Top 10 Men’s Hair Pieces Manufacturers

Are you considering selling hair pieces or adding them to your salon service list? There’s more to it than just saving more men from hair loss. You can tap into the growing demand for wigs and hair pieces and expand your business throughout the globe.

Interested? Remember, source only from one of the world’s best men’s hair pieces manufacturers That’s key to keeping your business hassle-free and maximizing your profit margin.

This post explains why sourcing directly from men’s hair pieces manufacturers is a great option. We’ve also listed some of the world’s best men’s hair pieces manufacturers, so take your pick.

Why Order Directly from Men’s Hair Pieces Manufacturers?

Sourcing directly from men’s hairpiece manufacturers benefits all hair vendors and salon owners. Here come the benefits.

  • Cutting out Middlemen to Get Optimal Wholesale Prices

The best men’s hair pieces manufacturers usually have factories of their own. Ordering directly from them will literally cut out all middlemen. It will maximize your profit margin.

  • Easily Communication with the Hair Factory to Ensure Product Quality

Ordering directly from men’s hair pieces manufacturers will allow you to efficiently communicate with the factory staff regarding hairpiece quality. The factory will keep you updated on manufacturing progress. The factory staff can also make instant modifications to products if necessary.

  • Making Products of Your Own

You can only choose what they already have by ordering from wholesalers or distributors. But by ordering from men’s hair pieces manufacturers, you have a broader range of options. They can manufacture what you want and send you finished products.

  • The Minimum Order Quantity

Good men’s hair pieces manufacturers have low minimum order quantities (MOQ). Some manufacturers ask you to get as few as five or ten products to try. You’ll still enjoy a wholesale price. If you like the product, you will buy more.

  • Never Run out of Stock

Unlike wholesalers and distributors, men’s hairpiece manufacturers will never be out of stock. When dealing with manufacturers, you never have to wait for your products to be restocked. You may only order and stock hairpieces when needed; the factory will make them for you.

  • Custom Orders to Keep You Competitive

The best men’s hair pieces manufacturers have all the modern gear necessary to make custom hair pieces for men. Tell them all your requirements, and they will manufacture them for you. You can also design a hairpiece or provide them with a sample of your favorite product. They may be able to produce it in mass production and keep you competitive.

10 of the Best Men’s Hairpiece Manufacturers

We have listed ten of the world’s best men’s hairpiece manufacturers here. They each have outstanding qualities to be considered the best in the industry. Whether you are looking to source men’s hair systems for the first time or are a frequent buyer, this list will be a resourceful guide. It will help you obtain a batch of flashy, sound hairpieces for men.

1.     New Times Hair

New Times Hair is a full-stack hair system manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, and provider of men’s custom hair replacement systems. We ship men’s hair systems to over 2,000 salons, cosmetology schools, and local distributors in over 200 countries worldwide. Apart from our premium human hair pieces, most clients will likely receive their products within 5 days of order placement.

mens hair pieces manufacturers newtimeshair


  • We own our factory, which is situated near the port of Qingdao, making global shipping easier.
  • All our hair used for men’s hair systems is 100% premium human hair sourced from ethical donors.
  • Our fully functional website allows buyers to order wholesale products online and automatically work out wholesale prices like an e-store.
  • We make over 100,000 hairpieces annually and have over 80,000 in stock, ready to ship.
  • All our materials, such as lace, monofilament, etc., are premium and imported from Europe.
  • Incredible wholesale price, with a MOQ of 3 pieces to enjoy a wholesale price.
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • We offer OEM/OEM, and we’ve helped many hair vendors and hairstylists start a business from scratch.

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2. Super Hairpieces

As one of the world’s top men’s hairpiece manufacturers, Super Hairpieces has a diverse collection of premium men’s hairpieces. They have offices and warehouses in the United States and Canada. They send out stock men’s hair systems throughout North America within 24 hours.

mens hair pieces manufacturers superhairpieces


  • Established in 1996, they’ve gained vast experience in making hair systems for men.
  • They have a wide range of hairpieces for men, and their offices and warehouses are throughout North America.
  • They have salons in North America, making it easier for them to provide hair system installation tutorials.
  • Their resourceful website always provides updated men’s hairpiece tips.

3. Advent Hair

Since its establishment in 1994, Advent Hair has honed its online-ordering process with its Asian men’s hair system manufacturers. Their factory now produces thousands of men’s hair replacement systems monthly for individual hair wearers and salon resellers worldwide.

mens hair pieces manufacturers adventhair


  • Advent Hair has a strong focus on building professional relationships with customers.
  • They offer education and guidance on hair system care and maintenance.
  • They provide hair products and supplies, along with hairpieces for men.
  • Their product information is very detailed, yet only the buying function needs more work.

4. Feel Good Hair Suppliers

As one of the best men’s hair pieces manufacturers, Feel Good Hair Suppliers doesn’t provide a wide range of hairpieces. However, they go deep into base-making techniques and are good at making custom hairpieces.

mens hair pieces manufacturers feelgoodhairsupplies


  • They make the most delicate skin and lace bases.
  • They make excellent base designs to achieve maximum comfort.
  • They ensure complete client satisfaction.
  • They have developed a detailed website and customer pages; however, buyers can’t order online, and the website still needs development.

5. China Toupees

As its name well suggests, China Toupees is one of the men’s hair pieces manufacturers based in China. China Toupees produces men’s human hair toupees, wigs, hair extensions, hair wefts, and hairpieces and sells them in large quantities.

mens hair pieces manufacturers chinatoupees


  • China Toupees have over 20 years of experience in the hairpiece-making industry.
  • They provide top-notch custom hairpieces for men.
  • They opened channels for end customers to choose their length, color, and hair texture.

6. KTS Inc.

KTS Inc., a more than 20-year-old business with headquarters in Korea, specializes in making men’s human hair wigs, hair pieces, toupees, and hair replacement systems of the highest quality for customers online in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Japan, Singapore, and other countries.

mens hair pieces manufacturers KTS Inc


  • KTS Inc. has up-to-date technologies in hair-making.
  • They help clients build solid customer loyalty.
  • They provide excellent customer service and versatile hairstyling options (although the waiting time is generally long).
  • They provide a full refund for customer disatisfaction.

7. Phuc Thien Toupee

When Mr. Song Sea Jing and Mrs. Ta Thi Kim Thanh founded Phuc Thien Toupee in 1995, it was just a small workshop with around 30 employees and catered only to the Korean and US markets. Phuc Thien Toupee now has more than 400 employees and 9 branches in Vietnam after more than 25 years of growth.

mens hair pieces manufacturers phucthientoupee


  • Phuc Thien Toupee efficiently supplies its men’s hairpieces to over 20 countries worldwide.
  • They have appeared in one of Korea’s beauty magazines.
  • They have a great sense of responsibility.
  • They strive to make eco-friendly products.
  • They have high levels of trustworthiness.

8. Salon Labs

Salon Labs is another direct-to-consumer hair business. They help their customers save a lot of money. They represent transparent business practices, top-notch customer care, and high-quality hairpieces for men. They host visitors to their facility in India for private tours.

mens hair pieces manufacturers salonlabs


  • They offer excellent customer service, making their customers feel highly respected.
  • Handmade in India, their hairpieces for men are made of the highest quality, unprocessed virgin hair.
  • Direct sales to their clients will help you save money by sourcing the best virgin hair.
  • Most of their products will likely be received within 7 days of purchase.

9. Handan Genuine Trading Co., Ltd.

Chinese toupee manufacturer and distributor Handan Genuine Trading Co., Ltd. sell men’s hairpieces on Alibaba. They are one of the Chinese companies selling cheap hair systems for men. They offer various hair replacement options for men, including natural hair, synthetic hair, weaves, extensions, and hairpieces.

mens hair pieces manufacturers Handan Genuine Trading Co., Ltd


  • An absolute men’s hair piece manufacturer in China that provides all types of hair at the most competitive prices
  • They make all hair systems for men, from synthetic to human hair pieces.
  • They offer very cheap products. However, they still need to build a website of their own.

10. Qingdao Nice Hair Products Co., Ltd.

As one of the best men’s hair pieces manufacturers, the experienced and qualified Qingdao Nice Hair Products Co., Ltd. manufactures premium men’s hairpieces for wholesalers and private customers worldwide.

mens hair pieces manufacturers Qingdao Nice Hair Products Co., Ltd


  • Provides products that suit the broadest range of ages.
  • All resellers and salon owners in Europe, America, Japan, and Korea are fans of their products.
  • They offer OEM and ODM services, as well as helping their clients start businesses from scratch.
  • Yet to build their own website for accessible online services, they are one of the well-known hair suppliers on Alibaba.
  • They have multiple partnering salons and cosmetology schools to supply top-quality custom hair systems for men.


We’ve familiarized ourselves with 10 of the best men’s hair pieces manufacturers worldwide. Ordering directly from a well-established men’s hair pieces manufacturer can help you save a lot of money. Cutting all middlemen out is key to keeping you competitive in selling men’s hairpieces.

As full-stack men’s hair pieces manufacture, we have constantly updated ourselves with technology. We are among the few manufacturers that ensure top hair quality at affordable prices. Contact New Times Hair now!

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