $40-$200

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Chicest Styles: V-Show Hair

The wig collection on Amazon is surprisingly chic. V-Show is a member of the club of the world’s best wig companies. You can see that the choices from companies like V-Show are just chic and beautiful. I’ve always been frightened that many options would make me look more like Halloween than Hollywood. 


V-Show’s products range from wigs, closures, and extensions to hair bundles, with average prices, between $70 and $150. All their products are made with human hair sourced worldwide. 

Price range: Approx. $60-$350

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Wealth, Quality and Lifestyle: Noriko Hair


A line of wigs under the Rene of Paris umbrella is called Noriko. Established in 1995 and famous for its superior building, well-liked, fashion-friendly styles, and wide range of colors. The Noriko Wig Collection was created for stylish, affluent women looking for quality, comfort, and elegance. With multi-tonal technology and cutting-edge hand-crafted artistry in each design, Noriko keeps your hairstyle story on-trend with elegant bobs, long layers, and unisex shapes. You deserve to have the best experiences. Their products are for women of all ethnicities and ages.

Price range: Approx. $210-$400

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For the Most Successful Men: HIM Wig Collection

HIM Wig Collection by HairUWear is one of the most successful Men’s Wig lines today with classic and edgy styles. The Collection combines classic cuts and unique looks with style to suit every Caucasian men. Each piece is versatile and easy to style, and Synthetic and Human Hair/Synthetic blend options are available. This luxury range features natural-looking hairlines, with a selection of natural colors and shades.


HIM features lace front wig caps explicitly made for HIM, creating an exquisite hairline that can be styled forward or backward and is comfortable and easy to wear. All HIM styles are made with exclusive Excelle fiber and can be heat-styled for styling freedom and versatility.

Price range: Approx. $250-$450

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Finest Synthetic Wigs for Elegant Caucasian Women: Amore

The gorgeous line of Wigs by Amore’s high-end, expertly made synthetic wigs was created with scalp sensitivity and hair loss in mind. As one of the best wig companies online, innovative cap designs made of lightweight, supple, breathable, and elastic fabrics are used in Amore Wigs to provide all-day comfort.


The Amore Wig cap constructions have an extended lace front, wefts are sewn directly onto soft net materials conforming to the shape of the head, and top hair ventilation on a soft/airy net to cover the hair knotting.

Key advantages include custom-fit adjustable bands for optimal security and comfort and non-slip silicone on the ear and nape tabs.

Price range: Approx. $250-$460

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Best US-Based Wig Supplier for Afro Women: Klayi Hair 


As one of the best wig companies and suppliers, Klayi Hair supplies 100% human Remy hair units with international standard accreditations. Their targeted wearers are mainly African American women. With more than 5000 square meters of workshop and storage space, Klayi can ship goods anywhere in the world in the precise form you require. They have a US headquarters in Sante Fe Springs, California.

Price range: Approx. $120-$170

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Best US-Based Full-Stacker: USA Hair


To know the best wig companies online, we can’t leave out USA Hair, another full-stack online supplier and retailer of all hairpiece products, including hair wigs, toppers, extensions, and toupees for all men and women of various age groups and ethnicities. Their products have both human and synthetic hair and can add curves on request.

Prices range: Approx. $30-$500.

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Top Supplier for Afro Women Worldwide: Nadula Hair 


Nadula provides wig items to more than 50 different nations. Nadula Hair consistently develops new items, offering high-quality wigs at reasonable pricing. Their Huntington Beach, California offices provide a 30-day guarantee, a global warehouse, and overnight shipping services. As one of the best wig companies online, they supply a wide range of products, including hair wigs, extensions, weaves, toppers, closures, etc., catering to mainly African American women, nothing for men.

Price range: $90-$170.

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Most Varieties for All: Wig Sis


WigSiS is an international online wig store, one of the best wig companies online, focusing on the latest affordable wigs. They provide top choices for their discerning clientele. Apart from manufacturing, they offer human and synthetic hair products, including everything from wigs, toupees, hair bundles, and extensions for all men and women of all age groups and ethnicities.

Price range: Approx. $120-$250.

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LA-Based Manufacturer for High-End Wigs: Jon Renau


Established in 1983 by John Reynolds, Jon Renau has evolved into one of the world’s best wig companies and leading manufacturers of wigs, hairpieces, and extensions. They also make various care products, accessories, toppers, and top pieces for customers with partial hair loss. Their products are made of human and synthetic hair, catering to men and women of various ages and ethnicities.

Price range: Approx. $160-$3700 (with all grades of hair)

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Comfort and Fashion: Rene of Paris 


Wigs by Rene of Paris, well recognized for its superb color blends, gorgeous ombré colors, and deeply ingrained natural-looking tones, combine comfort with the newest trends. René of Paris has stood up to the plate as the most recent trends push the limits of color. Rich, bright colors like our blue-steel Illumina-R, show-stopping Plumberry Jam-LR, the tempting Blueberry Burst, and softly daring Pastel Blue-R are already making waves in the wig business.

Price range: Approx. $110-$350

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Most Durable Wigs: Belle Tress


Talking about wigs, Belle Tress has established itself as one of the most reliable brands and one of the best wig companies for the durability of its products. The fibers are known to hold their style longer than most. They are also a wig supplier, specializing in wigs, hair extensions, toppers, etc., available in both human and synthetic hair, for women of all age groups and ethnicities.

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Best for Beginners: My First Wig


The name says it all. As one of the best wig companies online, My First Wig is a must-have resource for those trying out wigs for the first time. On top of a fleet of versatile styles to choose from, there are tutorials that beginners can watch and master from home. Their products are primarily aimed at non-Caucasian women, specifically Afro-American women.

Price range: Approx. $190-$250

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Final Thoughts

You must take care of your wig, no matter what brand you purchase. Make sure to wash the wig frequently and let it air dry. It’s not a good idea to blow dry a synthetic wig. Our list of the so-called best wig companies online is not based on price, quality, material, etc., or any other single attribute. It is based mainly on the feedback and the number of buyers of each brand. Only the one that suits you is the best product.

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New Australia. When it first came out in early 2023, it made me top of sales. I think most wearers like it because at the design statge, our experts considered all possible aspects people could want from a hairpiece, such as a natural look, a level of comfort, and affordablity; it’s similar to lace, but most wearers can afford.